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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

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[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"King Shreave, a pleasure." Tiras said to Calix while giving him as much of a bow as he could in his armor. The armor was the same he'd worn when he was attacked and there was clear repair where the spear had pierced through and nearly killed him. Tiras then walked closer, the clanking of his ebony armor that had boiled leather in between the plating over the chain mail being very apparent as he shook Calix's hand with his gauntlet that had pointed tips at the end. "I've been awaiting this day for some time- that our two empires could face eye to eye after some of the bickering our former heads had over land. Hopefully we, as young blood can usher in some change when this chaos is over." Tiras said while now beginning to walk eit Calix, being over a head tall above the king. "Guards, leave with the lady to the garden. Calix, I recommend you do the same with yours, for this conversation may only be for our ears alone.."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
"I never intended it to be for anyone but ours." Calix said with a nod as he led the way to his office. "And I agree. Perhaps this incident may be the start of a longer working relationship. But we will see after we solve this first." He said before they entered his office. "I was pleasantly surprised when you called, both because I had not been expecting to hear anything soon and because I had intended to call on you as well after hearing both you and president Brexton of Cantenseel had been in the New world when apparently even the eleven tribes fell apart. First they destroy my lands and then they destroy themselfs." He was clearly upset about it. Angrey in a way. "Honestly, I do not know what is going on now in the New World. My scouts had or been killed or been called back for their own safety." He walks to his liquor cabinet. "Any preference of drink?" He asked, wanting to be a good host as well.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Brandy." Tiras commented, pondering upon it all. "I'll admit, this alliance I did not see coming. The son of the usurper had wanted to make peace with all the humans- integrate....but then I saw something for the first time I can never forget. The kinslayer, the self proclaimed 'king of thorns' stabbed his brother in the throat during a speech of unity and proclaimed elven supremacy before a massacre ensued." He sat back in his seat, the fire still burning in the eyes of the emperor. "Then we were attacked on the escape, I was nearly killed and since then a civil war has started. A few days prior this meeting the city of Elvenan was sieged by the new king and he has brutally reprimanded the tribes that didn't rally behind him at first. The men have been conscripted, the women soiled...and those are the nice things I've heard." He sighed out. "It's a mess and truth be told, I'd let them kill each other if our food wasn't at risk."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Calix poured in two classes of brandy and puts one infront of the emperor, sitting down as well as he takes a sip. He listened to what Tiras has gone through. He had contacted Brexton after his return to Cantenseel. And he had noticed the elvan man accompanying him. But Brexton was not that willing to talk about it, saying he was not planning to mingle in war yet and that he wanted to strengthen his defense before thinking about taking next steps. Now he understood a bit more why brexton was so reluctant about taking action. Such brutal enemies. "Then you agree with something I had been already thinking. Action is needed and soon. Do you alreayd have any plans besides getting us to work together?" He asked out of curiousity though he thought they probably would have to figure that out together.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Yes. It's the dry season but the weather there is very bipolar- if we don't strike soon we will get caught I'm the wetlands and have to face them in their territory which we will suffer massive losses in." Tiras sipped his brandy and sat back. "I have a concoction known as dragons fire my grandfather used on the Chinese - it'll stick like glue and burn hotter than the sun. I suggest we rain it on their woods via planes as if we're crop dusting their shantyville of a capital and light it ablaze." He chuckled, imagining it already before taking another sip. "Afterward the roaches will scatter out of the woods east and west. I will meet them on the west, you will meet them on the east. We will slaughter them there, ending the theat and then from that we will take all the lands past the side of the forest we met them on, with me having the west and you the east."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Calix was actually a bit pleasantly surprised Tiras had such a well thought out plan of attack ready. Though he guessed this was about more then just taking the territory for him. This was revenge, and the way the emperor chuckled after explaining his plans confirmed those thoughts. It was a good plan as far as he could tell at the moment. Even if burning the elfs did sound brutal. Mornally questionable. Altough. If one mad King claimed elvan supremacy, they would not stop their quest at the new World. They will be aiming for more. That he could not allow. Even if it sadly meant innocents may die as well. "Is this fire containable enough for it not to continu burning down the entire lands?" He asked, having heard stories of the fire and it destructiveness. And his question showed something else as well. He was on board.