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Sharp knocked on Ahsoka's door. "Come on au we'll be late." Ahsoka leaned heavily on the door jamb as she opened up the door.
"Stang it.You're not going anywhere. Get back in there, I'm calling the doctor." Sharp helped her sit on the tub's edge as he put the call into the doctor. As Sharp went out to wait for the medics, Ahsoka grabbed a look at herself in the refresher's mirror.
"This doesn't look so good. What's going on with me?" She alisema as blood was starting to bead and her stomach turned.Turning her a very pale shade of green." Where's the patient private?" The resident doctor alisema making...
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Due to boredom and someone on Facebook who was curious to know all of them i decided to write all the beginning nukuu of season 1 and 2 enjoy

Season 1

Ambush- Great leaders inspire greatness in others

rising malevolence- Belief is not a matter of choice but of conviction

Shadow of malevolence- Easy is the path of wisdom for those not blinded kwa themselves

Destroy malevolence- A plan is only as good as those who see it through

Rookies- the best confidence builder is experince

Downfall of a droid- trust in your Marafiki and they will have reason to trust in you

Duel of the Droids- wewe hold on to your...
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Blaster moto rocketed past my head, shattering the stone ukuta behind me.
These bounty hunters are becoming pretty bold, I thought, either that or
just zaidi stupid. There was a time when they wouldn’t stray too far from the
safety of the Outer Rim, but now they were almost a regular sight on the back
streets of Coruscant. Count Dooku and the Separatists were willing to pay a
hefty sum to anyone who could kidnap a member of the Galactic Senate, so
any fool with a blaster and a starship headed here, to my town. And as the
commander of the Coruscant Guard, it was my job to stop them. The Guard was
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hujambo everyone this is my first attempt at a real fanfic hope wewe enjoy. This is dedicated to my padawan learner GalindaGirl who came up with the idea i really hope wewe enjoy it.

Anakin walked the halls of the jedi temple in trying to be extra quite. The sun wasn't out yet and most jedi were either sleeping au in deep medatation. He made his way to his padawan, Ahsoka's quaters. Once he made it there he knocked on her door.
A sleepy-eyed Ahsoka opened the door half way. She was surprised to see her master there so early. "Master" she alisema sleeply, "what are wewe doing here is everything...
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