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It was morning. Nick had been asleep for the sekunde time since the issue with the dreams. Neither he, nor Kal, nor Jesse wanted to sleep but they could not stop themselves from being tired. The dreams that Nick had were not bad ones, it was when he awoke that the terror sank in. Every time he awoke he would have to make sure that he was truly awake.

Even now Nick could not be certain. The only way that any of them knew was if Rin confirmed their memories, and could still morph and use Chaos Energy, something none of them remember her doing in the dreams. Jesse was going to meet up with Talon...
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Chapter Two: Blending

Rovor stood in front of a large holographic screen. He was in a slightly darkened metal-walled room, with Arma-9 guards around him. On the other side of the screen there were picha of various mutated mobians, a giant robot, and a few unidentifiable creatures.

“And these are the only ones to have escaped?” Rovor asked calmly.

“Correct.” An unidentifiable voice replied from the screen.

“And how many of these are ours?”


Rovor looked down a bit. His locked-hands tensed a bit from behind his back. He looked back to the screen and continued “How many...
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I made an account a little while ago. Sorry to say I've Lost track of time. It's been a busy few weeks between work and social commitments. But now I've finally got a bit of time to post one of my shabiki characters.

I have two major shabiki characters I use between roleplays and fanfiction. wewe could say they're like two sides of a coin, each reflecting a side of my personality. One of them is serious, and the other one is fun-loving. Giichi is the fun loving one.

If the backstory doesn't make much sense, it's because this version of Giichi is from Sonic Aftermath, an old Sonic roleplaying site I...
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NAME: machungwa, chungwa the Hedgehog
POWERS: He can control fire, he can control ice, he can control electricity, he can control earth, he has super-speed, he can fly, he is super-strong and he is invincible
GIRLFRIENDS: Every girl in the series
LOOKS: An machungwa, chungwa hedgehog with black eyes
BACKSTORY: His hometown was destroyed kwa Eggman so now he wants revenge on him
SUPER FORM: His super form is darker machungwa, chungwa and he still has black eyes and ALL THE POWERS IN THE WORLD!!!OMG!!
HYPER FORM: His hyper form is exactly like his Super Form except he is neon orange
DARKSPINE FORM: His super form with white stripes and no pupils
DARK FORM: The same as his Darkspine form
WEREHOG FORM: He is exactly like Sonics’ except orange