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Just the forest. It'll burn where the substance lands at about five thousand degrees- it'll leave nothing for the fire to continue to burn." Tiras commented as he looked over at the king, grinning a bit. "It'll be a quick victory. I imagine we can work out the finer details, if we want to imprison them all to keep the system your father had going or not, we can figure that out later- in any case though I'm glad you agree." He said as he dug into a satchel bag he was carrying, holding a rolled document with the golden seal of the dragon on it. He opened it, showing an agreement on starting this war against the elves and dividing the land of the new world down the middle, at the Elvenan forest. "I call this the Seiken-Shreave War Declaration...for obvious reasons. Once you sign it, the two largest empires are in alliance until a new document is written after the war for...more permanent solutions." He looked down. "For example....marriage between children, which would unify both empires into the largest one known in human history. Your people will accept it as my child will be.." He cleared his throat. "European in features for the most part, and my people will comply for reverence..and for fear of the dragon..but perhaps you may wish to discuss this afterm the war?" He asked quietly, raising his eyebrows while sipping his alcohol after.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Calix was reassured now that he knew how the dragon fire worked better. It would have been a shame to have burned the entire lands. They still needed it. About the survivors he guessed capturing would be a good way to go. He was still not a savage like those animals. They could work again like before. But he'll see then. He looks at the document and read it through, seeing nothing that could leave him on the lesser hand in the end. "Very well." He says, taking his pen and putting his signature on it, not even gathering his advisors for this. It was solid. And it will happen. He reached out and shook Tiras's hand. "We'll discuss those indeed after. Let's see how well we work together first." And let's see how far the Japanese emperor was to be trusted. To help win a war and divide lands. Sure. Uniting their countries in such a way? For now, too riskfull.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras smiled as it was signed, putting it away. For the first time, an agreement had been signed between this country and now Tiras would forever be in history for better or for worse. He shook Calix's hand, hiding his excitement that this now was to happen. "Well Calix, I'd say this now was the biggest moment of both our reigns..may they be long." He said while walking out to the gardens with Calix from the door, seeing a fairly boring British garden. "My...where's the flowers?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
"May they be long indeed." Calix agreed as they then together walked outside. This first alliance will be a test as well to see if Japan would be a suitable partner in the future. When Tiras made a comment about his garden he raises one eyebrow. "Well, I never really was that fond of flowers and this garden represent a bit more of the plains in the country side which I liked to visit. It's much calmer like this is my opinion. Though I guess in your point of view it might seem a bit dull." He says with a slight smile before looking over at the woman in her sun golden dress being accompanied by many guards close distance. Felicia Stadner. He had at first thought the rumors had been a joke but now that she was here he was proven wrong. "You have found yourself a fine lady. At first I thought the rumors were just rumors."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Rumors, so many of them. If they were true, I'd have bedded every monarch from Japan to Spain, and their subjects too." Tiras chuckled out, knowing how people liked to weave fantasies about him because of how privy he was about keeping his personal life quiet. "But no, she's quite real. Ms. Felicia Stadner, this is King Calix Shreave of the greater island of Britain, Ireland and all the enpired territories...or so I think the title goes." He said with a shrewd smile, walking and admiring the mans garden a bit as it did well to represent rustic England. "Calix, did your father not arrange you a suitor?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Calix chuckled a bit. He was glad that those rumors were not true for the man. He gives a slight bow to Felicia who gave a curtisy in return. "It is a pleasure to meet you, lady Stadner."

"Likewise, King Shreave." Felicia answered politely as if she had actually grown up in a royal enviorment. She knew she had to adapt not that she was Tiras's girlfriend. She had to make an impression. Which she already did without trying but she did not know that.

"And just the title of King Calix will be fine." Calix says as he continoud his walk as well, Felicia following along when the subject now turned to his lady. "Yes he did. We are engaged yet to be wed. She is probably inside, playing some music. She enjoys to play the harp on quiet days and on other days she keeps herself buzy with putting up charities and helping organize events. I do not know her that well yet though. Our engagement was arranged before or just somewhere right after out birth." And then something clicked for a second. "Ah. That is why you brought up proposed a possible marriage arrangement in the future. You are not wrong to bring it up though, we do arrange those things quite early here."

Felicia frowned a bit at first, not quite understand but then it hit her. Leaving her feeling quite a bit stunned. He had been talking about... No. That would be ridiculous, right? They had not even talked about something like that. Heck, they just got together. He would not be selling off their children who had not even been born or planned, right?
