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posted by callejahLUVSed
Is definitely ... gaah, I wish I could say Romeo, but I don't know -.- I like the way Curio protects Juliet, especially since it's her fault that his face is scarred. I upendo Francesco just because he's hot! Romeo of course, is her nyota crossed lover so I think they're great together!

But.. then there's Tybalt.. and he is just too hot!
So many hot and gorgeous choices...

One day, I will get to the end of this riddle :'(

I mean, they all upendo her so much, they all devote their time to protecting her, and they are pretty much all hot (except Curio, but he would be if it wasn't for Juliet's alter ego -.-)

But that's just me.. I think Mercutio and Benvolio are both cute as well. Why do stupid anime characters have to be hot?!?