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dan: *sings dragostea din tei * mi-ya-hii , mi-ya-huu , mi-ya-ho, mi-ya-haha!!!
sandybelle: hehehe *gives dan a presser-point*
dan: ack!!! *faints*
sandybelle: revenge is mine!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! ah ha ha ha ha ha h--*coughs* ha.
jason : what the hell??!!!
sandybelle: alo.
jason : * gets mad* KAMMM- MMAYYYYYYYY
sandybelle: =.=||'
sandybelle thinking: oh holy crap , this guy can't do goku's voice.
jason : HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *blue sphere of moto appears*
sandybelle: !!! *disappears*
jason: what??!!!!
* jason falls to the ground*
sandybelle: oh shit , wewe can't do anything.
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1. Diamond: Hello
Nitro: hi
Diamond hits Nitro in face
Nitro: Hey, what was that for
Diamond: Level up

2. Nitro: Hey, there is something in your face
Manic: Really?
Nitro: yes,*hits Manic in face* it is Pain
Manic: ............I hate wewe so much
Nitro: I know^^

3. Manic: Die Nitro
Nitro: noooooooo
Diamond: I like trains
Manic: Oh no no no no wait!
Train: *drives over Manic and Nitro*
Diamodn: *smiles happy*

4. Diamond: *looks at button*
Singh: Warning; Pointless
Diamodn: *presses button*

5. Manic: I like singing
Nitro: I like dancing
Diamodn: I like tarins
Train comes and drives...
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sandybelle : * still flying* oh shit , when am I going to stop?
* sandybelle falls down and lands in a tree*
fice : !
sandybelle: * drunken accent* oh teh epicness during that flight , don't wewe say so , hiraki?
fice: I'm not hiraki!!
sandybelle: *regular voice* oh my god , its you!!
fice: whatever, what are wewe doing here?
sandybelle: idk.
fice: whatever.
-the inayofuata day-
*fice falls on sandybelle on purpose*
fice : oh mah gawd , i tripped!!
sandybelle : *pushes fice off* I'M SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!
*sandybelle stomps off madly*
* jigoku appears*
fice : ?
* jigoku hands fice a white envolope*
jigoku : see you...
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