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posted by rayrayrox
wewe and ray had been bestfriends since wewe were about 9 years old. wewe guys always did everything together and he always made sure that wewe and him kept in contact when he went on tours. Being Marafiki with someone for 9 years is such a long time and its kind of hard for wewe not to catch feelings for that person. Well, thats exactly what wewe did. Even though wewe were scared to tell him, you’ve always liked ray from siku one but wewe figured that wewe were’nt “his type”. It was a couple days after they finished the #1 Girl Tour and wewe and ray were at your house alone catching up on some...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna'a POV
He just kissed me...... it's like my lifed just flashed before my eyes. Randy:did wewe like the kiss?? Me:yeah.... i loved it(smiles) Randy:so wewe wanna stay with me for the night?? Me:i dont know i dont wanna get in trouble when i go nyumbani tommorrow. Randy:well do wewe want me to walk wewe nyumbani at least?? Me:sure. So randy starts walking me home. Randy:you know i would never say something like that right???? Me:yeah... i guess i learned my lesson... never believe what comes out of your enemy's mouth(laughing) Randy:lesson learned(laughs)So we get to my house. Randy:see wewe in school...
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posted by RayRaycutie
mom-*coming upstairs n opens my door* mariah?
me-*layng in kitanda wtchng tv* yeah?
mom-i hav 2 work ovrtime 2nite at the office so i hav 2 go okay?
mom-i luv u mariah
me-lol i luv u 2 mom!
mom-good nite!
me-*still wtchng tv n about 15 dakika l8r i feel lik dancing so i go 2 the studio hopng nobdy is there*
me-*thnkng out loud *FINNALLY!!!!!!!!!!*
me-*starts dancing 2 Shakiria hips dnt lie. so u knw i was gon belly dance n stuff lik tht i dance 4 lik 5 dakika replayng the song cuz...OMG ITS MY SONG!!!!*
???-wow i hvnt seen dancing lik tht since evr!
me-*stops immediatly n turns...
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