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lofo4386 posted on Jan 13, 2009 at 02:11AM
As someone who is not technically a 'fan' of Rachel Ray, I happened to be watching the THS on her earlier because my sister loves all the FN shows/characters. When the mention of the RRsux website/blog came up, I became curious and looked it up online. The website is unbelievable.

For one of the posts I read before I stopped reading out of anger, I found myself wondering, 'You're old enough to be married? That's surprising, considering your rant is on the maturity level of a high-schooler.'

I understand not liking celebrities, people who are shoved in our faces day-to-day without any choice of our own. But I cannot fathom going to a length like this where one spends energy and time from their every day blogging about how much they hate someone that they've never encountered. If you don't like RR, don't watch her shows. Don't read her books. There is the easy solution.

And if you're going to come down on someone who is in the public eye, you really can't critique RR. News flash: it's not her fault if you can't create her recipes well. I was laughing at these people blaming her for their failed attempts at her recipes. She doesn't make you a bad cook. Shift your anger towards someone who actually deserves such hatred, such as people in jail for heinous crimes or those out in the world making it a worse place. And honestly, to stoop so low as to make fun of someone for their physical appearance? Is she famous because she/others claim she is very attractive? Nevermind that she actually is pretty and in a natural way, sorry if it doesn't coincide with society's "waife bottle blond heavy makeup" preference. Like I said, I'm not even a fan of her, but when I was made aware of this website, it shocked me that anyone would even bother with someone who is probably on the lowest end of the social spectrum while retaining her success and career. People like them and waste of free speech like that is, among many other things, pitiful. So congratulations to them, because they've actually turned me into a fan of her. And congrats to RR for doing a great job and being successful despite those who clearly envy her.

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