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posted by 112332
hujambo everyone i just wanted to hakikisha that ryan sheckler is my boyfriend so plz back off haha Jk
but i wish he was my boyfriend lik who dosent like him isnt he hot?oh and if wewe have a rude answer dont coment this is for the people that actualy lik ryan sheckler okay oh and dose anyone know ryans phone number cuz i want it BAD and like just to hakikisha im 11 and think hes sexy so if your his age and think that then he must realy be the cutest person alive and im trying to get all the info i can on ryan so if wewe hav any plz can wewe leave a coment like what his
.favorite color is
.favorite food
.favorite show
.favorite drink
.location of his house
.and inayopendelewa skateboarding trick