Ruki the GazettE's Excite New mwaka maoni 2012

VKei_Addict posted on Jan 01, 2012 at 02:20PM

Kai: So it's already 2012, eh? In 2011, after finishing Tokyo Dome we were given time to do our activities carefreely..

Ruki: Carefreely? We didn't do anything carefreely!

Kai: (laughs) So, what made you feel excited in 2011?

Ruki: What made me feel excited?

Kai: Well, talking about your private life...

Ruki: Hmmm, I made too many songs, don't you think?

Kai: You made quite a lot, right. VORTEX, Remember, Suicide Circus.

Ruki: Ah, so I didn't make that many after all?!

the GazettE: AHAHAHAHA!!!

Kai: It's just ordinary?

Ruki: Well, we had a tour, then we appeared in some events as well.

Kai: Ah that's right.

Ruki: As a band, that made us excited.

Kai: It was a pretty fresh year for us, right?

Ruki: Yeah, it was an exciting year.

Kai: And then, Ruki has written our objectives for 2012. "Speeding up even more, even deeper, even more passionate." with that, 2012 seems to be another tough year for us.

Ruki: YUP!!!!

Kai: (Laughs) So, i hope everyone will take a good care of their bodies. It had been a reasonably good year for us, so I want you be careful of........

Ruki: There's info about the Tour Final too.

Kai: Yes (laughs). This year, I also want you all to come. Please treat us this year as well as you did last year.............. That was from the GazettEEE~~

Reita: (wheezes)

Uruha: (laughs)

Ruki No majibu