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I know how it is, I was to be married off myself until the father insulted my grandfather's honor." Tiras crossed his feet and cracked his neck. "His status was removed, he became a pauper and there was no longer a need for the marriage. It is expected of a monarch, I'm just thankful it wasn't of me." He said while looking around, still holding his glass of brandy from before. "I look forward to meeting her, then perhaps exploring your country side...I hear the scenery is lovely this time of year."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
"Expected indeed. I am certain she would like to meet you as well. I'll lead the way." Calix said with a nod before he led the emperor and his quiet lady to where he knew his fiance would be. As they neared the room they were greated in the hallway with gentle angelic sounds. He could not help but smile a bit as he softly opened the door so the could go in. The woman did not notice them at first as she had her eyes closed and she was engrossed in the music she was greating with the harp leaning on her shoulder. Her fingers strummed the intrument with grace, her brown hair partly up in a bun as the light shimmerd on her nearly white dress. Calix smiled a bit more before clearing his throat. Only now she opened her eyes and paused her music to see she had visitors. With a natural grace she puts the harp upright and stands up strolling over to them and giving a curtisy. "Emperor Tiras, Lady Stadner, this is Loraine Hayes. My lady, this is the royal couple from Japan.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope you had a fine travel here and hope you have an even better stay." Loraine spoke, almost being serinity itself as her voice held no obvious excitement but her words still were genuine. Like a lady should.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Lady Loraine, a true pleasure to meet you." Tiras said while coming up to her, holding g up her hand and kissing it before looking at her in her eyes for a moment, remarking on how exquisite he found her internally before pulling away and keeping the formalities. "Music, a most interesting of the preforming arts in my opinion." He commented while looking over to Calix and Loraine, moving over to Felicia and standing beside her. "Though I personally like paintings....they capture the..form a bit better." He said while looking at Felicia, thinking of how her rear looked in that dress.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine gave him a dazzling soft smile, finding the man in his full armor to be interesting as well. It was a sight to see. "I can not argue with that. Music can not take a physical form like art can. Even though art can be a treat to the eyes, I do still personally prefer the kind caress music can give to ones heart or soul. It touches people. Makes people move. You can not argue with me on that either." Loraine said kindly. Even her words were striking.

Felicia did notice as she looked the woman up and down. This was what she had to measure up to. This regal and calm aura Loraine was radiating. They had just met and already she knew this woman would be the dictionary explaination of royalty.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Movement, yes. Music is like...commands to the brain to feel a certain way, move, jump, twist, get close or even sleep. I see the beauty in that as well- it's why my soldiers have drummers and bugelmen to carry them through their duties." Tiras smirked, folding his arms the best way that he could. "Though it's abstract. Art is definitive- it leaves one not to aquiesce the meaning of things, but rather understand what they're seeing- a woman, a fruit, a tree or a picture. The simplicity matches the beauty, where as in music the complexity and understanding of the beholder determines the beauty." His smirk faltered into a smile. "That is why I have one of the greatest hidden talents of our time, hand plucked by me from the greatest learning institution Cantenseel had to offer- perhaps sometime I could show them." He spoke calmly, his eyes calculating and sizing up the response of Loraine. The discussion, while mundane was the dance of the nobles- a single slip in character in this high stakes game of poker could be fatal to ones standing character. He had already slipped quickly proposing an alliance of children in his mind, a mistake that would not be made again that day.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine was a bit quiet after his words, her eyes clearly showing she was thinking over his words to perhaps shoot an arguement back. Nobles were like that. Trying to outsmart one or the other. To show not only their wealth in belongings but mind as well. But instead of that, she just smiled a bit and gave a soft short giggle, her eyes now showing she was clearly amused and a bit impressed. "You do sound like a man who knows what he is talking about. I can't argue with your words either. Though you have me a bit surprised, not many people can change my view when it comes to art or music but your sights on it are both as true and intriguing as it can get. I would love to see the work then of your hidden artist. I am curious to see what you see as talent." She meant it. The emperor was intriguing her quite a bit.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras hid the interest on his face, wondering exactly what talent of his she'd like to see. "That can be arranged- your husband has my details, you need only to ask." He spoke out with a smile before going to Calix and continuing his meeting, leaving Felicia and Loraine together for the duration of the day. In the end he retired to his chambers after a long day, having plans to visit the countryside. He began to write in his journal in the candlelight, having a separate chamber as per custom since they were not married. He wrote the events of the day, placing his journal away and grabbing his bottle of brandy. He went outside, wearing his black and gold robe and having his long hair fall down his broad and muscular shoulders, feeling g the robe a bit more tight now that he was gaining size. Finding it to be too late to have anyone quite up, he set down his glass and began to sip off the bottle of brandy instead while being under the moonlight, finding himself more at peace under the moonlight and seeing the garden as well as the area around the palace- serene as well as calm, though he'd feel better at home.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
