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Author’s Note: I’ve already done a set of ten skits for just POM in general, but these are, as the title says, purely Skilene. Most just imply Skilene, but there a few at the end in which Skipper and Marlene are an actual couple. link are the skits for normal POM skits if wewe wish to read them. Any title with a Roman numeral inayofuata to it has a skit note associated with it displayed at the end. I hope wewe enjoy these skits and I hope I succeed in making wewe laugh. Peace, out.

11) Sweet Dreams

    On a quiet Saturday afternoon, Skipper had sent his men off for a snowcone reward...
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Skipper and his crew were training. Again.

Marlene woke-up kwa the sounds of Skipper's annoying voice giving commands and the sounds of splashing when they swam.

Marlene took a peek...

She stared at Skipper as he got out of the pool. She noticed how his shiny feathers glow from the sun. She sighed and and continued to look at Skipper. He never looked so good.

Skipper noticed that Marlene was staring at him. He smiled and winked at her.

Marlene continued to look at him dreamingly. But then she noticed that everyone knows that she was staring at Skipper. "Uhh...gotta go!" she said. She got embarrassed...
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perfect song if Marlene knew about Kitka
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I made the video a while ago. =) What do wewe guys think? =)
Penguins of Madagascar
Taylor Swift
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In a rose garden, a man and woman, both of fair skin, stepped out from the shadows. The woman had straight brown hair, and brown eyes filled with humor and mischief. The man had messy black hair, and sapphire-blue eyes that were stern yet kind. It was midnight, the only time they could see each other, for they were of different ranks. The woman was the heiress of a rich and powerful family, while the man was merely the leader of a commando unit. If the woman's family were to learn of their love, they would be deprived of any chances of contact. Therefore they had to keep their meetings a secret,...
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At otter habitat . The dialogue of Skipper and Marlene ,Just 2 guys in same place :

Warning : Don't think too far before wewe know the finish of this Dialogue

Skipper : " Nah Marlene ,You should try it "

Marlene : " No , It's looked hurt "

Skipper : " Aaaah , Try it first . it's not hurt "

Marlene : " But, i fear it will be Scratching on me "

Skipper : " No ,it can't makes wewe hurt"

Marlene : " Aaawww .It's Hurt "

Skipper : " But it's already inside .i can't remove it "

Marlene : " Aaawwww , Stop . It's hurt .Oh look,
it's Scratched Skipper"

Skipper : " Ohh sorry .i will songesha it slowly.Relax marlene...
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Hi everyone! Once again, my sekunde fan-fiction.

Marlene woke up with a big grin in her face with asking bila mpangilio questions. How would my siku turn out? Is it going to be good au better? Bad au worse? i want to find it out.

Marlene went to the Penguin's habitat and saw none of the penguins are outside. "Hmmm, strange.. Where is everybody?" she alisema to herself. She entered the H.Q and saw a pale Skipper with a thermometer in his beak and a thick blanket on. " What's wrong with him? " Marlene alisema sarcastically. " Ca-ca-can't wewe see I-I-I'm sick! " Skipper alisema hesitantly. " wewe don't have to be mean...
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Source: Me, episode "The Lost Treasure Of The Golden Squirrel" (boy, that's a long name)
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Source: Me, episode "The Lost Treasure of The Golden Squirrel"
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