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posted by zutaradragon
Dear Agony,
    Is there a reason wewe enjoy tormenting me for eturnity? Constant hurt and suffering around the world, so many people...and wewe choose to befriend me...a constant hurting in my heart, and I did nothing 2 deserve it...did I? Did I do something in a past life that u seek revenge 4 now? That's the only thing I can come up with...other wise none of this should have happened...
    Let's start with saying this...Kuroryu isn't actually my twin...what happened was Egg-head took my DNA and changed some things 2 make him. However, an aging agent also got spilled in so he grew 2 my age as we age the same way because of it. However, he did not go thro anything I had 2. that's y we're compleat opposites. He sees only the good in any sittuation. or....most any situation. Ot exatly the best upendo life but considering I've never felt loved ...well, it might be part of y I onyesha no upendo either. What u reap is what u kupanda and so it goes...when u've felt nothing but hatred from every1 it's all u have 2 give. As soon as I walk in2 a place I scope 4 bullshit and the bad things....i expect the worst so it doesn't surprize me. Like how Sonic never 4gave us and never will....I expected him 2 attak and kill us. When u expect the worst any other outcome seems great. Meanwhile, Kruoryu couldn't believe him. He thinks everything is rosey and sweet...he'd kno how nieve that attitude is if he'd grown up with me...
    I grew up as...well...let's say this....mother had been raped kwa her Ex after she had gotten married. I was the....illigitimite child. How do we kno? I look exactly like her Ex and nothing like her husband. Her husband was brown, she's black, and the Ex was...u guessed it, silver. He was pissed...and killed the Ex...I don't say father because I wasn't born yet so I never met him. He almost killed my mother 2, saying it was her fault 4 provocing him kwa waring a short skirt....the only thing that stopped him was my older brother and sister...their actual children. After I was born she named me Miheal...and, no, it's not Micheal, there's no C. Not that it mattered anyways...apparently my actual father's name was Micheal and every1 called him Mikey...and while Miheal sounds nothing like Micheal when spoken, it's writen close enough. Plus, her husbend would never call me kwa name anyways. I was always “the silver 1” or, mostly “little bastered.” I didn't have a father, I was 2 call him “sir” au “Mr. Kenderson.”
    The only 1s that were nice were mother and sister. Brother felt the same as father...after I was 5 years old Mother and Sister were killed in a car wreck. Needless 2 say this was NOT good news 4 me...after that I was beat everyday...until I was 13 and ran away. Worked my fingers 2 the bone since then...either stealing au doing lagitamit work...doing everything I had 2 2 survive...for 3 years until Egg-Head found me and alisema he could help....he was the only 1 since mother and sister died 2 onyesha any compation...i knew there'd b a catch but I, like a dumb-ass, went along with him. This is my own fault...but I don't care.
    Now my new brother doesn't understand what happened 2 me and y I am like I matter how I explain it 2 him...I guess there's some things u can't understand unless u live thro them. It hurts me more...knowing no matter how I try it won't get thro 2 him...he's lucky he didn't have 2 live thro these things.
    I was beaten, abused, sliced 2 the bone, almost killed about 50 times kwa my so-called family, and almost killed myself because of cries only made them laugh and beat me harder...and they...they...they used me as their sex toy because there was no1 there 2 stop him...
    It's kinda sad when u don't kno the meaning....the reason ur here...when u grew up ur whole life being worthless...all the world sees is hate...but misery, as I learned, can only whisper...because no matter how loud it screams no1 will hear...and it only makes misery worse because it only provoces them 2 cause zaidi pain....and, so it goes....Misery Whispers...
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Chapter 1: Meeting
Location: Lexistropolis high school
Date: Friday, November 28th, 4337
Time: 3:49 P.M.
“Tess? Tess!” A voice called out from a giant traffic-line of students

“Over here!” Another voice responded.

The first figure slowly scooted his way through the crowd, tripping here and there, until he had finally made it to… the other side of the hallway.

It was a young Chameleon boy, around the age of 16. He was dark green, and was wearing a light blue and white T shati and blue jeans. The sekunde figure was a young Pale yellow Chameleon girl. She was also at the age of 16 and had...
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