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posted by Hellowittykitty
Okay......Sure. Oh sorry! Hellowittykitty here, signing off! Today I shall talk about Sonic X and how it was utterly amazing! But I thought it was kinda sad that Cosmo died to save the world from Metarex. My little sister cried at that part because she's a big shabiki too! Also, why don't they put Blaze and Silver in Sonic X? They're important characters to me! Anyways, Sonic X was funny, sad, and action-packed! I like explosions and fighting scenes! Sometimes I wonder if I could come up with my own TV onyesha that could come up with ideas for Sega to make another show. Sonic X also has Chris Thorndyke,...
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The 4kids version of Sonic X is terrible compared to the Japanese version, they left out alot of emotion and content that made the story even better!
If wewe have never seen the ORIGINAL and UNCUT version of Sonic X go here to watch any episode in high quality with English subtitles -> link

If wewe want to see all of the things 4Kids did to butcher Sonic X, look here -> link

The main differences are listed below:
1. Characers curse every now and then
2. Scenes are much zaidi emotional, mainly episodes 25, 26, 51, 52, 68, 69-78.
3. The original and beautiful Japanese muziki score is intact.
4. The ending of episode 77 WILL make wewe cry...
5. The episodes are 2 to 5 dakika longer than the American version.