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The world had always seemed like a normal place to me. Unfair things happened, great things happened, and people were fickle. that is the world we live in. Well, that's what I thought.
My life had been normal. Now its living hell, someone send me a god dam rescue already! I was 17 years old when my vision of the world was rippped away from me in a matter of seconds. In school of all places. And people always told me learning wouldn't kill me. Liars.

Chapter 1

I sat in homeroom,bored out of my mind. My teacher was going on and on about Canada's landscape. I sat in my usual spot in the back of the classroom. My eyes started to flutter, so Chelsea threw a wad of paper at me.
I glared at her and returned my eyes to the board, but the overhead came on. Principal Wilson's voice came onto the speaker.
"Teachers, please close and lock your doors. We are about to begin a lockdown. Students, please be silent and get into your designated area of the classroom." His voice sounded panicked and off key.
Something was wrong. I could just feel it.
The other students trampled their way to the corner of the room. I took my place inayofuata to Chelsea and sat in slience, wondering if this was a drill.
The room was so silent, that i heard the footsteps coming closer to our room.
"Is she in this room?"
"Y-yes she is p-please I-" Principal's Wilson's trembling voice pleaded, laced with panic. I looked over at Chelsea, but she rolled her eyes. She still thought it was a drill, while I was sure it wasn't.
"You've out worn your usefulness." I heard the cold voice draw out.
Then there was a loud scream, and the thud of a body hitting the floor. The door flew open, fallling off its hinges.
In the doorway was a a beefy man. In his hands were a gun and a knife. My gaze flickered to Principal Wilson's crumpled body on the floor.
The beefy man's eyes scanned the students. They landed on me with an icy stare. My teacher had stepped in front of us, but with one songesha of his finger, there was a bullet hole in her chest and she was gone.
His eyes went to me again. His lips quirked into a wicked smile. He strutted across the room slowly, stopping right in front of me.
"Bay Deir Darren. We finally meet. The agency hasn't goy much on you, seeing how your new. I just wanted to get to wewe first."
I stared up at him, scared and confused."W-what are wewe talking about?"
Beef man lurched forward, grabbing my hair and dragging me to my feet. Chelsea grabbed for me, but he shot her a glare, freezing her.
He put his kisu under my throat. "Don't tell me they haven't come to collect their new play thing," He breathed in my face, his breath smelling like... blood?
"I-I don't"
Beef laughed. "Better for me then."
Before i could even fight, he dragged me out of the room. I thrashed, but it did no good. In the hallway, I tried to skid my feet across the tile, but Beef kept going.
I was starting to lose hope when a girl stepped out from behind the lockers. She looked to be maybe 18. She had platinum blond curls, pink cheekbones, chokaa green eyes, and a devious smile. She wore black jeans, a black t-shirt, and knee high-converse. In her hands she held two large knives.
What was up with all the people and knives?!
Beef laughed. "Ah, so the agency has come to take wewe away." He smiled at me, but then turned his icy glare on the blond. "Can't have her. I got to her first."
"Doesn't matter. I'll take her anyway. Let her go, and we'll settle this like civilized people," Blondie says, her right hand twirling her knife.
Beef dropped me, and I scrambled toward the lockers. Beef ran at Blondie, and I was sure she was a goner. But with one kisu thrusted into his chest, Beef turned into a rotted corpse on legs, his skin papery like he had been buried for days.
I watched in horror as he dropped, Blondie coming over to me. She knelt down right in front of me, looking right into my face.
"I'm seriously sorry about this." She told me.
The school hallway dissapeared, and I was engulfed in darkness.
posted by Elacool
"I don't know,guys,"Amy Allen said,studying the door in front of her."This looks way too much like homework to me.And school doesn't even start up for another week"

"I don't know why we let wewe tag along.Try and think positive.This is going to be great" Briana Ornette said." A trip to a museum will be a great adventure only if wewe just onyesha a little enthusiasm".

" I think my enthusiasm just died,"Amy replied."A museum......"She made it sound like the sentence of doom.

"Don't be so negative Amy,if wewe don't like it,we can go somewhere else but only if the rest of the gang agrees with me" I said."Let's...
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 purple it <3
purple it <3
So I think i can write and i go on websites and reveiw what they do and how people react on those websites!So I went on today! This website is for people who are artist and post there artwork on their profile! They call their artwork deviantions which is a very clever name! I became a member of that website an its wonderful! wewe make a profaili and talk about your life and post artwork off of a scanner (if wewe have one)! I ilitumwa some and people are wonderful there! They aren't any cyberbullies au anything! This is a magnificent website and i hope many people enjoy it! As wewe can see i have some pictures of the amazing artwork people draw! Enjoy and i hope wewe loved this makala reveiw!:) <3
 One of my faves! pink girl!
One of my faves! Pink girl!
 green one eye girl!
green one eye girl!
 cute bunnies!
cute bunnies!
posted by abbyirwin
Hi I'm abby I'm 13 and my dream is to write a play and be a nyota in it well to onyesha u how I can write I'm going to just write my story of how I found writeing thanks in joy and write a maoni well I have dislexea and the teacher alisema abby please read out load so I did and I was kusoma it but I was haveing a lot of troubles and in front of everyone a girl alisema God abby come on we do not have all siku so when class ended I was out in the hall way and she came up to me and alisema don't ever read again ur so stuped get a life and I ran to the restroom and balled my eyes out when I got nyumbani I started...
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Hello! I am a little late on posting this, but I wrote it as soon as I got the chance.

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of wewe who imewasilishwa something!

I took the time to read each and every entry and I must say that they were all phenomenal!

Below I will orodha each of the 2 categories and the users that qualified. Due to lack of diverse kinds of literature, all are in the same category. Click on their name to view their entry.

Novel Excerpts/Short Stories:
link-"Revealing Reality": An excerpt from her original novel
link - "Sing To Me": A short story inspired kwa Switchfoot's...
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