"I already though it was you. The guards have heavier footsteps compared to yours." Loraine said as she stood behind him in her night gown and a somewhat thicker bathrobe as British nights could get cold. She hadn't been able to sleep. Not for a long time honestly. So she had been writing, trying to tire herself out when someone walked passed her room. As she knew the guard's rotation shedule she knew it was not one of them so she went to see who it was. She had not really expected the emperor. "A man gazing silently alone into the distance with alcohol in his hand is or lonely or thinking about a woman. So my father always spoke."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Your father was correct." Tiras commented while looking over at her, looking at the night gown and finding himself curious about what it looked like underneath. "Though the lady I think of is cruel and her name is war. She is the type of woman many men speak of, yet don't truly understand her. She's loose, yet very good at what she does- she is the type you bed and then regret later, when the weight of what may be done lays on your shoulders at night." He then drank after, shaking his head after. "My grandfather told me to not think about the faces of those you killed, but I am a man and will have the courage to think of their faces." He sighed out, looking at the sky. "I never listened to the man much- my mother gave much better advice. Told me to enjoy the beauties of life...I'm interested in wondering why one of them has wandered to me so late, rather than lay in the bed chamber with her soon to be husband?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine tilts her head slightly to the side, her now lose hair slightly going past her shoulder. He made many pretty words just to say he was troubled about what was to come. That is what she got it off it atleast and she was hardly ever wrong. When he complimented her, just as smooth as his other words, she smiles softly and brushes a bit of hair back, having been taught to take compliments with grace and without excitement. "We do not share a chamber. Not yet atleast. After we wed we will. The wedding date is in a few months. And for why I am here is probably the same reason as yours. Lack of being able to fall asleep. I am used to it though. I have not really slept much upon arriving here some months ago." She shrugs with one shoulder. She did not look like a woman with lack of sleep but she hid it always well.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Neither do I, we've been together not so long." Tiras raised an eyebrow. "Partially why the whole "imperial couple' idea is bothersome, when I am the only imperial here." He grumbled before then sipping his brandy, less reserved than earlier. "I find it hard to sleep here too- though maybe for different reasons than you. What I'd it that holds you up?" He held out his brandy. "If you don't mind elven germs, this is all you my lady."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine raises one eyebrow at his distance at the titel the media gave the two. Though she could understand. It had been on every paper. It had extremely blown up. It was the story of the year already. She could understand his annoyance. She had often wondered throughout the day as she spended ot with Felicia if she would ever be fit enough to stand next to Tiras like that. She had been trained for it. Felicia still feels like a fish out of the water. She smiled politely at his offer and shakes her head. "I do not mind these supposed germs you speak off, though I doubt you have them. But i do not like brandy. So thank you but I decline." She said politely. "And my mind keeps me awake. Just overthinking things too much."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I feel it too, every night." Tiras admitted before shaking his head. "It's my blood- dreams of fields, the elk, the wind going through my hair, the crickets, the frogs, the trees...nature in general. It's why I go out and stare, trying to find my place amongst it all really." He thought out loud, wondering what it was that always called him outside. He then looked over at her, being able to see the tired a bit now inside of her with them being away from the political scene that they both had to present a face for. "Do you even want to be queen?" He asked like it was a question she had a choice in.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine looks over at the grass field as he spoke about his dreams. Those sounded nice actually. Those dreams. Her dreams were less nice. Most of them filled with worry instead of longing like Tiras's. Though she did not know which was worse. When he suddenly asked that she was a bit taken back, not sure how to even respond like that. No one asked her that. Ever. Why would they. She smiled kindly, but it was like a mask she put on. "Why wouldn't I want that? It is an honour."