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draco struts down the corridore he sees a girl sobbing in the conrner he looks agin its hermione draco smirks "waz up mudblood,diddent get full marks on a test?"sniggered draco "but out malfoy"hermione sobbed "awwww...wats the poor ikle mudybloody gona do to me tell me that granger?" "go away au or..." "or what mudblood"smiked draco "or i will...will jinx you!"shouted hermione "ha yer rih mu...who!"draco narroly doged a bat bogey hex "you'll pay for that one grager...oh sorry your a mudblood your perants dont have wizard money...oh well i gess i will have to jinx wewe back titanglar!"screemed draco! hermione turned and ran down towads the libary she wasent qick enough "arrrgggghhhh!STOP THIS NOW DRACO MALFOY!"demanded hermione "in your dreems granger!like i am that stupid!" he runs away back to his comman room laghing screeming mudblood granger daceing now thats a sight!
listed all mudbloods and bloodtraitors who awayit trail

undisirabul n.1 harry potter
hermione granger
ron weasley
dean thomas
peanelope clearwarter
hanah abbott
jamie west
alicea bagnell
isobel benson
james haws
caron newen
charlotte nash
ted tonks
nimphdora tonks
remus lupin
nevil longbottom
alisha catton
valery gardener
gordon gardener
luke binder
lewis binder
bethany broxen
callum foster
ivy carpenter
holly wersnop
werver dunogo
lucey vile
fozzy vile
holly vile
jacob vile
jocob sugden
ashley esbey
emily kemp
jack williamson
sav bezcall
opel stone
freddie denton
benni lavery
izzy coop
javiery frienskey
havia london
kevin sreaken
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mudbloods and bloodtraitors,what've thay done for the world?why do are thay allowed into wizarding socity?look at hogwarts!they make the mudblood poplulation into wiches and wizards (not that they are actullaly wiches and wizards)they have stolen our wands after all.read inayofuata time the orodha of mudbloods who awayit trial.hope wewe raders enjoy my work on the articals i write if wewe have any qustions please post them on my ukuta agin like befor thank wewe kusoma my artical hope wewe read my inayofuata one!!
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