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Just a recap I'm sonic I went too shadow academy but I died a terrifying death my Marafiki were sad but we'll stay tuned.

I was looking for my Marafiki then I saw tails he alisema SONIC YOUR ALIVE!!I replied yes?Tails showed my other friends.they were excited.I went to school and tails got a A+ and a 300/10 for engineering.I went nyumbani this time without getting killed.I went to bed.When I woke up a terrifying creature was standing in my room I told it to get out it alisema in a scary and deep voice YOU'VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!! I was blasted away and a kobe, kasa with a button on his shell alisema hello!!when I went to school a guy alisema EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP! A muffin, mkate ule ulikuwa mtamu a kubeba and a can of marmite fell on there face.I ran nyumbani and alisema I gotta stop this then a taco alisema WHERE'S MY MONEY!!!!and well this is a cliffhanger so I can't tell wewe what happened until the inayofuata one. The end?
Sonic shabiki Character profaili Creator


If character has one, REAL name:
Reason for Name:

Age currently
Age at beginning of story:
Age character appears to be:



Primary Color (Main fur/skin):
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.):

Other Eye-details:

Does character have hair?:
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:
Style of hair:
Does character have this type of hair often?:
If not, what other types/colors are there?:


Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):

Distinguishing marks:

Body type (Fat, skinny, healthy, fair, ect.)

If so, how long?:...
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posted by TakTheFox
This is a suggestion sheet. Here I will orodha off rules that are part of the club currently and will not be changed, as well as suggestions for rules, and leave the maoni for what wewe want as rules.

Solid Rules (unchangeable Rules basically)

~No sexuality: No over-showing of cleavage au sexual body parts, no sexual gestures, no blatant porn, no Yuri au Yao, in roleplays, stories, au pictures. This club has already gone through a mwezi of porn pictures being flashed on it and we don’t want that to start up again. It doesn’t matter if characters are married, in love, au if it’s just TOUCHING...
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I then stood up and looked around. I was expecting the worst, but nothing seemed to be around at that time. I took a step forward, then heard a voice.
"Who are you, and why are wewe here?" it had asked me. I turned to face where the voice had come from, seeing a human in a golden outfit, unlike anything I'd ever seen here on Mobius... "Well? Are wewe gonna answer me?" he had asked again. "I...I am Cyber the Echidna of Green kilima Zone, and I'm here looking for a blue fox, mbweha named Alpha and a small infant, a yellow echidna like myself, named Topaz." I replied to him. "Green kilima Zone...? As in, Green...
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I’m not here to argue the entire moral spectrum of Nudity, but I am going to make a statement about what kind of nude pictures are tolerable, au can be tolerable. The following is a orodha of completely nude female characters that do not require censorship because, while they are nude, they do not reveal private body parts.





Now I don’t know about everyone but I don’t remember being told kwa someone that the nude pictures I’ve drawn of my characters were sexual. Never once have I been told to remove them either. In the same way, characters like Sally Acorn, and Barby Koala,...
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posted by unknown99
All I know is that I was born in a place called City of Lightning. I know my planet from my parents which my planet was called Nibiru. There was a neighbouring planet which was called Nerabu. I was schooled in a place called Andeomedian Purokinetic Academy. Along with children from 14 other countries along with their own element. I was called special since a big incident happened in our planet. I don't know what it is but I'll soon find out. The thing is my new Marafiki here don't ignore me like in the city. That is why I don't want to lose them. About 2 years later after a load of training...
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posted by SilverFox73
These days in zumaridi, zamaradi Town were interesting ones, to say the least. It had all started when word on the streets alisema that there was a rouge team of strangers robbing every bank, every home, every jewelry store. wewe name the place, they had every piece of cash that place had. Our story turns to Jake and Cario in their apartment building one morning. It's was Cario's turn to make breakfast, so he strolled into the jikoni and started to make his signature flapjacks. Jake plopped onto the kitanda and turned on the TV, and it flashed on to onyesha a news channel special report. "Be sure to keep your...
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posted by KnucklesXMay
Full name: Ino the immortal

Gender: Female

Hair colour: Light blue with dark blue around the edges.