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Because empress sounds cooler." Tiras chuckled out, seeing the mask she put on and knowing the weight of it. He began walking, motioning for Loraine to walk with him to a place to sit among the garden, leaving the brandy at the entrance of the garden so he wouldn't get too drunk. "I'm not sure, truth be told because we do things we all don't like." He sat back and sighed. "We're both royalty, we know it better than most and me more than others- I am the last dragon left after all." He spoke out quietly, thinking of how their line has began to die out because of infertility.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine blinked twice before giggling a bit. Sounds cooler. She would never hear those words out of Calix's mouth. It was refreshing. She followed him and sat down next to him, seeing the burdens that were weighing down on his shoulders of being such a youn emperor. Knowing the culture and politics there a bit she knew he probably had it ten times as rough as Calix. "You are quite right about that. But I have learned not to be bothered by things that can not be changed. This position of mine being one of them. So even if I would not like it, it would be more troublesome to go against it. That is something you have probably learned as well. We are burdened enough by the world. It would be too much to place even more burdens and empty wishes upon yourself."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I did learn to be burdened, to take my burdens and to do what is necessary...yet my grandfather also taught me another thing." Tiras scooted closer. "We Seiken's have the blood of the dragon in us. What we take, we take. What we want we want, what we desire is what what we desire and whatever we want is ours " He grinned a little bit. "Wishes are for the peasants, for a monarch." He said before looking around, seeing if anyone was watching before he put his hand in hers. "Have you been bedded before?" He asked, wanting to know if he could even proceed forward. "I'd hate to try to be with a woman who's chastity is still in tact because I am as wild as the Plains my people wander."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine had known about the Seikan's believe. History reflected the things he just said very well. It sounded a bit selfish. But was it even selfish if you just worked for yourself to get what one desires? If so then following ones desire is always selfish. She was still deep in thought when he puts his hand on hers. Making her a bit tense. What was he.... Ahh. "I do not think this is a conversation meant to be held between an engaged woman and a taken man." She politely. And even if it was a warning, there was still a hint of curiousity hidden in her voice.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I agree, but those are titles held by those that it matters to." Tiras said while not removing her hand, though, tiptoeing now around a tad more around the subject. "If it is just a man and a woman, in broad terms, then that is a fine conversation is it not?" He asked her with a raised eyebrow, then taking his hand away slowly as if to show he was willing to end that. "Ah well- I think the brandy may have taken me, I apologize." He said with a smile. "Titles are important I suppose."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine hoped he would not see the light blush on his cheeks. His stare quite intense. He was an attractive ibtruiging man. So she just accepted the fact that she was a bit.... Interested. Any woman would get it warmer. Her hand feeling a bit colder now that he took it away. "You have a very interesting.... Taste in subjects for conversations. I do not know if it is common to know if someone had bedded before in you country but here it is not.... I had been engaged before birth. Do you truly think I had any more freedom than that?" In other words, no. She not bedded anyone before.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"It's not common in my country either unless it's with someone you'd have an interest in bedding." Tiras spoke out rather bluntly, not being able to make eye contact while saying that before looking over. When she said freedom he thought of his own name. His name itself meant freedom, so thinking of someone being trapped and unable to do as they pleased made him sad in a way. "I didn't consider that." He said quietly, sounding sad in a way before shaking his head. "I didn't consider that at all, I should have thought." He spoke out before placing his hand over hers. "Are you excited then, for your wedding day?" He asked with a bit of a smile. "You've been missing out, sadly."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine simply smiled and shrugged, pretending she did not care about what she had been missing. Though she did. In a way. Secretly. "Well, I am used to it. My life had been decided before birth so it is difficult to... Miss something. I am not really may to miss something." When he asks about the wedding her smile twitches a bit but she kept it up. "Ofcourse i am excited. Why wouldn't I be excited? I am getting wed to the King himself. I am blessed like that." That was what she had been told. And what she had to believe. So she believed that.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Blessed?" Tiras tried not to roll his eyes. "He's not even that cute Loraine, not like you." He said while shaking his head, sighing afterwards. "You act like you don't have a choice but you do- of course you can marry him, but that's all for looks and once that's done...that's it, you're where you need to be forever. Who could stop you from having what you wanted?" He asked quietly. "If that's what you fear, or you could do something drastic like leave." He then crossed his arms. "There's choice everywhere- things we can do to change it. We are the rulers of our own destiny, that is the lesson god teaches us in the good book...who are we to deny it?" He asked quietly, looking at her legs from the nightgown and then her face. His face screamed that he was entranced with staring at her and the slight bulge in his robe didn't lie either- while trying to keep it tame, everything about him said that he wanted her.