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Shadow and I arrived at the tents later than we expected, because kwa the time we got there, Sonic and the others were scowling at me. Shadow looked very upset and quickly removed his hand from mine. I looked at him questionably but remembered our little promise. This all odd, why are the guys behaving so menacingly? Amy shook her head, picked Tails up, and walked into the infirmary. Sally looked at me with disappointment and glared at Shadow. Rouge stopped examining her precious zumaridi, zamaradi and walked towards Sonic. They whispered a few things in each other's ear, which I desperately wanted to...
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Sonic's POV
Tears ran down my cheaks. "SHADOW!!! NOO!!!" I screamed at the juu of my lungs. "You will pay Metcha Tails! wewe WILL PAY!!!" I alisema as I turned Dark Sonic. I kicked, punched, smashed, and crushed Metcha Tails into peices. I panted as I studied my destroyed opponent. I turned back to my regular form. I soon faced my highly injured friend covered in crimson blood.
Twilight's POV
I jumped off the building and ran to Shadow's body. I wept and yelled "WHY!? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME!?" I remembered the times I had with him. And there wasen't enough to keep me happy. My tears fell on to Shadow's chest that was cut deeply. Then I asked the biggest swali I had ever asked. "I-Is he.....dead?" Sonic put his head on Shadow's chest to hear his moyo beat. Sonic sighed with relief and alisema "He's alive, but his heartbeat is very slow. We need to get him to a hospital!"
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