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posted by yukikiyruu
"Teme! We're having pizza at Kiba's. Call meeeeee."

"Yo, uh, hey... Right. Uh, get out of the house."

"Saucy! Party this weekend! Call me for details."

"Why weren't wewe at school yesterday? I missed you~"

"Hey, my mom wanted to invite wewe for dinner. We have chicken."

"No emo-time for youuuu~ Ino is here to bring some cheer~!"

"Shino brought some wicked alcohol from some European country, wewe have to taste it!"


"Teme! I hope you're not dead!"

"Yo! It's been 5 months! Why aren't wewe back at school?"

"Uchiha, everyone's getting worried."

"Teme! Graduation's tomorrow! Coooooommee!"

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posted by Trignity
sasuke and sakura are sitting in the library:)))

[sakura is sitting and studing sasuke came to sakura]:))

sasuke : since wewe were sick last week , sensei asked me to fill wewe in on the topics wewe missed.

sakura : sorry about this , sasuke-kun.

sasuke : it's fine. anyway wewe need to focus on .

sakura : He's so close. I can't concentrate...!

Sasuke: -hmm ? are wewe saying something?

sakura : no , no !! not at all.

sasuke : this swali we will do like this. ~(pointing
towards the book)~

sakura : ok !
i want to say something

sasuke : ya ! what do wewe wanna say

sakura : that wewe are looking very cutee !! in these
spectacles of yours :))

sasuke : ~(clears throat)~ wewe should focus on your
sakura : hmm ! ya offcourse

sasuke : ra ? saku
posted by yukikiyruu
"Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke!"

The alisema boy opened his eyes and glared at the ceiling. Someone was asking for their death sentence as they continuously banged on his door with no mercy.

"I heard wewe went outside! Let's eat somewhere! I'm buying!"

Apparently, it was his best friend, au ex-best friend. He didn't utter a sound, nor did he even get up, he just lay there in all his alcohol and nicotine comfort. He waited a few zaidi dakika as the banging didn't seem to subside. He frowned as the banging increased and took a long swig of his drink, spilling some since he was lying down.

Then he was met with...
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posted by Trignity
In the omake after episode 53, Naruto remembers the time Team 7 took their group picture. In the flashback, Naruto and Sasuke had an argument. As Kakashi stop the argument, Sakura looks at Sasuke and says that she is happy to be in the picture with him. Naruto then happily tells Sakura that he is happy to be in the picture with her too. Annoyed, Sakura asks Kakashi can they leave Naruto out. Naruto was shock after hearing those words from Sakura but then gets angry when Sasuke smirks. Naruto yells at Sasuke to stop laughing. Kakashi then stop the argument and team 7 take their group photo, ending the flashback.
posted by yukikiyruu
This must be it.

A pink-headed girl looked up at the house, if wewe even consider it a house. Part of the lawn was a shade of light brown while the other parts had grown too much. The hedges were a hideous shape since it lacked trimming and the flowers that littered about were dead, aside from daises and dandelions sprouting around. Those were weeds. A few cigarette butts littered the stone walkway and mail piled up at the porch.

She cringed imagining what the inside must have looked if the outside looked like this. She inhaled a long breath and trudged toward the house, she let out the breath...
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