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Flight 29 Down Chapter 1
Jesse all my clothes are dirty. What am I suppose to do? I asked while trying to find something clean.
Here, wewe can borrow some shorts and a t-shirt of mine. Jackson said.
It's okay, I don't have to go since I don't have any clothes. I said.
Put them on. Jackson alisema really mad.
What about a bra? I asked.
Do I look like I would own one? Jackson asked sarcasticly.
He threw the clothes at me and I went to go change.
I look like a boy. I alisema as I came out of the bathroom.
Nah, your girly in every way and besides wewe a boobs. Jackson alisema laughing.
Grow up. Do wewe really laugh...
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New Begining Chapter 67
I turned around.
Scarlet I do upendo you. Bella told me everything. I'm so sorry, I should have never left you. Edward said.
You upendo me? I asked stunned.
Yes Iove you. Edward said.
He walked closer to me.
But wewe left me. I said.
Why was I doubting this? This is what I wanted, isn't it?
Yes, I know but I thought it was for our own good but it turned our to be the worst. I'm sorry, will wewe forgive me. Edward said.
I really want to but there is part of me that doesn't want to. I said.
I don't mean to enterupt but Aro, Caius, and Marcus would like to see you. Some guy said.
I slowly...
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Flight 29 Down Chapter 15
Are wewe going to tell? Jackson asked like 5 dakika had passed.
Yes. I have a crush on Stephan. I blurted out.
I knew that. Jackson said.
Well this is where it gets complicated. I said.
What do wewe mean complicated? Jackson asked.
Well I think I am starting to like this other boy while I like Stephan. I said.
Oh I see and who is this other boy? Jackson asked curious.
Can I describe him? I asked hoping he would be stupid and not realize it was him.
Sure. Jackson said.
He is taller than me, has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen and has dirty blonde hair. I said.
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Remember don't tell anyone. I said.
Right, my lips are sealed. Nadan said.
Thanks again. I said.
No problem, did wewe want me to walk wewe nyumbani since you know? He asked.
I would but I don't want Hook finding you. I said.
Don't worry about me. He said.
Let me guess, he can't catch me. I know how to fight. I alisema curiously.
Yep. Nadan smiled.
Not wewe too! I growled.
Oh Peter! He mumbled.
Thanks again. I said.
I waved goodbye and left. I headed for the house. I felt like someone was following me but there wasn't.
I looked inside the house and saw Peter and Wendy talking. Smiling and laughing as they told jokes....
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Yesterday went pretty good. If wewe didn't count the whole tied up smuggler thing. Hopefully today would go better, a lot better.
I think we should go back to camp. I said.
Why? Jory asked.
Because there is a first aid kit at the plane and he clearly needs it. I said.
We have no tranportation for him. Abby said.
What is we find to pieces of strong bamboo, put a hole in the sleeping bag and tie it around the bamboo. I said.
What would that be? Ian asked.
Like a stretcher almost but we would carry it instead of pushing it. I said.
Cassidy! That brilliant! Jackson said.
There is only one problem. I said....
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Carter, Peter Pan, and The Lost Boys Chapter Four
What do wewe want? I asked.
I want wewe and Peter to be dead. Hook said.
Keep dreaming. I said.
I took off running, not even chancing to look back. I went back to the Indian Cave so if Hook did come, I would have some help fighting him.
Everyone was dancing kwa moto and imba something that I didn't know which was typical.
Hey Carter. Nadan said.
I jumped a little bit when he came up behind me.
Hey Nadan. I sighed.
Nadan was my idian friend. His name means friend , king, son, and one who brings happiness.
I didn't mean to scare you. Is something wrong?...
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Cassidy's POV
Cassie! He screamed.
He ran and hugged me tightly.
I missed you. He said.
I missed wewe too. I said.
I watched Jackson and Captain Bob take Ian to a tent so he could lay down in a cool place.
Lex, can wewe give me some pain killers? I asked.
Yeah, why? He asked.
Ian fell and broke his leg, he's in amlot of pain. I said.
"Oh okay"
I followed him into the plane and watched him dig through the bag. He pulled out a machungwa, chungwa contaner with white pills in there.
Give him two and only two. Lex said.
I know. I said.
Just making sure. Lex grinned.
I grabbed some water and went to the tent. I gave him...
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In The End It Should Be Okay Chapter 12
I went to my room and laid on my bed.
Go set the meza, jedwali for your Mom. Kyle demanded.
You do it. I said.
One phone call away. He said.
Would wewe shut up! I said.
Go do it. He said.
Before I realize what I was doing. I punched him! He threw me to the ground, grabbed my right hand and put it behind my back.
You spoiled brat! wewe can't stand your Mom being happy. Kyle yelled.
Alex, Mom, and Damon came running to my bedroom door.
Damon pulled Kyle off of me and held onto his arms tightly. Alex came over and help me up.
Someone better start explaining what is going on!...
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Option 2
It was Monday morning... I am bummed that the weekend is over. It went kwa quickly. Grandpa, Grandma, and I had gone to their beach, pwani house for the weekend. I had so much; I could not wait to go back this coming weekend! Over the weekend I enrolled in a surfing class. I had happened upon it one morning when me and Grandpa were going to go fishing. I had mentioned to him how it would be neat to try it. Well, I tried the first class and I was immediately hooked on surfing. It took me several tries before I was able to stand up and actually ride a wave. But once I stood up on that board,...
