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posted by grettakubis
I upendo this book. I read it 5 yrs ago. I am from eastern North Carolina. I spent 10 yrs after college on the coast. I was so excited to watch the movie. It was so true to the movie that my moyo swelled. It was perfect. I loved how slow and story time the movie was. It literally made my moyo swell, it was a true bringing of a great book to life. Made me want to re-read. I bought Audible copy…but narrator isn’t soft enough. She is polite sounding, but not soft enough. Kya is strong but at her core soft, southern, marsh girl. Reese, wewe HAVE to narrate this book for Audible. Please!
posted by kellyclarkson12
As one of the most impressively talented members of the emerging New Hollywood of the early 21st century, Reese Witherspoon has proven that she can do far zaidi than just pose winsomely for the camera. Born March 22, 1976, in Nashville, TN, Witherspoon was a child model and acted in televisheni commercials from the age of seven. She had a part in the 1991 Lifetime cable movie Wildflower before making her 1991 film debut in the coming-of-age story The Man in the Moon (1991). The 14-year-old Witherspoon made an immediate impact on critics and audiences alike, netting widespread praise for her portrayal...
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Actress Reese Witherspoon is in the middle of a huge week. She turned 35 on March 22 and on March 26 she will marry agent Jim Toth in Ojai, Calif.

Earlier in the week, Reese Witherspoon enjoyed a celebratory birthday chajio, chakula cha jioni in Brentwood, Calif., with Toth, daughter Ava, 11, and son Deacon, 7, as well as her parents, brother and sister-in-law and nieces, reports

Witherspoon did some last-minute shopping in West Hollywood before her big day, but the paparrazzi in usual form interrupted. See the E! Online video