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posted by silver9090
One siku sonic,shadow,knuckles was sleeping they fell hot so hujambo take ,there covers off then they fell cold,dizzy they call tails amy silver rouge to take care of them so amy tails silver rouge went to there house they them sleeping together,they made them soup,sonic shadow knuckles ate the supu then they throw up in the bathroom the inayofuata siku they feel better so they the same thing to tails amy silver rouge they feel better they got marry they had childen
they got sick they did the same thing over,over,over,over. THE END
 Shadow says: Bring it on!
Shadow says: Bring it on!
Shadow's POV:
Rocha and I walked out to the yard and saw a large robot towering above us. Where was the sekunde one? I wondered as I motioned for Rocha to stay behind me. I stared at the robot, scouting out where I would plant my first attack. "Dont attack until I tell wewe to okay?"
"Okay Shadow." I decided that if we could knock the robot's arms off, then it would be easier to attack. I narrowed my attack zone to the pieces that conected the long, deadly pieces of metal to it's body and began to spin-dash aiming myself straight at my target. I let myself fly mbele in my destructive stance only...
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posted by shadowgirl101
SHADOW is so cool!But theres one problem.There is a girl that me and my friend hate and she always makes me mad kwa saying things like:SHADOW is my boyfriend,i kissed SHADOW,SHADOW is madly in upendo with me and things like that.But anyway i would be so happy if wewe want to be my friend on aol if wewe come from v.m.s vidor middle school.You know we could like talk about SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG and all the other sonic characters.But of course wewe will have to tell me your name.Oh and my aol name is germaineset.Well later fellow SHADOW fans.
Mephiles and Shadow were sitting on the kitanda watching television. Brianna came up and gave them Dr. Pepper.

Mephiles and Shadow: NO DRINK!!!
Shadow: wewe don't even have a mouth Mephiles I should've alisema that!
Mephiles: Well if it wasn't for I wouldn't be in this crap so HA!!!
Shadow: wewe know Musa loves me zaidi than you....
Brianna: SHUT UP!!!!!

Moonlight came out and was really tired. Musa came out too.

Moonlight: What's all the ruckess about wewe two?!
Musa: Shadow! need to calm down a little bit!
Brianna: That's why I told them to shut up!!!
Mephiles: *Snoring* bewbewbewbew *Snore* mewmewmewmew...
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posted by bannanabrain
Sonic was scared as silver glared at Shadow fiercly. Shadow ran up to Silver and hit him on the face.

Musa: Shadow!?
Shadow: *No comment*
Sonic: *Gulp*

Shadow looks at Musa smiling. Musa looked felt bad for what Shadow did to Silver. Sonic looked so scared he ran off.

Shadow: Musa I upendo you!
Silver: I upendo wewe two Musa!
Shadow: *Growl*
Silver: *Gulp*
Musa: Guys, can we try settling this is a nice way?
Shadow: I know! We could try to settle this kwa loveing eachother!

