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Don't expect to be asked something epic but a swali that everyone has been asked at least one time in their lifes. I hope so.

So,Selena Gomez au Miley Cyrus?
WHY. Add me reasons.

I ask this because i know about the Miley bong thing and i think she was NOT a role-model,but her mashabiki try to excuse her kwa telling that she needs to make mistakes to learn from them
But look at Selena,she does not need to smoke weed [they say Miley smoke salvia,but anyway] to know that it's not good for her!

So,tell me!
 piperleoforever posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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LadyL68 said:
Selena. 100%

I don't hate Miley, but I don't like her. She's a bad role model for her younger fans.

I get that she's trying to "grow up", but she's not doing it in the right way. Smoaking illigal shit & stripping, & pole dancing in front of 6 & 7 mwaka olds isn't growing up. It's being stupid.

I don't like Billy ray at all, either. He acts like this is all Disney's fault for getting Miley in the spot light. No, he's done his part too. Kids arn't born like that.

As for Selena, I like her. I don't think she's great, but she has fun songs & a cute show. I'm not a huge shabiki of her new "relationship" with JB, but then again if she likes it, whatever. I upendo her song Who Says, it's amazing. She also seems to be a really sweet girl who cares about others. I like watu mashuhuri like that.
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posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita 
Yeah,i agree.. Selena is way better,and not to forget about her being in UNICEF & loving her fans.. and not like SOMEONE *points at miley* we know.
piperleoforever posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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