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posted by dolphin4710
Selena's inayopendelewa things

1. inayopendelewa song rockstar
2. inayopendelewa color green
3. inayopendelewa store hollister
4. inayopendelewa scent baby powder
5. inayopendelewa cereal kakao pebbles
6. inayopendelewa Candy snickers
7. inayopendelewa chakula pickels
8. inayopendelewa movie wizard of oz
9. inayopendelewa onyesha reportedly
10. inayopendelewa holiday halloween
11. inayopendelewa mwezi july
12. inayopendelewa cartoon kim possible
13. inayopendelewa sport basketball
14. inayopendelewa animal tiger
posted by AlexSelenaRules
(this isn't real btw)

Selena was on the set of Disney's Marafiki For Change . She started to talk with Demi then Miley appeared.

"Hey Demi, let's go cheek this out," Miley said. It was clear to Demi that she didn't like Selena.

"Can I come?" Selena asked, even though she knew the answer.

"No" Miley alisema and took off with Demi.

Selena was upset too upset to talk. Right after they shot te comercial, she took off. Selena didn't cry. Yet she wasn't seen in public.

She got a call.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Yes this is the Diney company. We want wewe to go back on Hannah Montana as Mikayla"

Selena paused. It...
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posted by BabydollBabe
Here I stand all alone/
while the breeze blows through my hair/
why can't I say that wewe mean everything to me/
you say that wewe are upendo with a girl/
but don't wewe ever say wewe don't upendo me/
cuz wewe always been right there for me/
makin my blues vanish into thin air/
hey baby I haven't seen wewe for a while/
when I see your face/you just make my face light up/like you've see a little girl smile/all I can say is that/

Baby wewe should know the reasons for my love/you mean the whole world to me/now I can't let wewe go/ your the first one that has ever to fall in love/
so don't wewe say that we can...
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posted by Girllover13
 My inayopendelewa song!!
My favorite song!!
Selena is one of my inayopendelewa celebrities. She is an AMAZING singer and actress. I like almost everyone of her songs. She is also the most gorgeous and most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Most guys think she is hot and sexy as well, but as a girl, i cant take sides on that one, but my brother is completely in upendo with her. She is also very nice and actually quite normal. Unlike other celebrities, she does not spend her time trying to onyesha off her body, but rather spends it having a good time! This i think is one the reason that i like her so much. She does not believe that she has to dress and scantily as possible and then onyesha it off to everyone like some watu mashuhuri do. upendo Selena Gomez!!!
 Incredibly beautiful!!!
Incredibly beautiful!!!
Selena is looking ahead to the future and thinking about recording a new CD.

Kiss and Tell has been a big hit and now she is thinking about what will be her inayofuata big project.

Selena has aliyopewa mashabiki a few hints about what to expect from her inayofuata album: zaidi techno! She wants her new CD to be zaidi mature and have something a little different from the muziki she has made before. She alisema that she is taking some inspiration for her new style from pop diva Britney Spears, whose older songs she likes a lot.

It is great that she is inspired kwa other stars, but we hope she doesn't lose her own style because of this. She needs to find her own unique sound - after all, she is one-of-a-kind!
kwa Donna Freydkin, USA TODAY
NEW YORK — She's only 16. Yet Selena Gomez sounds zaidi seasoned and pragmatic than some actresses three times her age.
"It's smart to have a backup plan. I'd upendo to go to culinary school. I find cooking very therapeutic. I have zero time to ever do it, but once I have a house of my own, one day, I'll have time to do that," she says.

WATCH: Selena and Demi Lovato take the BFF test

READ: Best Marafiki Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato onyesha off their furry friends

READ: Selena Gomez' mission is to help mbwa and Cats of Puerto Rico

FIND zaidi STORIES IN: Marafiki | Hannah Montana...
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posted by superDivya
Oh baby, moonlights
Hits the spotlight
I'm on my flight
To take wewe away
I'm feeling so free
You're makin' me crazy

That's what wewe do
That's what wewe do
Let's go now!

