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Just some Art I got from for my inayofuata Slideshow :) All of them are'nt here since I can only pakia 20, I have 98, And my Video is gonna have less though, ENJOY!
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Legend of Zelda Rap: kwa Smosh

Disclaimer: I don't own the lyrics.

Yeah, my name is Link, man
More well known than 'Lil Wayne
Oh wewe thought my name was Zelda?
(That's a f**king girl's name!)

I've saved the world like 15 times
And saved the princess from demise
And I do it all alone
With no help and no advice

(Hey, look, listen)
Hey look listen wewe f**king annoying fairy
I'd rather be forced to listen
To constant Katy Perry

I think it's about time
I got some recognition
Don't wewe think
Legend of Zelda?
Screw that!
Legend of Link!

Cause he's the
L to the I to the n to the k
Wears tights everyday
Don't give...
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