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posted by flippy_fan210
-when wewe ask someone for something and they try to annoy wewe because they have it and wewe don't

-school, you're there for 7 hours a day, they give wewe work wewe have to do at nyumbani and wewe have almost no freedom

-JB, 1D, big time rush

-when your Marafiki call saying they'll come over and never onyesha up

-you like something your friend doesn't like so they HAVE to complain and say it sucks

-getting no freedom at your own nyumbani and being controlled kwa your parents

-crab cake

-girly things

-uptight people who can't stand jokes and practically spit in your face if wewe make one "dirty" au "wrong" joke

-overprotective parents

-superheros, villains are way cooler, plus, 2 of my inayopendelewa people are evil, and i enjoyed the fanfics, keki and sweet apple massacre, that can make your mind turn into mush

-when your friend comes to your house and says wewe have too give them everything they want because they're your guest

-electroshock therapy, i mean, even though most of the people who get it are clinically insane, it's just cruel

-when wewe like something and your friend likes the opposite thing and they argue with wewe instead of agreeing to disagree

-when your friend pretends to like everything wewe like and never disagrees with wewe and won't make a decision until you've made your decision so they can agree with you, and pretty much act like they don't have a mind of their own because they think it'll endanger the friendship

-when your friend keeps bugging wewe to do something for hours even if their throat gets sore until wewe finally agree to do it

-when wewe vote for something and someone says something like "that doesn't count, it's not from the same fanon." and you're just thinking "then why is it an option?"

-when someone says something really loud and annoying like when a movie is starting and when wewe try to shush them they're like "SHUT UP!"

-when wewe onyesha your friend a video and right when it begins they're like "this is boring, let's watch something else!"

-when someone is watching a video(or a bunch of video in a row) and wewe keep saying that they should watch something everyone likes and they keeps saying "one zaidi video" au "no, wewe never do that when [i]I[i] tell wewe to" and wewe hardly ever even watch any videos

-when wewe just start something and that's when your parents decide that it's time for bed

-curse words(well, the fact that wewe can't say them) i mean, they all just mean normal words like "donkey" au "butt" i mean, why are they so bad?

-when wewe tell someone not to eat your stuff and the inayofuata siku it's gone

-you're nyumbani sick for one day(or more) and everyone says wewe talked your way into staying home

-when wewe don't even do anything and someone tries as hard as they can to annoy you

-when people make fun of mentally challenged people, au bully them. i mean, what's the point in it?

-when people say you're weird au insane because wewe have a different taste in music

-when people are mean to old people au veterans
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posted by alexischaos2004
Greetings, my name is Alexis. Welcome to my world of rants. Today's rant is about Youtube and the major fuckups that dwell there. So, jiunge me on this marvelous cyber adventure, as we'll encounter monsters such as Devon Sweeney, Sam Pepper, and the legendary Tupac of Youtube.

Ah... Youtube. You're one of my inayopendelewa websites in the entire history of the internet. The content wewe onyesha me is truly enlightening. I always watch the video wewe have on display... It's just the best experience that anyone could ever ask for. I upendo you, Youtube.

WELL NOT ENTIRELY! This video sharing website may be one...
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hujambo everyone....It's AnimuLuvr21, and I'm a bit shy. >___>

So I found this site called Fanpop....Uh, and I'm gonna onyesha wewe guys my experience with the site and give it a grade at the end. I hope wewe guys like me....Sorry I'm so coy. :(

So let's make an account first, okay? :)

Alright, we're online now. Yahoo! ^_^

So first things first, let's go to the anime club and see what's going on. :)

Aw, why is that kid being so mean? :( Oh well....

Hey, apparently there's some anime polls, let's answer a few! :) This one's asking me how many anime I've watched, hmm....I can't quite remember,...
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Now wewe can listen to the Numa Numa song forever, make a mixtape of all of the Numa Numas and annoy your whole neighborhood! All the Numa Numa you've never wanted in your life!

Original kwa Ozone: link

English Version kwa Ozone: link

Alina Vesion: link

Gabry Ponte Remix: link

Haiducii Version: link

Brazilian Version: link

Korean Version kwa Hyun Young: link

Chinese Version kwa Josi Kok: link

Japanese Version kwa Berryz Koubou: link

Onda Choc: link

Festa No Ape: link

Indonesian Version kwa Barakatak: link

Finnish Version: link

Dutch Version kwa Antonia: link

Hebrew: link

Rock Version: link

Rock Version 2: link

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You're confused now.
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