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I hate Lana Lang. If wewe like her that's fine but in my opinion she's a bitch. At first she seems nice. wewe know pretty, smart, smiley etc. But she constantly proves to be an annoyance. When Whitney ties Clark up she sides with Whitney and even gets mad at Clark for not letting it go. She continues to be a pain when Clark rushes off to save Chloe instead of taking her out on a date. She gets mad at Clark for keeping secerts all the time. When Clark finally asks Chloe to the dance Lana is visibiliy upset dispite dating Whitney. She doesn't even stop him from going to war for her. She later ruins...
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If only we can all Escape from all our troubles, leave the misery and constant confusion behind and say hello to a life of 'Happily Ever After'. Sadly this fairytale of a dream, turned into a nightmare for Lois and Clark while vacationing. Who knew that a kitanda and Breakfast could get zaidi entertainment with an addition of a tale, bringing new prospects to storytelling and role-play?

Firstly I didn't buy that Clark would take five sekunde away from his 'saving the world' trend, just to be with Lois as hard core as that sounds. Clark has been so fixated on saving mankind, that just to pull him...
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I did some research on the latest installment of Smallville 'Conspiracy'. It is noted that 'The Conspiracy' was once the alliance of five villains in the 'Marvel Comics' theme. Faora and Zod formed some kind of pact in 'Disciple' and that hasn't been discussed since and yet it seems as though Zod planned the entire thing. He would have surely died before he lived in his human form for much longer. Zod shouldn't get too comfy yet, Clark's weakness is now his and there is only so much he can do so long as Chloe is the holder of the Kryptonite-well now Oliver.

I am surprised I did not begin this...
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Why is everyone kissing Lois and Clark, except Lois and Clark! If wewe understand what I meant there, it was just painful having Zatanna's magic fingers all over Clark, couldn't Clark pull away before their lips touched, au even before she climbed on juu of him! I wasn't even pleased with Lois' retaliation kiss, it didn't matter the other guy wasn't even hot enough for it to mean anything, and it only proved that she kissed him out of revenge, to appease her insecure conscience.

I am actually disappointed here. Ever since the writers placed Lois and Clark together, things kind of got mellow between...
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What happens when the 'Justice Crew' gets plucked out one kwa one, as though they were being hunted like animals? Well it only calls for the collaboration of team work put on kwa Green Arrow, Hawk Man, Stargirl, Dr. Fate, Clark and we can't forget Chloe.

Why does crisis always lurk in the lives of superheroes? The reasons some villains have for seeking revenge can be considered as outlandish, and it was even zaidi distasteful how easy it was to capture Icicle in the end, no matter how cool that scene was when everyone finally came together.

So basically I am an Erica Durance fan, zaidi for the role...
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