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There he was.The new student.In the middle of the training grounds the school provided for us.Sasuke Uchiha.His deep dark onyx eyes focused on training.I hided behind the old tree.Accidently,I stepped on a twig.Yikes!"Who's there?" surprisingly asked Sasuke."Uhhh...Hey." I smiled weakly."Hnn".he groaned."Uhh my name is..Sakura Haruno."I said."Good to know..."he replied."What class are wewe in"?I asked."B-c".he replied."Cool.Me too!":)"Who else is in our class?" he asked.Let me get out our list.

Sakura Haruno
Sasuke Uchiha
Naruto Uzumaki
Hinata Hyuga
Shikamaru Naara
Ino Yamanaka
Neji Hyuga
"Well those are the people".:)i said.
"Hnn.."he once alisema again.
"Do you---"
"Ring!Ring!The kengele made.
"Tell me later Sasuke.We gotta get to class!
As they walked together they bumped into someone.
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