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posted by kammy40
yo listen up here's a story
about a little guy that lives in a blue world
and all siku and all night and everything he sees
is just blue like Sonic inside and outside
blue Sonics house with a blue little window
and a blue corvette
and everything is blue for him and hisself
and everybody around
cos he ain't got nobody to listen to

hese blue da ba dee da ba die...

He has a blue house with a blue window.
blue is the colour of all that he would wear.
blue as the streets and all the trees turn blue.
He have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
blue are the people here that walk around,
blue like his corvette, it's...
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posted by CheetahGirl5147
Amazing stuff I tell wewe :D :D :D :D :D :D Come and see! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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When it comes to the Sonic games it is often frowned upon when discussing that of the plots. Now while there have been quite a few Sonic games that were enjoyable story-wise, each one had one problem au zaidi that held it back in some regard.

~Sonic Adventure had a very interesting and lore-filled story which even dived into the culture of Knuckles’s ancestors, and gave us our first 3D Super Sonic. Unfortunately it was weighed down kwa its execution, and various pointless characters and/or scenes.

Sonic and Tails getting the emeralds was pointless because they could almost never keep one and...
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posted by Lancelot8
Now I know this is kinda strange, and I ONLY used origin characters. I didn't use Eggman because I thought he didn't fit any of the roles. If wewe don't agree with where I put some characters tell me and I might change it if I see how that character would fit a different one. I might add pictures later if i find good ones of both. Anyway... Here it goes.

Jet — Chris
Storm — Chef
Sonic — Tyler
Shadow — Duncan
Amy — Lindsay
Fiona — Heather
Silver — Trent
Blaze — Gwen
Cosmo — Beth
Tails — Noah
Big — Owen
Rouge — Courtney
Sally — Leshawna
Wave — Eva
Knuckles — Geoff
Espio — Cody
Vector — Harold
Tikal — Izzy
Julie-su — Bridgette
Cream — Katie
Marine — Sadie
Charmy — Ezekiel
Chip — DJ
Mighty — Justin
posted by gain7_gun
*Adabat-Ninth stage Ash is with Omachao*

Omachao:To get up on a roof top,use the 'A' button to jump,then press it again to use your arms to hang on.
Ash:I'm not Werehog Sonic.
Omachao:Ok,very well to talk to talk to villagers,just walk up to them and press the 'X' button.
Ash:We're in a dark alley.Where are the villagers?
Omachao:There are somewhere around here.Just be sure to-
Ash:Shut up!!
Omachao:Hey!Stop that!
Ash:You're talking way to much!
Omachao:Ok.Just one zaidi thing.
Omachao:Be sure to keep an eye on your rings.
Ash:You told me that 10 dakika ago!!
Omachao:Have wewe seen that egg attack...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Rouge got the supplies that Eggman requested.

Rouge: *Gets into her car* I got a rifle, zaidi nitrous for Shadow, now it's time to head to the track. *Turns the key, but the engine won't start. She begins to masturbate* Oh yeah! *Turns the key, and continues masturbating*

Meanwhile at the drag strip.

Eggman: *Looking at his watch* She should be here in five minutes.
Shadow: I'm lucky that all the cars I've been going against are slower.
Eggman: I hope I can at least get Rouge to shoot out Sean's tires, if his Corvette can go against my R8.
Knuckles: *Racing Silver*
Silver: *Losing* AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!...
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posted by alexischaos2004
Sonic Flamewars are literally everywhere. Whether it is about the games,shippings, au characters, there is a flamewar created. Some flamewars are ended, but people tend to be obnoxious and/or attention hogs so they continue on until everyone agrees. If wewe look left au right in the Sonic shabiki base, flamewar appears!
So, I've decided to make an makala about Sonic Flamewars. I'm not alone on this though. Kicksomebut23 is doing this with me and she sent me her commentaries.

First, let's talk about shippings. In my opinion, shippings are dumb. So many Sonic mashabiki create flamewars over which couple...
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posted by IzuNaki07
One fine day, Sonic got to Chemical Plant Zone and a sudden flashing light shone from in the middle of nowhere.

Sonic got shocked and looked to gis back to see a human-looking eight-tailed mbwa mwitu lying on the ground.

"Ugh..where am I?" the cyan-snow blue haired boy asked. " head..."

"Welcome to Chemical Plant Zone," Sonic welcomigly said. "I am Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Hi," the other boy greeted with a sad expression. His feet tucked in covering his mouth and arms wrapped around them. "I am Zero Kanāki. Pleasure to meet you."

Sonic looked at Zero with a blank look, then a concerend...
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So many people won’t let it pass that Sonamy doesn’t exist… AT ALL. So many people will try to reference an episode of Sonic X where NO WORDS OF CONFESSION WERE MADE, au pictures where NO CONSENTUAL KISS WAS GIVEN, au a gesture of goodness where NO- wewe get it.

I am very much so a Sonally fan. Why? Well I’ve done a rant about that already. I know, as do others, that Sonamy simply hasn’t happened, and is not the “real” pairing.

However we have Sonic Boom now. It is a new continuity (for all that’s worth considering it’s WASTING all its potential). Could this be the start of the...
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SonAmy, if they had a future together, part five

First of all, SonAmy will never happen in the future, read the 25 au 30 mwaka letter comics and you'll see. sekunde of all, I am the most evilest person one the planet. And third of all, the echidna need to be in the comics. If Knuckles is the last echidna alive, then he has no purpose being on angle island au being the Guardian of the Mater emerald. THINK SEGA, THINK! Okay let's started shall we.