Lickety split
A girl and a bear
She crawls in a pit
Say hello darling
Twisted insanity
Fallen humanity
All I want is some tranquility
Do wewe hear me?
Do wewe hear me?
Well come on, boy

Well come on
And take me to the other side
I'm gon' away
When I look into your eyes
I'm so in love
I think I'm gonna crash
And get whiplash whiplash whiplash
It's up to you
And I don't wanna give wewe clues
We're movin' fast
I think we got enough to lose
So don't look back or...
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posted by unaiza
hujambo Guys here are some strange pics of selena Hope u'll like them :P
Please like this makala if u think it's good ^^
These r some interesting facts about Selena

1. Selena met Demi Lovato when she starred in Barney and Friends!
2. She was born on the 22nd of July 1992!
3. She was born in Grand Prarie Texas!
4. She grew up with in Grand Prairie, Texas!
5. She is best Marafiki with Taylor Swift!
6. She is in Wizards of Waverly Place! Which unfortunately ended...
7. She is going out with Justin Bieber
8. She won a KCA award!
9. She is a brunette!
10. She has five dogs!
11. She is an only child!
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 Who Says Photoshoot
Who Says Photoshoot
This is the first single from the dance-pop act Selena Gomez & The Scene's third album. The song was debuted on the March 10, 2011 On Air with Ryan Seacrest onyesha on 102.7 KIIS FM. The digital single was made available four days later on March 14th.

The up-tempo paean of self-empowerment was co-written kwa Priscilla Renea (Cheryl Cole, Rihanna) and produced kwa Eman (Whitney Houston, Celine Dion).

Chris Applebaum, who has directed video for Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey, helmed this song's muziki video.

Selena explained the song's meaning during its preview on Ryan Seacrest's show....
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 Selena Gomez with her Grandpa!
Selena Gomez with her Grandpa!
Selena Gomez

Your hair,your eyes,
Your figure,your styles,

In your cutieness,
There is a innocent happiness,
People make rumors,
Don't be sad of that,
You're none other than
Selena Gomez...........

Your the real New Classic
Pop-singing is your basic
You've banged a drum of my heart,
hujambo girl,please don't make me hurt.

I don't know,which spell you've used on me,
But myself and me............
Is totally mad for wewe Selena...........

The End!
 Selena Gomez With Justin Bieber!
Selena Gomez With Justin Bieber!
Round 1: Selena in a small black dress(done)
Round 2: Selena in a small white dress(done)
Round 3: Selena in a small pink dress(done)
Round 4: Selena in a small blue dress(done)
Round 5: Selena in a small yellow dress au yellow T-shirt(done)
Round 6: Selena in a small purple dress au purple T-shirt(done)
Round 7: Selena in a small grey dress au grey T-shirt(done)
Round 8: Selena in a black kanzu, gown au with bracelets (done)
Round 9: Selena with a hoodie(done)
Round 10: Selena in a bikini(done)
Round 11: Selena with a updo hairstyle(done)
Round 12: Selena in boots(done)
Round 13: Selena in a red gown(done)
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 Me :)
Me :)
hujambo Guy's & Girl's
Its Selena! :)
What's up?
well im just letting wewe all know i FINALLY!
made a FanPop Account (:
So yeah add me au something .
become a shabiki & i'll surely become your fan
haha so i may have poser's on here , but i thought wewe should all know im the real deal ;D
peace upendo care. ]
thank wewe all for you're suppport!
really mean's alot

hujambo Guy's & Girl's
Its Selena! :)
What's up?
well im just letting wewe all know i FINALLY!
made a FanPop Account (:
So yeah add me au something .
become a shabiki & i'll surely become your fan
haha so i may have poser's on here , but i thought wewe should all know im the real deal ;D
peace upendo care. ]
thank wewe all for you're suppport!
really mean's alot

 Im Finally Her -omg.
Im Finally Her -omg.
Turn my back to the door
Feel so much better now
Don't even try anymore
Nothing left to lose
There's a voice that's in the air
Saying don't look back nowhere
There's a voice that's always there

And I'll never be
Quite the same as I was before
This part of wewe still remains
Though it's out of focus
You're just somewhere that I've been
And I won't go back again
You're just somewhere that I've been

I'm breathing in, breathing out
Ain't that what it's all about
Living life crazy loud
Like I have the right to
No zaidi words in my mouth
Nothing left to figure out, but
I don't think I'll ever break through
The ghost of...
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posted by _emily_
Mini Biography

