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xBlakeslady posted on Dec 10, 2009 at 09:10PM
Hey guys.
So i was thinking.. You know when Snape kill Dumbledore. ALl my friends were like, OMG he's evil fuck him etc etc etc. And i was like 100% sure that he wasn't. 1. Because i love him. 2. Because i always thought he was good. 3. He had saved Potter's life so many times..

and then there were this little detail that was like the thing that took my last doubt away..

You know when Dumbledore is like, Severus, Please? Yeaah. I was sure that this was planned when i read it! Anyone else who thought about it like that?

Severus Rogue 2 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita lilith84 said…
I was positive that there was more to Dumbledore's death than what we knew. Mostly because it would have killed me to find out that Snape was evil after all, but I somehow knew that that couldn't be true. And I had my doubts especially after Hagrid told everyone what he overheard from Snape and dumbledore's discussion. I just knew that there was something we didn't know. I am glad I was right. And it was good to tell everyone around "I told you so"
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita JAlanaE said…
Well in the first few minutes after finishing the 6th book I was totaly shocked, but then I developed my theory and sent it to my HP-friends to get their opinion. Here is the original (I only have to translate it for you, because I wrote it in German then):


I believe that Severus Snape is on the good side, although he killed Dumbledore! My theory is that Dumbledore ordered him to kill him in a case like this. I've got several reasons for that:

1. Like this he can keep and ensure his post as a spy (although this task will be different now, because also the Order thinks that Snape is on Voldemort's side now).

2. Snape would probably have died otherwise because of the Unbreakable Vow => "'And, should it prove necessary ... if it seems Draco will fail ...' whisperes Narcissa (Snape's hand twitched within hers, but he did not draw away), 'will you carry out the deed that the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?' There was a moment's silence. Bellatrix watched, her wand upon their clasped hands, her eyes wide. 'I will,' said Snape." It's also noticable that Snape hesitates at that point. But Dumbledore thinks Snape is very, very important for the good side.

3. If Snape hadn't killed Dumbledore, probably somebody else would have done it.

4. In the scene just before Snape kills him Dumbledore pleads, "… please … Severus..“. Of course one thinks at first that he pleads that Snape won't kill him, but I think he pleads to be killed, because before Snape just looks at Dumbledore shortly whithout doing anything and Dumbledore fears that Snape might act against their plan.

5. Hagrid heard Dumbledore and Snape talking => "'Well - I jus' heard Snape sayin' Dumbledore took too much fer granted an' maybe he - Snape - didn' wan' ter do it any more -'" I think it unlikely that this is about something like spying on Draco or about his usual tasks. I don't think he would consider refusing in a case like that. If you say he's on the good side, Snape would accept all normal orders from Dumbledore, and if you say he's on the dark side, he would rather pretend that the task "unfortunately didn't work" instead of telling Dumbledore he doesn't want to do it. I think this conversation is just about the situation that Snape is supposed to kill Dumbledore.

6. When Snape has seemingly revealed himself as loyal to Voldemort, he prevents the other Death Eaters from jinxing Harry in any way and he doesn't do anything against Harry except for blocking Harry's attacks. Sure, he explains it with this => "Harry belongs to the Dark Lord - we are to leave him!", but I think it's suspiciously exaggerated.

7. In the earlier books Snape didn't only have opportunities to kill Harry (which would of course have lost him Dumbledore's trust), but there were also moments when he could just not have saved him, which would have been unsuspicous.

8. Snape is very, very sensitive when called "coward" => "'DON'T -' sreamed Snape, and his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the burning house behind them, '- CALL ME COWARD!'". For me this only makes sense if Snape is really the complete contrary of a coward and has accepted the dangers of being Dumbledore's spy. And what is more important - if he has just done something that was dreadfully hard for him, which is killing Dumbledore!

9. I don't think Dumbledore could have been so mistaken - BECAUSE there's so much against Snape! Moreover there's the moment when Harry asks Dumbledore again how he can be sure that Snape is on the good side => "Dumbledore did not speak for a moment; he looked as though he was trying to make up his mind about something. At last he said, 'I am sure. I trust Severus Snape completely.'" I think that at this moment Dumbledore considers telling Harry something. I think this information is either a very good reason why to trust Snape or he makes up his mind whether to tell Harry about the "Snape kills Dumbledore"-plan, which he does not (reasonably), because Harry surely would have tried to prevent this.*

10. I think Snape is one of the very best and most interesting characters made up my J.K. Rowling. But only if he's on the good side!

11. Unexpected turning points suit J.K. Rowling well!!

*Maybe I could also imagine something else that Dumbledore decides not to tell Harry. I've got this idea from the internet, but I could imagine it, too. Maybe Snape loved Lily Potter. This would have been THE reason why he changed sides so suddenly. Dumbledore told Harry that Snape didn't know who Voldemort would try to catch if he told him about the prophecy. He also says that Snape never regretted anything as much as when he found out that Voldemort had killed the Potters. But why should he regret it only if Voldemort kills the Potters and not if it's any other family? Definitely not because of James, so that only leaves Lily. And normally a Mudblood wouldn't mean anything to him, except if he's in love with her!"


Yeah, that was my theory from then. Of course I didn't guess that Dumbledore would have died anyway because of the curse. But before reading Deathly Hallows I had hoped that there would be a very cool scene in which Snape saves the trio and then explains everything to them, so that they can complete the Chosen One's task together ot something like this....