Eye colour: Yellow with amber around the edges.

Wants: To make everyone happy, and destroy evil.

Personality: Useful, happy, kind of hyper, giving, kind but can be dangerous when she wants to.


Biggest wish: To help and protect people

inayopendelewa colour: Black

Hobbies: Collecting bugs, giving things and spawning playmates :3

Boyfriend: None... Yet X3

inayopendelewa quotes: 'Ino harm no-one, no-one harm Ino :3' and 'No-body's perfect, Ino is a no-body. that means Ino is perfect!! :333
Hi I'm sonic and I'm telling wewe the story how I caused a rip in the ASDF movie universe.

One siku when I was 16 I when to shadow acadmy™.I met tails What's your name?I asked he whispered miles. and I knew we would be friends.A guy named knuckles asked if I knew da wae (I think he was ugandan)I alisema no then the kengele rang.I rushed to class when I bumped into somebody.he alisema in a mean voice hujambo wewe MADE ME TRIP!!!! Tails stood up to him.Pick on someone your on size CREEP!The teacher alisema I was late.tails told the teacher it all.The worst part about today was swimming class I can not swim but my friend I met in kindergarten Kirby was a pro!I got a F- for swimming a A+ for running class a B+ for uandishi and a A+ for basketball.I went nyumbani and clicked on the TV villager news was on then a black figure came in my house and killed me my Marafiki were sad.I know what your thinking how the heck are telling me this well this the beginning goodbye for now.The end?
posted by Evolia-Wulf
 Making sure to practice is also key to making your earned customer's happy.
Making sure to practice is also key to making your earned customer's happy.
“Okay, so recently I’ve been getting both online and offline feedback from artists all around. Their problem is that they aren’t getting enough art requests and that they may end up quitting the artistic abilities earned through years of practice.
“So I’m here to shed a bit of experience and, au course, seasoned advice to those ‘Starving Artists’. Don’t worry in the least; it’s a simple procedure, but also one that requires a bit of patience. And of course, it needs your most alert attention if you’re stuck in the bum business.
“There are three important business tools-...
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 Character Chart-- Acid
Character's full name: Yxari (Ee-zar-ee) Sadaris
Reason au meaning of name: None
Character's nickname: Acid
Reason for nickname: she is an Acid Monster
Birth date: 1st November.
Gender: Female
Theme: Headstrong-- TRAPT

Physical appearance
Age: 19
How old does he/she appear: 12
Weight: 25 lbs.
Height: 2"7
Body build: Quite skinny to a point where it's sickening. Her ribs even poke out when she takes off her hoodie.
Shape of face: n/a.
Eye colour: Glowing green-yellow, color of toxic waste.
Glasses au contacts: Tinted sunglasses to hide her eyes.
Skin tone: Quite pale, since she hadn't...
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First off...This is just an opinion. >:/ Don't bash me just because your character is a Gary-Stu au Mary-Sue. That is YOUR fault for designing your character that way.

Now, there are many Gary-Stus and Mary-Sues EVERYWHERE. If wewe don't know the whole issue, here's some maswali I will answer;

What is a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu?
A Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu is a character that has many abilities, has no flaws, AND everybody loves them. The real name for these types of characters are a godmodder. A Mary-Sue is a female godmodder, and a Gary-Stu is a male.

Why are they bad?
They are unoriginal, overdone, and...
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Okay, so for starters, this is sorta half fanfic and half bio. It explains him a lot better. So,without further ado...

