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I'm sure most of will say what the hell are wewe talking about?? She's sweet girl, the "good girl", let's be honest Lana is anything but good.

In the first see we can see that she's the girl inayofuata door, the nice little girl who is to everyone around her, but even then we can see that she's selfish she had her boyfriend but she still sent Clark mix signals of the possibility of them happening she cheated on her boyfriend at the time (Whitney) and don't tell me because she didn't kiss Clark it means that she didn't cheat on him because "hanging out with another guy wewe know that wewe & he have...
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I know that Clark loves Lois he wouldn't have married au proposed to her if he didn't upendo her, but I still have my doubts and wewe can't really blame can't you?

From the beginning of samllville all we have seen is Clark's upendo for the "perfect" bitch, kahaba Lana Lang, and the writers kept reminding every couple of episodes that he loved her since he was 8 years old+ the 7 years (7 seasons of smallville) of loving Lana no matter how much she HURT HIM & BROKE HIS moyo & lying to him and keeping secrets from him over and over, and no matter how much she changed I mean the girl that Clark feel...
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The following people have been Lana's boyfriend.

Whitney Fordman was her boyfriend through the whole Season One. He left to be in the military. It was later known that he died in combat.
Jason Teague appeared in Season Four. He was her boyfriend in Paris but then came to Smallville. He was the football coach of Smallville High. He and his mother were obsessed with the Stones of Power. He died in the sekunde meteor kuoga while attacking Martha and Jonathan.
Clark Kent and Lana were together a short time at the end of Season Two. Their relationship ended when Clark, under the influence...
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"We're special, Clark. People like us don't need boundaries and limitations." -- Alicia Baker

Alicia Baker was a Smallville teenager with the metahuman ability to teleport. She was also a upendo interest of Clark Kent. When Alicia would teleport, she would leave behind a green wingu of smoke.

Alicia acquired her ability during the meteor kuoga when she was a child. One dakika she was playing on the swings, the inayofuata dakika she was in the middle of a cornfield. She grew up to be manipulative and volatile. Her parents lived in fear of her and at one point in her life, they tried to prevent her from teleporting kwa keeping her locked up in a lead-lined room, even when she cried and begged to be let out, which no doubt contributed to her destructive and sociopathic behavior.
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