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Ross Lynch is the most hottest guy in Austin & Ally. If wewe had a chance to meet him what will wewe do?

I remeber the siku I was wacthing tv in seen Ross imba Billion Hits. I thought that he was a great singer in i think hujambo is just a perfect guy and he is really upendo his muziki in what he do.

When wewe see ross lynch imba wewe want the room to be silecnce so thae wewe can hear him sing. Trust me I even told me older sister to shut up so that I can here him sing. (in she got mad in told mom, of course). But Ross lynch is one of the people that I look up to because I was a girl seeing someone being a bully kwa a guy named Nick (his a really a cute guy) then on May 13th I went wewe to him in alisema "hey can wewe stop thats got worng." after that siku he stoped in now he likes me. But ross lynch helps me when I'm down.
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Ally: *Groans then moves little bit and land Right on Austin's back l(little upendo if I say myself)*
Ally: Austin what time is it we might be late for school?
Austin: Oh your awake morning sunshine. Oh it's 6:00 we have time school starts at 8:00.
Ally: *Gets out of kitanda smiles *Austin can I change I front of you?
Austin: I won't look go for it.
Ally: *changes*
Austin: *turns around , then looks. Whispers* Woahhhh.
Ally : AUSTIN ! I'm done changing and I saw wewe looking!
Austin: Fine I'll change in the bathroom
Ally:*wears a pink tight dress and pink hight heels
Austin:Done !*wears a red t shati and nice black shorts with a Christ necklace*
Ally: Puts on pink hoop earings.
Austin: Ok let's pick up breakfeast from school. I'll drive.

5 mins later
Austin: where there
Ally: Look at Trish and Dez!
Austin:There kissin-
Ally*covers Austin's mouth* She could of told us!

To be continued...........
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It's a Nice Saturday and Trish/Ally/Kristin are hanging out at the mall.

Kristin: hujambo Trish, This dress would look Sooooo cute! *Holds up dress with leopard strips and Black necklace*
Ally: I know right!
Trish: Ermmm. Well it's ok. But I like this one *Holds up dress with pink leopard Stripes and machungwa, chungwa mkufu with green and machungwa, chungwa leggings*
Ally: *Claps* Woo hoo!
Kristin : *Flips her Blonde hair and claps*
Ally: Dudes, Me and Trish have to go. Team Austin meeting.
Kristin: Kk bye!
Ally/ Trish: Bye! *Leave*
??? : *Bumps into Kristin and his vitabu fall*
Kristin: I am all so sorry! *Picks up books*
?? ? : *Its ok.'Hi I'm Riker Moon'! Austin's brother!
Kristin: Oh hujambo Riker I'm Kristin!
Riker : Wanna hang out? There's a wicked video game convention ! Wanna come!?
Kristin : Shore! I upendo video games! *Grabs his hand and goes to Game Stop.
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This is when he auditioned for Disney channel when he was 13.Now he's 16