Musa siled as Shadow alisema that to her. Silver looked mad. He ran off out of Shadow's house. Shadow looked at musa and picked her up with...
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posted by bcthestrongest
 kenya the animalshifter after dark
kenya the animalshifter after dark
Amy: my cousin would be here i hope
Shadow: dont hope feel she is coming to visit us
Knuckles : i hope so i was taking out of practice to see her
Kenya the animal shifter: *jumps down and waves at her cousin*hey Amy
Amy: hi cousin
Kenya : *holds up her hair*
Shadow Knuckles and Sonic:ii we um
Kenya: hello there im Kenya and u guys are
Shadow Knuckles and Sonic: im sonic im Knuckles and im Shadow
Kenya: i thought *points to the blue one*he was sonic *points to Knuckles*u Knuckles and *points to the black and red hair *shadow is it
Knuckles and Shadow: u correct
*that night*
Shadow:Kenya im terrified of the dark
Kenya: your a shadow but all right touch me u are so dead
Shadow: *nods and thinks not happen baby doll*
*next morning*
Kenya: *wakes up to shadow touching her *i told u shadow *turns into a mbwa mwitu and runs after him*they dont call me animal shifter for nothing punk *growls and runs toward him*
 kenya the animal shifter before dark
kenya the animal shifter before dark
this is a sonic story i have been uandishi for about a chracter is myself because i put myself in my sonic chracters name is ashley but is refered to ash for short.hope wewe enjoy it.
one claim,cool siku at shadow & ash`s house
(shadow grabs the keys and is about to head of for work)
ash-shadow,can`t wewe just take a siku off work so we can spend some time together?
shadow-you already know how deticated i am to my work.maybe the commander will let me off but im not sure.(he just leaves)
ash was feeling kinda pissed off she coulde`nt spend time with shadow.
2 hours later
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posted by shadowfangirl2
Meaghan: were am i?
Shadow: *spys at meaghan* who the f*ck is she?
Meaghan: *saws shadow and screams and point the gun at shadow* WHO R U? :O
Shadow: Mind: SHE GOT A GUN LIKE I DO?! O_O
Meaghan: WHAT'S YOUR NAME? >:O
Shadow: HUMPH i'm shadow the hedgehog the utimate life form.......what's ur name *points gun at meaghan*
Meaghan: *saws shadow's gun* i'm meaghan the hedgehog the secound utimate life form >:O
Shadow: your the secound utimate?! >:O
Meaghan: *calms down and drops gun* yes...
Shadow: *calms down* will wewe be in my team
Meaghan: uh.....sure
Shadow: my team's name is team dark
Meaghan: okay
Shadow: *takes meaghan to the team dark's room base*
Meaghan: wow nice team base
Rouge: *saw meaghan* who the F*ck is she, shadow
Shadow: she is the new member of the team her name is meaghan the hedgehog
Rouge: nice to meet wewe meaghan my name is rouge the bat! ^_^
Meaghan: nice to meet you!
posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow isn't real. And even if he was, i'm sure he would be hiding from wewe weirdos that are freaking obsessed with him and want to rape him. e_e

God that was one fail of a first paragraph...but onto my rant!

*takes a deep breath*

You fangirls are fucking crazy. CRAZY. I know how that is, too. I used to be fucking crazy. Fuck. XD First off, Shadow the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog created kwa SEGA, the owners of the Sonic franchise. They unleashed a monster. A MONSTER. I think we'd all be better off with just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. And Amy, if you're a little adventurous....
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*Sam's point of view*
as I was sitting in my cage I pulled out my ipod and saw that eggman had wireless internet and I watched Youtube for a short while before putting the ipod to minecraft as the robot came and said"prisoner what is that your playing?"I told him about minecraft and he said"wow that is really cool
I've got to download this game"and he left without a 2nd word.then I heard crying and as I knocked on the cell ukuta a young girl's voice asked"who's there?"it was cream.I did my best blaze voice and said"it's me blaze"cream said"ms blaze your here"then another voice said"blaze your...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Hi.I left yall at a cliffhanger last time,but I bet wewe know who it is......or do you?

Chapter 2~The impossible is possible

Shadow's Pov

I step back a little.She could'nt be here...but she is!!"M-Maria?!"She was'nt herself....she actually was a...hedgehog.I did'nt really much care for that but I was speechless when she moved around."Sha..Shadow that y-you?"I shooke my head."Yes,Maria your alive!!"She smiled and reach out one hand amd said"Help me out,please."I did'nt hesitate and helped her out,when she was out she tried to stand but her legs could'nt really move."Come here,I'll carry...
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Me: well i guess this is suppose to be funny since its really bila mpangilio and-
Shadow: Shut the hell up and get on with the story!
Me: Ok damn ur so mean sometimes!
Shade: hujambo Shads!! *walks to him*
Shadow: *thinks: oh no,not that crazy girl!* uh hujambo n.n...
Shade: so i was thinking that maybe u would want to see a movie with me on Friday? *puppy face*
Shadow: uh..well.....
Shadow: but i didnt even-
Shade: Bye! *walks away*
Shadow: Oh not her she's insane..but iam forced to go..
~On Friday Night~
*at the...
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Shadow's POV:
Sonic and I would always be the best frenemies ever. "Sonic-" I gasped, about to stop him as he ran behind Mecha Knuckles, but I shut up when I realized what he was doing. He was using the tactic we always used... getting the robot to smash itself! Yes! I willed him on silently as he landed on Mecha Knuckles' back and was about to leap off, just as the idiotic robot brought it's fist down... but he couldn't and he flailed in mid-air. Then I saw what was wrong... His foot had gotten caught in the slot... "Sonic no!" I cried as the robot's fist came down. Without thinking, I sped...
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Eggman's lair: Eggman: Destroy them both. i don't care wat u do just finish them. this is ur job til i finish it. do u understand?
?: Yes master.
eggman: gd. now go!
eggman's new secret weapon went out in tafuta for her targets.
sonic: hujambo shadow. wat up?
shadow: my life being boring and the same everyday and i wish i could beat the crap out of u rite now.
sonic: just askin.
shadow: sry. i'm havin the worst siku of my life today.
sonic: how come?
shadow: rouge is being an ass. spreadin all this crap around that i'm not shadow. i told her it was the freakin prototype but nooooo. she just has...
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posted by ShadowsGirl
This is the follow up on Shadow and Sky the hedgehog:The happy ending. It was seven years later and me and Shadow were making wedding preperations.