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posted by Dragonfruit44
Sonic: That was too funny! Who are we pranking next?
Tails: How about Team Chaotix? We can give them an explosive cake, as long as it doesn't hurt them.
Knuckles: wewe mean one that just spits smoke at them? That would be funny, seeing them covered in smoke.
Sonic: Then to Team Chaotix!
-Sonic leaves a box in front of the detective agency door and knocks a lot. Then quickly dashes into the kichaka where Knuckles and Tails were at. there was some yelling inside and them Espio answered the door.-
Espio: It's a present.
Charmy: A present?! Who's birthday is it? Is it mine?
Vector: Maybe it's a gift for...
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posted by sonic-hisworld

Eggman's base
Sonic's pov

I raced through the corrider of eggman's base.The alarma blared throughout the whole place.Robots chased after me.''Heh Heh Heh.Im too fast for 'em!"I snickered.I spindashed them and they fell to pieces.Just then,I saw a hedgehog girl just flip and kick a robot up ahead.I walked toward her.She had red brown hair,white fur,and beautiful piercing zumaridi, zamaradi green eyes.She was wearing a blue V-neck longsleeve with black skinny jeans and blue boots.Beautiful.I tried to stay cool."Not bad.i dont know many girls who can do that."I alisema to her.She turned around...
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posted by ireedeen
Now I have a big prob. For some reson (i dont know why)im starting to hate au dislike sonic.
Now i dont mean everyone in sonic(i still like shadow and silver and blaze) just him. I need some help because i want to like him again. =(
Now if eney one can help me i will send them a title of a vid to them thats funny.(its not sonic)
So i will give people 2 trys to help me.(I tried asking for help at school.did not work).
So onyesha me pict vids something ok on my page.

from ireedeen

(\ (\
( - -)
(\ (\
( - -)
(\ (\
( - -)
(\ (\
( - -)
(\ (\
( - -)
(\ (\
( - -)
posted by NoctusLynx
Okay, so just so wewe guys know beforehand, this is a full-on review. That being said, there are gonna be some MASSIVE spoilers in my review, so be careful if wewe despise spoilers. But first, I'll tell wewe some things wewe might want to know about the game before wewe hop into it and go for the ride of your life.

I can say this: my review will be on a Sonic shabiki Game called Eggman Hates Furries. I can also say that this will be the best damn shabiki game wewe will ever play in your existence. Just play the damn game, and you'll know what I'm talking about. And just so wewe know, the game is a kind of...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Back at Tails House, Tails is still fast asleep. When Clone Sonic walks in.-

Clone Sonic: hujambo wake up. I want breakfast.
Tails: Uggh...Sonic let me sleep some more. Make your own breakfast! I'm tired, I stayed up late working on the X Tornado.
Clone Sonic: Well that's your fault, wewe nerd. Now get up!
-Clone Sonic grabbed Tails kwa his tails and pulled him out of bed. Tails went flying and hit the wall.
Tails: OW! Sonic what's wrong with you?
Clone Sonic: I'm hungry. Now make me breakfast.
-Tails grumbled to himself. He stomped into the jikoni and started making some eggs. After he is done he gives...
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shadow-but still,coulden`t u find something else better 2 do?
ash-he just called me up 1 siku & i dicided 2 kick it with him.
shadow-what happened that day?
ash-oh nothing,we walked & went 2 the arcade;lastly we hung out at his place be fore he took me home.
ash-but why did u have 2 figth him over nothing & nearly kill him?
shadow-over nothing?!ash u were nearly falling 4 him!
ash-how do u know i was nearly falling for him?
shadow-i found your uandishi prompt in our room(gives her the notebook)
ash-(scans through the prompt)oh crap!i can`t believe u found that.
shadow-well then...
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posted by Lancelot8
I'm a shabiki of CreepyPasta just as much as the inayofuata guy. I read it almost everyday. Recently, I have been kusoma Sonic.exe.

It was okay. Just like any other. A guy gets a video game disc from a friend and has a letter with it. He reads it and thinks its a little joke. Obviously there's something wrong with it. Ignoring the letter he puts the disc in the computer. He then notices strange things about, has many openings where he can take out the disc and destroy it, but keeps playing out of curiosity. At the end he hears a voice and a plushy ends up being behind him and looks like the thing he...
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 Classic Sonic
Classic Sonic
The thought came into my head "I wonder what order all the Sonic games fall inayofuata to one another in a full consistent timeline". Let's cover the obvious ones... (Skip to the end for the Part 1/3's timeline).

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Now let's try to place the game Sonic CD some where... Now it can't go in between Sonic 2 and 3 because the latter is a direct follow up to the former so it ether happens before Sonic 2 au after Sonic 3... There's no overwhelming evidence for ether except maybe the easter egg with Tails saying "See wewe inayofuata game!" but since that...
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1. Amy is 12. Sonic is like what? 16? Sonic isn't a pedophile.
2.Sonic hasn't even been Amy's boyfriend, he's been a boyfriend of.......
•(I think) Fiona
•(technically) Elise
•and for maybe even a short time Blaze,
But NEVER Amy. the comics Sally and Sonic kiss many, MANY, times, zaidi times than I can count. Amy and Sonic have NEVER kissed!
4. We all know Amy loves Sonic, but just cuz Sonic stands up for her, and is nice to her, doesn't mean he loves her.
5. Just cuz Sonic saves Amy, it doesn't mean he loves her. He's just being the hero he is!
6. Just cuz Sally isn't in Sonic X, doesn't automatically make Amy his girlfriend!!!!
posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song (Start at 0:09): link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog shabiki Fiction

Life In The Fast Lane 2

Sonic: *Walks out of his house, and sings* Why the hell are we in a sequel? The fact that we have to sing is not cool. I'd rather be driving my Austin Healey. But no I gotta sing, gee!
Others: *Walking out of their houses, and going towards Sonic* Oh, no! I gotta sing in a musical! Oh, no! Why are we all here? Cause I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical! Yeah I gotta...
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