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Radical Publishing recently sent out a press release with news about Sam Worthington and Full Clip's comic, Damaged:


Radical Publishing Announces Debut of DAMAGED

June 6, 2011, Los Angeles, CA—Radical Publishing in association with Sam Worthington’s Full Clip Productions is proud to announce the debut of its new series, Damaged, which hits store shelves August 3rd, 2011.

This new crime series is created kwa Michael and John Schwarz of Full Clip Productions, and written kwa Eisner Award-winner David Lapham (Stray Bullets). Damaged is illustrated kwa Leonardo Manco (Hellblazer)...
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The new Sam Worthington site contains exclusive video and picha of the upcoming hit sci-fi 3D movie : AVATAR! jiunge NOW!


Here is the exclusiev Making of AVATAR! For zaidi jiunge the website!

MSN has debuted an all-new video clip from James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi epic Avatar. Here, Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) explains the purpose behind Jake's (Sam Worthington) mission to Grace (Sigourney Weaver). To watch the scene, click on the video below:

Because doesn't allow to embed the video,click the link to watch the video : link

In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran is brought to another...
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Damaged, a new crime comic from Radical Publishing produced in association with Sam Worthington's Full Clip Productions, debuted today, August 17.

Damaged is written kwa David Lapham with artwork kwa Leonardo Manco. The book was created kwa Michael and John Schwarz of Full Clip and executive produced kwa Sam Worthington.

The comic follows two brothers, one a policeman, the other a vigilante, as they approach the ends of their careers and attempt to train their young replacements.

wewe can learn zaidi about Damaged and see interior artwork at link

Don't forget to pick up your copy at your local comic shop!
(If wewe don't know where to go, look yours up at
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 new comic from Radical and Full Clip
new comic from Radical and Full Clip
I think its really cool that Sam Worthington is getting into comic books, being a shabiki myself. Right now he is going to produce and nyota in Radical's Last Days of American Crime and Damaged. Last Days of American Crime is a really interesting comic, it's about the last major heist before the government makes a broadcast signal that will make it impossible for people to commit a crime. I think, as an actor, he is extremely versatile and will bring some duality to the part. Another interesting part he has is the one in Damaged- a comic that his company Full Clip actually came up with. This one...
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