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posted by Icepaw_Kenobi
3/9/11: Phew, that was a lot zaidi work than it seems like it should have been. This is what I have so far, and I still have quite a way to go. Thanks to all the people who sent me links; it helped tremendously. If wewe find a mistake such as a broken au inaccurate link, misspelled character, would like to remove your story, etc, please feel free to message me.

Just Another siku on the Job
Author: AaronThomas (link)
Timeframe: nyota Wars: The Clone Wars
Characters: Rex, Nix, Boomer, Snipes, Jinx, Ahsoka
Part 1: link
Part 2: link

The Trials of the Jedi
Author: AaronThomas (link)
Timeframe: nyota Wars: The...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Sorta fluffy, ik.
Obi/Ahsoka, Ani/Ahsoka, Rex/Ahsoka.
Please read and comment! I'm begging you!

Ahsoka flopped on her kitanda and contemplated the last seventeen days, and Master Kenobi. Ever since she was a little girl she had heard rumors about Master Kenobi. Obi-Wan Kenobi, master duelist. Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Negotiator. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn, Master of the Chosen One. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, and youngest member of the Jedi High Council. Obi-Wan Kenobi, sith-killer. Obi-Wan Kenobi, assumed dead after seventeen days of being missing. To speak lightly of it, Ahsoka missed...
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Okay, normally I write my shabiki Fics in parts, but I thought I'd make one that's just that one. It isn't that good, please enjoy.

“How are wewe little Soka?” Plo Koon asked as he picked up a four-year-old Togruta Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka laughed as she was picked up and held in Plo Koon’s arms with the large seeker blindfold kofia, chapeo on her head. It was too big for the small girl; it tilted on her head and wobbled. Ahsoka had always been a small little girl, small for her age, yet to Plo Koon she had grown up so fast. “I’m good,” Ahsoka alisema in her small adorable sweet voice. “I cut the...
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posted by starwars101
Obi-wan stumbled down the hall and into his room, sweating. Satine had just boarded, and it hadn't gone well. Satine had stepped onto the deck, regal as ever in her royal attire. The sekunde he saw her, he'd broken out in a sweat. He blamed it on the room temperature. He would have to tell Anakin to check the thermostat inayofuata time. The chajio, chakula cha jioni kengele rang, interrupting his thoughts, and Obi-wan turned, and ran down the hall, stomach churning as he realized he'd have to see Satine at dinner.

" Obi-wan, I wewe to pass the salt please asked" alisema Yoda, sounding a little irritated. Obi-wan looked up...
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OK, o, this might be a little bit lame, but this is my first fanfic, so take pity on me. Plz review anyway!

"Obi-wan, I..." Satine struggled against her captor's arms, tears streaking down her cheeks. "Obi-wan, I..I upendo you" her beautiful, moon-like eyes stared into his eyes pleadingly. Obi-wan knew it was time. He had to tell her.

" I..I upendo you, too" he breathed, nervously, but at the same time, triumph filled his heart. If only they could kiss...

Obi-wan Kenobi, Jedi master, sat up in bed, sweating. Why did he always have that dream? Why? With shaking hands, he brought his cup of water...
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This piece was created as shabiki art only. Not to be used for advertising au any commercial purposes. Part two.
sanaa ya shabiki
aperture's eye
“What??” Cade asked teal eagerly.
“I know what he means kwa Rose!!! Okay, when wewe asked if he knew someone with the name Rose I immediately thought no. But he does, her name isn’t Rose. But Rosalinda, Rosalinda Sandrea. She’s the daughter of Kind Sandrea of Naboo, she helps out the Senator of Naboo and she’s quite the Sleuth from what I know. She’s helped out the police a few times with cases; Master’s met her multiple times. He speaks highly au her, and can sometimes act different around her. He must be referring to her.”
“You mean the person that looks after See Threepio...
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posted by rexsgirl123
Thorn: This is my shabiki fiction. Don't think it's stupid.

Cody: Rex, what did the Togruta say to her human boyfriend?

Rex: Hell if I know.

Cody: This is just wrong! What are we doing?

