bila mpangilio What Is Your Fv. Thing On Jake?

Pick one:
the body
the body
all of it (even the abs)!
all of it (even the abs)!
Added by l3371
????????- ?????- ????????- ?????- ???????????- ?????????- ?????...
Added by poddo
What? Who is jake?
Added by chloep
Jacob Black! pah- lease!
Jacob Black! pah- lease!
Added by Bella_Swan96
I HATE JAKE! I don't know who Jake is, but I hate him anyway!
Added by raknaff
His warmth, lol
Added by jem_
um, he's hot?
Added by swiddlewiddle
If wewe mean Jacob Black then i upendo everything but edward is better
Added by hettycool
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 lovemejake posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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