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posted by Quiztzhadrch
I Lost my old Alva board years ago. It was the Rateggui model in dayglow green graphics. I rode the shit outta that board for years, all through highschool (including summers)and it withstood rain, scrapes, powertools, slams and even a couple of jacking attempts. The homies equated me with the graphics on the stick. It was a thing o' beauty I tell you.. We moved from one southland city to another in the summer of 94. When the songesha was all set and done my board was missing. How could that have happened? Hell if I know! But I'll tell wewe this.. I know it was you! I know as wewe read this wewe are having a good laugh and saying to yerself: "I took that foo's board and he didnt even know it.. Ha ha!" But the last laugh will be mine, wewe thief! For as wewe read this I am tracking wewe server connection and it will lead me straight to you! And god help wewe if wewe don't have my board.. I WANT IT BACK wewe ASHHOLE!