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Name: Miley Power

Species: Two-tailed Fox

Age: 13

Backstory: (see Miley Power's full backstory! part 1 and 2)

Boyfriend: Miles "Tails" Prower

BFF: Mixy the Manx Cat and Sugar the Hedgehog

Theme Song: Tik Tok - Ke$ha

Family: Doesn't remember them well, but she does remember that she had 2 brothers, 4 sisters and a mom and a dad. She's the youngest.

Talents: Can play the piano, guitar, drums, and can sing (she has the most beautiful voice in Mobius).
She can fly (like Tails), can run very fast (not as fast as Sonic), and is pretty strong (not as strong as Knuckles).

inayopendelewa color: pink (she would rather magenta over any other kind of pink)

Team name: Don't know yet

Team members: Miley Power, Sugar the Hedgehog, Mixy the Manx Cat

Team theme song: Don't know yet
 Miley Power Age 13
Miley Power Age 13
Miley Power found that the blue hedgehog's name was Sonic. She also met Amy, Cream, and Cheese. Miley stayed with them from there on. A few days after they all met, Tails asked Miley if she wanted to go on a picnic. Miley alisema yes and they went that afternoon. During the picnic, Tails gave her a mkufu with a T with dimonds on it. The T was for Tails. Right after that, Miley gave Tails a bisibisi with a M on it 'cause she heard Tails say he needed a new one. The M was for Miley. Ever since then, they have been dating. A few days after that, Miley and Amy went shoping and Miley found the dress she has on now. Her dress before was zaidi of an 8 mwaka old's dress.
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