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine could not help but give an unlady like snort in surprise as he compared Calix to not being cute. What did that even matter. But at the words he said next she fell quiet, looking down at her lap. What he was saying was the opposite of everything ever taught to her. She could not. She had a duty. A purpose. One made for her. It would be disgracefull not to accept it. It would be a black mark on her life forever. "I appreciate your words. And I do understand them. I do hear you. But that is not the way things go here. There are just things I can and can not do. And the free mind you are having is one of them. You are a ruler, Tiras. I am not. And.... It is fine this way. I can do something for this country and it's people when I am wed. For me, that has to be enough."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"But what have they done for you?" Tiras asked her in return. "What have they done for any of us? We sacrifice our personal lives, giving them safety and security because the sheep cannot lead themselves without a herder." He spoke out while holding out his hand, looking at her. "If it was fine this way, you'd have not gone out to speak to me. You linger here because you hope for something more, something different than a life living in a glass palace." He crossed his arms. "Just like I lived, and then I died. I died and I realized I had done NOTHING that I ever wanted because I gave myself excuses, and lord did I regret it. See, the pain in life isn't from failing- no that's a lesson, but rather the pain of 'what if's' and never trying." He said with his hand, completely forgetting now he was trying to bed her. "Duty is wonderful, the subjects we rule over are wonderful but sometimes one may ask...was it worth it?" He asked quietly. "Are the pretty houses we live in- the finer things we live with worth the price of never truly living at all?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine was quiet, going over his words that had left her thinking. Wondering. Why did she indeed follow him outside. Was it as he said? She has been training for this. Living for this. But she had done things she had wanted. Like learning how to play harp. Though that was asked of her as well. She did like the horse back riding but that had been forced on her as well. Learning about politics though handy, not her choice either. The more she though, the more she realized she had not been living for herself. And she had known that. She just did not understand why it was hitting her so hard now. Perhaps because someone now voiced it out. Someone in a somewhat similiar position. Someone who seemed trapped as well. Will it be worth it?.... "You ask difficult questions...." She said quietly before looking over at him. Feeling somewhat relieved that she was not alone in the thoughts that had been haunting her. He was going through something kinda the same. "I can't answer that. If I listen to what I have been taught and what is expected of me.... Then they say living for myself is not for me."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"And that's no way to live, clearly." Tiras spoke out softly, interlacing his fingers with he's gently and closing his eyes as he felt the soft embrace of the wind against his cheek, brushing his long and thick silver hair. "I don't mean to shake your life, but when we are birdies sitting in guided cages..we should know, that way we do things knowing that." He spoke out quietly, thinking of his own death. He had laid in bed in agony, for the longest time have moments where he'd be able see his body. A few years at most- his internal organs destroyed. Feeling the fear he did when doing that, Tiras began to have tears in his eyes as he now heard the screaming in his ears from the wedding and the clashing of the swords. He shook his head quietly, having it slowly fade before he composed himself and looked at her. "How are you feeling, my lady?" He asked quietly, have a small frown to the corners of his mouth now.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine felt her heart skip a bit as he laced their fingers together. Something she had not felt before. She was not emotional driven. She was logic driven. She did not followed desires. She was not brought up that way. She was Calix's betrothed for crying out loud. She was becoming his queen. Her birthright. Or more like the reason why she had even the right to be born. Her parents already had three boys. But as the King had a boy as well, they continoud to have children till they had a girl. Her. To keep their end of the arrangement. And now she was here. Almost to be wed. And here he was. Making her think and feel things she should not be feeling. Made her feel things with just a few conversations that Calix had not in months. "Confused.... Curious..... Desired..." She says quietly, not taking her eyes off of him as she felt her resolve crack a bit.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Yeah, me too." Tiras whispered quietly. "It feels wrong for me too- I know my mother would probably kill me for even thinking of another woman while taken but.." Tiras looked to the side, then around and seemed to look if anyone was around before looking at the moon, wondering if god would be upset at grin before grinng. He then leaned close to her, having his lips close to hers- the sweet brandy on the scent of his breath. "This isn't child's play."