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 "i wouldnt open that if i were wewe crazy..." - flame abby the bat
"i wouldnt open that if i were you crazy..." - flame abby the bat
(crazy and flame were at a restaurant when aqua and mirage showed up) crazy: "*annoyed*what are wewe two doing here?" mirage: "we just thought since wewe and cronos are takin your relationship up a notch we wanted to give wewe a present *hands the gift over to crazy*" flame: "... *angry at them* (in her mind:i wouldnt open that if i were wewe crazy...)" crazy: "*opens the gift and finds a pillow*" aqua: "your back must be hurting like heck after "all that hard work" wewe and cronos did" flame: "*gets up and heats up*" thats it!! *fire blasts aqua* aqua: "i dont think so... *counters it with water...
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