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Hometown Chapter Eleven
Tex's POV
Well, it was Monday morning. Oh, it was also storming outside. I hated Monday mornings; especially, when it was storming. I never had a good siku at school when it was storming outside. It just seemed so dreary. Everything about the siku just seemed to drag on. One of my classes is in a trailer that has a tin roof. Add a boring teacher, rain, thunder, and a tin roof, it will give wewe the best nap ever! Which is true! A lot of kids sleep on storming Mondays.
On a brighter note, I had to pick Talli up today. I'm happy she alisema yes to riding to school with me. Maybe...
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I woke up to another beautiful day. I wanted to get out of this house before dad could have a chance to talk to me about my hearing aides. I got ready and headed towards town. I remembered what Granpa had alisema last night about working and owning the hardware store in town. That's where I could go today. I could go see Grandpa for the siku and get to know him.
"Hey Grandpa," I alisema as I entered the store.
"Heyt there darling," he alisema signing, "what are wewe up to?"
"Nothing at all, so I thought I would come see," I alisema signing.
"Well, I could use some company and some help," Granpa alisema smiling....
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Hometown Chapter Thirteen
Talli's POV
I woke up the inayofuata morning and it was weird waking up here. It was different; it didn’t feel like home. I have moved a ton of times and it never felt like home. Now, this place doesn’t feel like home. Where me and dad were at, that place felt like home. A real home. It sadden me thinking about everything and how it was all going to change. Again.
I was suppose to go to school this morning. But I just couldn’t do it this morning. The only person in this world that loved and cared about me is now gone for forever. How was I suppose to get up and deal with...
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Hometown Chapter Twelve
Tex's POV
Talli and I ran to my truck in the pouring rain.
"Man, it's raining hard," she alisema with a laugh, "correction, it's storming!"
"Yeah, no joke," I agreed.
We were quiet on the way home. The rain was coming down really hard and I was being extra careful driving.
But we finally made it back to her house in one piece.
"Thanks for the ride," she said.
"No problem! If it's storming again tomorrow wewe are welcome to ride with me," I said.
"That'd be great," she alisema smiling, "see ya tomorrow!"
"Bye, have a good night," I said.
With that Talli hopped out of the truck and took...
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Tex's POV
I was excited to go horseback riding with Talli for her first time. Although, she seemed scared of my horse, Lightening Bolt, for some reason. She never told me why.
Once I was in the saddle, I pulled Talli up, and she sat behind me.
"Hold on," I said.
"What do I hold onto," she asked kind of loud in my ear.
I could not help but chuckle a little bit. I was going to have to get use to having a friend that is Hard of Hearing. I did not mind talking louder but I am definitely not use to it.
I looked over my shoulder, grabbed each her wrist with my hands, and wrapped them around my waist.
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Hometown Chapter One
Hi everyone!! I ended one story and had an idea for a new one! Please maoni and like to let me know what wewe think about it!!

I was excited to be back. We were arriving in my mom's hometown. Dad alisema we lived here until I was five. We then moved once she had died. It has been my dad and I ever since. I was actually kind of nervous about all of this. A new school, new people, and having to make new friend. I was use to moving around and I was use to new people too. But new friends. That was a completely different story. I had never made friends. Dad and I moved around to...
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I Just Might Be inayofuata Chapter Fifty Seven
Seth's POV
Are we going to learn how to fight au stand here and talk? Emmett asked annoyed.
Right, we should practice our fighting skills. Edward said.
Mattie do wewe need to go home? I asked.
No, if I am going to fight I have to learn how to control this thing so it does not control me. She said.
Okay, but if at any point-
Gets to much for me, tell you. I know Seth, don't worry. She alisema as she finished my sentence.
Okay, I will try not to worry. I mumbled.
I went and phased and Mattie was over there talking to Belle, Edward, and Nessie. I watched Nessie reach...
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Carter, Peter Pan, and The Lost Boys Chapter SixN2P!
Carter's POV
I didn't want Peter au any of the Lost Boys to know about Hook and what he did. It was aweful. I don't even want to talk about it.
Peter was so caught up in Wendy. He was going to get hurt. I just knew it.
Peter can we talk? I asked.
Okay what about? He asked.
Ita about Wendy. I said.
Yeah how come wewe don't like her? She's great. Peter said.
No she is not, she is going to break your heart. She will miss her parents and will go back in England. I said.
Break my heart? wewe think I like her? He asked.
Yeah it's pretty clear to me. I said....
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Hometown Chapter Eight
Well we Lost the game tonight. Not a shocker there. It was a sad game. We didn't even score a point. Thankfully, I didn't even get put in. Dad didn't onyesha up for the game which I am thankful for. That would have been pointless.
I followed the guys to the locker room. I was determined to get these pads off. I had never seen a girl wear any type protective gear like this. I had to wear what the guys wore. It didn't bother me. But these things were hot when I was just sitting there. I couldn't imagine actually running and sweating in them.
I had to admit changing with the guys...
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