Shadow: Okay, I think everthing is ready now
Sky: Well the only thing were missing is flowers.
Shadow: Well, we can get some from Cream later.
Sky: Did wewe get the rings yet?
Shadow: Oh yah, I gotta pick them up today!(grabs keys)
Sky: Can I come with?
Shadow: Sorry Sky, Its a suprise
Sky: Its always a suprise with you(kisses Shadow)
Shadow: Dont worry,I wont be long(walks out)

Sky was pretty upset that she couldnt be with Shadow and started to pace. Suddenly,...
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*Sam's point of view*
I was getting ready to go to my moms when out of nowhere a robot appeared and said"target sighted bring to master"then he attacked my dad and grabbed me and since I had all my belongings
with me he took them he carried me to the portal(no I'm not going to make a portal joke)I wanted to yell for help but the robot covered my mouth so I could not so I just waited till he went into the portal to yell"HELP HELP"but it was too late for the portal swept me and the robot up and I started to was painful and I wanted to pass out but I didn't for reasons I have yet...
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posted by winterthecat
*aimy hit shadow shadow got the hammer and alomes hit amy*
amy:kill me roret
tailsdoll:can wewe feel the sunsane
amy sonic shadow tails knules:WILL wewe GO!
*tails doll lavet*
silver:hay whats going no
sonic:silver be qiet for a miest
shadow:im sorry
amy:shadow i...
*knules tas out a camer*
tails;yea we shoud put the online
amy:thas o*shadow kiss amy*
*amy blush abit*
kunles:i shued put thes online
me:hay what hapen heir in my home
sonic:shadow kiss amy and we are going to put online
posted by kodithehedgehog
"Only one left, and it's in this dark, spooky, creepy cave" alisema Kodi with excitment. "No problem!" As he takes his first step, he trips an invisible laser and an alarm goes off. Suddenly, badniks start pouring out of it. "Stay behind me, I'll..." but Kodi was cut off when he saw how well Jessy defended herself. Then all of the badniks were gone and the pair proceded. After a while, the cave transformed into a lab and they saw a big, fat man in a mustache on his computer. "Hmm, this 'Rainy Days' story is really good. I can't wait for the inayofuata chapter!" he said. Jessy shouted "Dr. Eggman!" and...
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 cody the hedgehog
cody the hedgehog
okay i know some of wewe guys imagined having your own sonic character but wewe did not know how to make one well this makala tells wewe how first save a Google image of a sonic coloring page then open it with paint then when your done coloring your character save it as a png pic and then wewe made your own sonic character using paint enjoy making your characters :D see the bottom picha of two of my sonic characters to see how cool they look hope wewe have fun kusoma the guide and making those characters of yours:D
 jack the hedgehog
jack the hedgehog
posted by ShadowsGirl
I am Shadow the hedgehog, the ultimate hedgehog.
I was in Walmart looking for a video game when I bumped into Rouge.....

Rouge: Well, well, well, If it isnt the prototype
Me: Dont push me!
Rouge: Hey, remember Maria?
Me: Damn wewe Rouge!
Rouge: What?
Me: Do wewe have to mention that right now?
Rouge: Yes
Me: Dammit!
Rouge: Look, I know where Maria is
Me: Shes dead Rouge
Rouge: Look, I was sent to find you. Maria is on the ARK.
Me: Dammit Rouge! Maria isnt here anymore!
Rouge: Yes she is
Me: Fine.
Rouge: Finally wewe see it my way.

I followed Rouge to the ARK. It wasnt easy getting there. And along the way, we...
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