It all began in the Hurricos Village, hidden deep within Green kilima Zone. A mother, Emera, gave birth to Cyber the Echidna. The father, Revon, noticed a strange marking on the newborn child's forehead. He immediately notified the doctor, whom gasped in surprise. "We have been blessed!" He exclaimed, "Your child has been marked as an Elemental Echidna!" Both in shock and ecstatic, the young elemental's father went to the village elder, to explain what had happened.
Not long after,...
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In the mwaka of 3242 on the Prime Zone of Mobius, a paradox was created. A hand of evil used the power of seven different-colored chaos emeralds to attempt to reshape the Prime Zone in his image. A conflict arose between the evil, and good, resulting in the planet mutating into a different history and people completely.

Briefly before these events took place, a scientist called “Dr. Finitevus” had fastened a protective bunker that would shield him from the affects for a time. When the paradox-era began, he was caught in dead space, and discovered entirely new alien-like...
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 Shadow & Rouge; Night and siku Difference.
Shadow & Rouge; Night and Day Difference.
“… There might have been a time when wewe actually thought about others, but now it’s just become, ‘Get the villain out of the way and be proclaimed as a hero once more!’ I just don’t want wewe to become something that wewe don’t want to be.”Lil the Cat from “The Misadventures of a Wandering Soul.”

Do wewe remember the first time wewe ever drew your shabiki character? When wewe created him/her, wewe had thought everything out; who they dated, what they wore, and if they had any powers. Believe me when I say that shabiki characters are the best characters in the world. Their stories...
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posted by AceRider
 Zip The mbwa mwitu
Zip The Wolf
Zipnodus (Zip) Roger Fracture is a 17 grey and white grey mbwa mwitu from Crescent Island. His parents are separated, which resulted with him being raised kwa his father, Umbrax, and his sister, Ziggnimosis (Ziggy) was raised kwa his mother, Nite. Zip comes from a long line of proud and ruthless savages did what they wanted when they wanted, however, he doesn't seem to onyesha any form of care for such. At age 14, he took part in a elite battler association called The Elite Fighters. He was ranked 9 on the scales from 1 to 20, but he left the association because not one would challenge him. Currently,...
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I plan on making a Mary Sue/Gary Stu test for everyone here. The way I will be doing it is wewe will check off whichever things portray to your character, and the resulting number will determine how stu-ish they are.

HOWEVER the difference with this one is that not only will there be things to check off to decrease the amount, AND there will be majibu which count as zaidi au less points than others, BUT IT WILL ALSO have secondary check-lists for those who DO have those attributes but not because they are stu-ish, but based on actual facts told to them kwa other users.

An example is “Does almost...
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posted by Mapware3640
Now I recently introduced my own character set known as "Exie",what is exie to be exact?Well allow me to answer those.

Q:Are they related to mobians?
A:Nope,they are there own independent race

Q:What do they look like?
A:Well I'm working on concept art,but they are being made of energy,The usually wear long robes(Female exie) au heavy armor(male exie) and they all wear masks.

Q:What is exie energy?
A:A Rare energy that can not be found anywhere on mobuis...Take the "hyper-go-on" energy from sonic colors for example,its a similar concept,if a non-exie being touches the energy,they become corrupted....
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posted by zutaradragon
2 start this thing off I'll say this...I've never...ENJOYED...being human...I never did and never would have. In fact, it was like a dream come tru when a small, fat, bald guy asked me if I wanted 2 b an...animal.
    I have many reasons 4 hating humans...even tho I was formily 1 myself. 1 of the 1st reasons is actually quite simple...humans r filthy, vial creatures. They're greedy, selfish, murderers that think themselves better than anything else alive because they can....paint pictures, make computers, drive cars, control small parts of nature...they have the nerve 2 say...
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So wewe want to make your player au your reader to do something specifically au to think something specifically. How can wewe do it? Do wewe first make remote mind controller? No. Save yourself the money, and save yourself the stress of having to build that kind of a machine. There is another way to control a player's au reader's mind. It's called the "controlling idea".

Think of the movie inception, but take out all the epic sci-fi of someone going into another's mind, and put wewe and another person logged into fanpop in two different parts of the world. With a controlling idea, what wewe do is...
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