Selena Marie Gomez was born to Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Gomez on July 22, 1992. At a young age, she moved from New York to Grand Prairie, Texas. Giving birth to Selena at 16, her mom Mandy recalls living "paycheck-to-paycheck". Selena started out on "Barney & Friends" (1992) as "Gianna" in 2001 where she really discovered her talent. Unfortunately, they dropped her from the series after just two years. In 2003, she had a very small role in the movie Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) and a bit part in 2005 when she played "Julie" in Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial kwa moto (2005)...
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Selena Gomez apparently let Justin Bieber Come & Get her v-card when they were dating in 2011---and he couldn't stop talking about it with pals after the deed was done!

A friend of Justin's is revealing the singer candidly shared the following details after the duo consummated their steamy relationship:

“Justin told me, ‘I knew she was in upendo with me when she gave me her virginity.’ He alisema it with no embarrassment au shyness whatsoever.”
The pair reportedly escaped to Palm Springs for the sexual experience and some sun---the same chanzo revealing they specifically took the trip for...
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are secretly an item, for sure! The duo didn’t like all the prying eyes and the paparazzi constantly following them as a couple, so it looks like they decided to fake a breakup and continue dating in secret.

We have a feeling that Justin and Selena broke up at least a couple of times for real, but it looks like the last time they “broke up” wasn’t real at all.

Not only have we recently seen Selena hanging out with Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette, we also know that Selena spent the night at Justin’s nyumbani after her gypsy-themed birthday party last night AND now we have one zaidi detail that proves the two are together.

Selena and her Marafiki (not including Justin) celebrated at Beacher’s Madhouse in LA this weekend, and Selena had a cake that was all Justin inspired! The cake had picha of she and Justin plastered all over it AND had leopard prints – just like Justin’s signature car.
posted by teacupitty43
The Spring Breakers star's mother Mandy Cornett welcomed her new daughter into the world on Wednesday and now the actress has taken to Twitter to make the announcement.

She wrote: "Momma, Brian, and me are all so grateful for all your well wishes. My lil sissy Gracie Elliot Teefey was born on June 12th. Luv wewe all XO."

Mandy divorced Selena's father, Ricardo Gomez, when the upendo wewe Like A upendo Song singer was five-years-old, before marrying Brian Teefey in 2006.

Demi Lovato was quick to "congratulate" her life-long friend on becoming a "big sister" when she made the maoni on her own Twitter...
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posted by superDivya
All at once

You know inside
Let's ride, across the stars tonight
Love has been so long the way for us
So long wewe gonna know
And tonight, your soul is scared to ride
So first time saw you
Nothing makes upendo so true

All at once
I needed wewe zaidi than wewe know
all at once
I needed to melt like a snow
All at once
I wanted wewe in my life
I hope that there's upendo tonight
All at once
I needed wewe in my dreams
All at once
I needed wewe to upendo me
All at once
I wanted to fly so high
I hope there's zaidi upendo tonight

Strange of the eye
SO true

Fairytale so real
When wewe and I are dancing
You make...
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 Her whole look at the Teen Choice Awards last night was created with Maybelline New York products.
Her whole look at the Teen Choice Awards last night was created with Maybelline New York products.
Here is just another reason we upendo this superstar. Her whole look at the Teen Choice Awards last night was created with Maybelline New York products. It’s totally awesome that she uses affordable makeup!

Last night she was seen wearing things like products such as Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow, Color Sensational Lipcolor in pink Satin and Maybelline’s limited edition Vivienne Tam Great Lash Mascara. The best part? wewe can get all of the same makeup as Sel has from any drugstore!

Would wewe wear Selena’s look out on a Friday night? Tell us what wewe loved most about her look at the TCAs!
posted by lizzybennett
Devoted mashabiki of Selena Gomez may relax, her squeaky clean image remains intact despite all the buzz surrounding her turn in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, in theaters today. Faith (Selena Gomez) joins three of her college Marafiki on a trip to Florida during spring break. This is after her three Marafiki decided to rob a local diner in order to fund their vacation. Yes, because that’s how most college students decide to make money. (But that would be assuming this movie is trying to be realistic and let’s hope it isn’t). Faith has longed for such an escape and while we hear her voice...
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