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sanaa ya shabiki
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Source: Id like to say a big thankyou to tumblr for posting these on my dash (':
Sharon:Stan, Stan Wake Up!
Stan:Mom, What Is It?
Randy:Today, Is Very Exiciting For All Of Us.
Stan:Why? Were Going Some Place Special?
Sharon:We're Going To Disney World.
Shelly:So, Get Out Of kitanda Turd!
(Eric's House)
Liane:It's time To Get Up, Poopsykins!
Eric:Mom, I Need 3 Hours zaidi Of Sleep.
Liane:Today We're Heading Off To Disney World.
Eric:Disney World! Why Didn't wewe Say So?
(At Kyle's House)
Sheila:Wake Up, Sunshine!
Gerald:Kyle, Are wewe Up Yet?
Kyle:Yes, Dad. I'm Getting Dressed!
Sheila:Ike Wants To Say Something.
Ike:Kyle, We're Going To Disney World.
Kyle:I'm Excited Already!
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South Park - Let's Fighting upendo
South Park
let's fighting upendo
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This is for the episode "Chickenlover". Matt and Trey used to do these intros for episodes, and wewe can find the rest on YouTube!
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So yeah since i was REALLY looking mbele to this ep i thought i could do a small review on it, also i thought we could like discuss it and such , since most people who watched it either disliked it au loved it! (:
~*~ Long rant below SORRY ~*~
Sooo personally; I LOVED it!
Firstly, The Stan story = A+ I liked how they added in how alcohol makes the world such a lovely place- Epic!Seeing Stan drunk was made me giggle and his little "F*ck off Kyle.... i upendo you...F*ck off Kyle" Was pretty funny and cute too! I also liked how he came to terms with the changes at the end,i started to think maybe...
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New starting...
As the morning kengele rang at South Park elementary - Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman dragged themselves to class.
“Urrrg! Another long punda day!” Complained Kyle.
“Dude! Tell me about it, lately these days have been getting longer and longer!” Agreed Stan.
There was a slight noise and a head nod from the boys to onyesha they all felt the same.
The boys got to class and slumped down into their seats. Last ones in, as always.
“Okay students settle down please.....(the talking continued) I alisema shut up!” Mr. Garrison shouted!
The students hushed down, though a remaining whisper continued...
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SFG- *smacks forehead* I'm sick of these stupid questions...
Kyle- OMG! Cartman, what did wewe ask?!!?
Cartman- Me?!?! how about you!
SFG- No, guys. Here's the question: YouTube au not?
Cartman and kyle- YES! *turn to each other* HEY!
SFG- *smacks forhead again* I'm REALLY sick of these two...
Cartman- Hey, hujambo Micks!
SFG- *sighs* What?Cartman- What did wewe say to Kyle the other day?
SFG- nothing. I just asked him to answer the maswali honestly. Now, I want resoning in this answer. Cartman, why do wewe say yes to YouTube?
Cartman- It may be a pain, like Kyle, but its useful, unlike Kyle.
Kyle- .....-_-...
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From: Season 1 Episode 1 Cartman Gets an Anal Probe.
South Park
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