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They get out of the tourbus and see ray and Prod

Ray:who is this girl
Prod:and why is she crying
Anna:no reason just tell your Marafiki that we never want to talk to their dirty asses again
Ray:why are wewe so mean
Anna:maybe the sluts in the tourbus will answer you
Keke:*stil crying*you could tell diggy kiss my ass
Ray:i think he would upendo to that
Anna:shut up dude
Prod:well we're just gonna go.....
Anna:*cutting him off* go in there and say good bye to Chelsey and Dana
Ray:u aint gon do that
Anna:try me
Ray:i dont wanna
Prod:ok girls see ya later we gon talk to them
Ray:c mon girl wat...
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posted by itzdonyeh
AT THE BUS STOP..........
Bus Driver:Are yu getting on the bus?
Me:No and why would yu ask mehh that I'm not ur child.
Bus Driver: Look here "Nigga". I've Been doing this for too many years for yu to get grown with me.
Me:I see why yo fat behind making the chair get dents in it Cracker.
Bus Driver: Thats it I'm leaving.
Me:Bye Bye hoe.
The bus driver pulls back try to hit me with the bus.
Me:Haha jembe, hoe I recorded everything I'm inaonyesha this to ur superviser.
Gyasi walks up with a frown on his face.
Me:Whats wrong with yu boo?
Gyasi:Well i saw everything yu did.
Me:Ok so what.
Gyasi:Not everything I guess....
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posted by Princetonlove01
roc p.o.v
Sami: in the jikoni with me
( I smiled went straight to the jikoni to slightly kiss sami then grab my baby girl miaya aisa young , ( pronounced mi-yah ai-jah young shrugs)
I put her on the carpet than played with her hands ( Mia slightly)

Roc: Mia baby girl I’m buy anything u want what do u want ???
Mia:( mumbles words)
Roc: huh? Are u trying to say something baby girl?

Mia: ( makes a face then tries to talk)
( samii starts getting annoyed )
Samii: dumb *** Trey she can’t understand u ! ( she yelled as she giggled )
Roc: wewe mad??? (I smirk to myself)
Samii: dumb *** I know...
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Jade Chynoweth is the one on the right that was in the Mindless Behavior Video " Girlz Talkin Bout" :)
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They finally released the muziki video a mwezi after the preview of it
Mindless Behavior
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