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Hello guys I would Like to start a role play where wewe are angels wewe can be any type of Angel wewe want dark Angel horse angel, heck just put Angel at the end and that will make u an angel! Start like this

name: christa au chrisy

Type of angel: dark angel

Fav hobbie: making people do stupid things.

Least fav type of angels: anyone who is a dark angel

Best friends: No one yet

Fav thing to do: talk about how horrible school is

That's mine what's yours after every one has answered au just after u have answered we can start role playing! Oh and make sure that wewe call people kwa there role name!
posted by aNinnyMouse
1) What gender are you? Man

2) What is your age?
Damned, if I know! Damned if I care! I just know I am older than most of me mates.

3) Do wewe want a hug?
Hug, eh? wewe want to keep yer skin?

4) Do wewe have any bad habits?

5) What is your inayopendelewa food?
If it ain't infested with maggots, I'll gladly eat it!

6) What is your inayopendelewa aiskrimu flavor?
What th' hell be ice cream?!

7) Are wewe a virgin?
No, now that'd be hardly makin' any sense now would it?

8) Have wewe killed anyone?
Hahaha, now that's a question! Boy, what do wewe say? Have I ever killed anyone?

9) Do wewe hate anyone?...
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were mbwa mwitu (part 2)
were mbwa mwitu
the beginning
florence and the machine
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