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine felt like moving back. Her head said that would be wisest but her body stayed put. As if not truly wanting to move. Which she knew was true. He was so close. The moon behind him illuminating him in an almost impossible to resist way. She even had to swallow, feeling her throat quite dry all of sudden. "This.... Is wrong.... I am engaged...." she hardly dared to move her lips. He was so close she might kiss him on accident if she moved to much.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"In everything but your heart." Tiras whispered out to her, putting his hand on her cheek and brushing her hair back with his thumb. He looked at her soft and gentle face, wondering how someone could ever want to go against what she wanted. She was a queen in title, or she would be soon but in his opinion she looked like shed be better wearing the finest of silks, beside the greatest of emperors there ever would be. He smiled at her, thinking of how things perhaps could be and as he did he felt his heart began to pound hard and even his ears warm up as he put his forehead against hers. "You'd be better in black and gold, I think. They're your colors."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine wondered why he knew exactly what to say to make her head go to illogical places. But in her heart, his words sounded more logical. Dreamfull. Hopefull. It would have been just easier if she could follow his beliefs. Just take what you want. Which would be hard since she never had the freedom to even think what she wanted for herself. But as he puts his forhead against his, getting so close she felt like her heart might burst, she knew in that moment what she wanted. Without saying a word more or giving herself more time to say to herself how wrong this was, why she should not do this, she closes the small distance between them. Connecting her lips with his.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras was surprised she had kissed him but found himself pleasantly surprised. He closed his eyes, finding her kisses to be some of the softest and most gentle feeling he had ever had. He rubbed his thumb against her cheek, bringing her into an embrace now and holding her. It seemed forever before he let go and gasped a bit, having his own cheeks flush red while looking at her with a different look now. "Why was that the realest thing I've ever felt?" He asked with a winded sound in his throat, breathless.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine was furiously blushing as well. Probably looking the most disshelved and unlady like she had ever looked in her entire life. She still felt the tingle his lips gave on hers as they were now parted again. His words making her head even lighter. All the troubles and worries and reasons why she should not do this wiped away with one single kiss and look. How he was looking at her made her feel so... She did not even have the words. But she had the feeling that no one else had or would look at her that way. "I don't know.... But I agree with you." She breaths out before putting her hand on his cheek, kissing him more firmly this time as she pushes herself closer against him.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
Tiras kissed her back passionately, nearly gripping to her face with her fingers as he desperately kissed her. As they kissed he seemed to lose himself, having his body against hers. He felt his heart beat as hard as possible and had his toes go numb while he continued to kiss her. When he pulled away he had a light sweat film beginning to develop on his skin, having hardly breathed the entire time they kissed. "I'm glad. But..." He panted out. "What now?"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine let out a muffled sound of surprise as his kissing got so intense. But those sounds quickly turned into soft moans as he gave her sensations she had never felt before. Her hands moved down, gripping his bathrobe to keep herself from falling off of the bench as he attacked her lips. Her chest was heaving with the lack of oxygyn as they parted, her eyes a bit wide though slowly an excited smile got on her face. She shakes her head a bit and shrugs. "I don't know that either." She says with an out of breath laugh. "I just...." She brushes a piece of his hair behind his ear. "You intrigue me, Tiras. Your words. Your appareance. Your kisses. Everything... I don't think I have ever experienced such an.... Attraction to anyone ever before." She admits.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I feel the same. Your brown hair, hair that reminds me of the beautiful homely bark of the forests that I have dreams of. Your beautiful eyes, which remind me of the sunset hitting an oat at sea-" Tiras smiled. "-and your skin, kissed by the reflection of the moonlight.." He breathed out. "The way you walk, the way you speak like a lady- how you play music from the harp. It's as if you commanded me to leave my companion and want for another-" He brushed her hair away from her ear. "You." He leaned in and gave another light kiss. "You're a woman I could be proud of to have as my empress."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Mirra1007 said…
Loraine tried to contain it but she smiled more with each thing he said about her. Almost as if he was writing a poem for her. And at the end she knew she must had been grinning like a young school girl. But how could she not. Words like these had never been spoken to her. Ofcourse some men had shown interest in their, she saw it in their eyes. But not like this. Not this heartfelt and genuine. But then her smile slowly began to fade. Looking a bit to the side as logic and responsibillity began to seep back in. "Empress.... I am about to be Queen..." No, this was wrong. It felt good and whole but it was wrong. She could not let herself get deeper into this. Immediatly she lets him go, looking as if she was abkut tk get up and leave