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I read so far until the end of the first half of the 7th book "Kingdom of the Wicked"

I wanna know if somebody else thought about this also?
Or if somebody can relate to this?

I am not super familiar with this things my thoughts are gathering around, so i write from the hip, maybe one has to look stuff up, if im incorrect - may happen! O:


I assume that the basic rules for Names in SDP are taken as an metaphor to refer to the three Human-consioussness-levels one can experience themselves in real life.

The MetaTheory to this is:

There are 3 different Dimensions in which the Human-Consiousness...
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This makala has a few theories about certain parts of the books:
Theory 1.
To get the Remnant out of Tanith all we need to do is-
1. Force her into Dr Nye's old lab as that casues people to die but remain conscious
2. Get Dr Nye to use its research into the soul and pull the Remnant away from Tanith's soul
3. If that doesn't work, just put Tanith at peace
Theory 2.
Argeddion's magic before finding his True Name is unknown, but I have an idea. It's Sensitive, I think this because-
1. It explains why he was able to control people's minds
2. It would explain how he could read minds
Theory 3.
You know...
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Fletcher Renn, Myra, Draco Lupus, Night Rock and China Sparrow arrived at the hid out. Tanith was after Fletcher so that she could use him to release Darquesse, who the team had found out to be Valkyrie Cain, Fletcher's ex. China looked around to see if anyone was watching them, no one so she knocked on the door and alisema "now guys, this is another person who Skulduggery doesn't like so..."
"Wait" alisema Fletcher "so if skull-head sees us with wewe and the person in that house, he'll kill all four of us, me first"
"Oh yeah, wewe should of thought of that China" alisema Draco "but we don't have time,...
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