Stand-up Comedy Who Is The Greatest Stand Up Comedian?

Pick one:
Chris Rock
Ross Noble
Lee Evans
Robin Williams
Peter Kay
Steven Wright
Bill Bailey
Billy Connolly
Larry the Cable Guy
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Victoria Wood
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Russell Peters
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Brian Regan
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Sarah Silverman
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Jimmy carr
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Ron White
Ron White
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Dave Chappelle
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Dana Carvey
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Dylan Moran
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Jerry Seinfeld
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Tommy Tiernan
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Allan Carr
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Pablo Francisco
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Demetri Martin
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Mitch Hedberg
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks
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Dont make me chose!! [ sobs]
Dont make me chose!! [sobs]
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David kuvuka, msalaba
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Eddie Izzard
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Adam Hills
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Al Murray au Harry kilima
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David O'Doherty
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Pedro Tochas
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Carlos Mencia
Carlos Mencia
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Maz Jobrani
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George Carlin
George Carlin
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Richar Pryor
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Dara O'Briain
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Russell Brand
Russell Brand
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Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham
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i hate them all
i hate them all
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Michael McIntyre
Frankie Boyle
Russell Howard
Rhod Gilbert
Irish comedians: dara o&# 39; briain, ed byrne, andrew...
Irish comedians: dara o'briain, ed byrne, andrew maxwell, tommy tiernan etc
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Ellen Degeneres
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John Bishop
Jason Manford
Sean Lock
Ricky Gervais
Dane Cook
Rodney Dangerfield
Gabriel Iglesias(Fluffy!!)
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David Spade!!! <3
Steve Hughes
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