Rex: Not funny. Two drunks hail a cab, after the driver realizes they're drunk, he drives really fast and then dumps them. The first drunk pays and then the other slaps the driver. "Why'd wewe hit him?" Drunk 1 asks. "For driving to fast!" The sekunde drunk answers.

Cody: Wow, that was really dumb.

Rex: So?

Cody: Well, a soldier tells his general in charge that his wife wanted to get pregnant. He got the siku off.

Rex: BOO!!!

Cody: Shut up!

(Cody and Rex ngumi, punch each other.)

Ahsoka: Boys, stop please!

Rex and Cody: Yes?

Ahsoka: When a girl wants attention, just say "Boys." Ha, so easy.

Rex: Can we go shoot droids?

Ahsoka: Sure.

Rex and Cody: Yay!!!!
Thorn: Hope wewe liked it.
posted by starwarsfangirl
I decided that I have no idea where I'm going with this so... here wewe go!

"Siri? But, I thought wewe were dead!" Cried Obi-Wan and Garen in perfect unison. "Uh, so did I, trust me. I wasn't expecting to be raised from the dead, but I was." Siri responded, smirking at how startled the two were. "Master Tachi? But, how'd this happen?" Anakin asked. "I have no idea Anakin. kwa the way, DANG you've grown! But if anyone should be asking how this happened, it should be me!" She exclaimed. "And who is this? Don't tell me, wewe have your first Padawan now?" she asked, gesturing towards Ahsoka. "Yes. He...
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posted by OrganaGirl400
I walked down the hallway to my room. Horrible day? Check. I pressed the door open button. Just open stupid door!
"Don't break it, Cass. We only have one door." alisema my incredibly annoying sister, Maia. I rolled my eyes and chucked my bag at her.
"Ow! What did wewe put in this?!!" she yelled. My books. And blaster. I didn't answer. I walked over to her and snatched the bag back.
" Where are wewe going?" she asked me, holding onto my bag.
"Why do wewe need to know?" I said. I pulled my bag. She didn't let go.
"Gimme my bag!!" I yelled. She still held on. I think she is almost as stubborn as...
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posted by captainrexbest
Chapter 10

reminder of the clones that are here: I don't even need this thing anymore...


Quay: Can I do it?

Me: You've done it too many times.

Quay: Aww...


Quay: *winces* Why must wewe yell?

Me: Shut up... *turns on digital recorder* Say the disclaimer to the red light, Toby.

Toby: *on recorder* Spottedpelt does not own nyota Wars: The Clone Wars only her OCs.

Me: Thank wewe Toby. You'd better get back to Blaze before he misses you. BTW Fan: Nu Quitta be Jedi! Prefers to stay a gazillionaire now. On with the story!...
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This piece was created as shabiki art only. Not to be used for advertising au any commercial purposes. Part one of my Clone Wars motion photo-comic, "Aperture's Eye". The events of which take place simultaneously with my photo-comic "Vanishing Point".
sanaa ya shabiki
posted by captainrexbest
Chapter 3

Me: Quay disclaimer cus well again Levi is in a cabin, kibanda injured.

Quay: Spottedpelt does not own nyota Wars: The Clone Wars only her OCs: Levi, Bud, Buddy, Christian (chris), Twister, and Hurricane.

Me: On with the story! Kinda scary this chapter...


Levi's pov

" How can wewe promise something wewe can't do?" I whispered. " I know I'm going to be blind. There's nothing wewe can do about it." He stroked my head softly. Funny how soft his hands are. I thought they'd have callouses from handling a blaster all the time,...
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posted by captainrexbest
Chapter 8

reminder of the clones that are here: Rex, Denal, Bud, Buddy, Coric, Jayfeather, Jesse, Hardcase, Christian, Max, Tracer, and Firebaze.


Quay: *ish still ducktaped*

Me: umm i've ran out of people. LongLiveTheClones aka Diana will be doing the disclaimer.

Diana: Spottedpelt does not own nyota Wars: The Clone Wars, only her OCs, including Bud, Buddy, Jayfeather, Christian (Chris), Max, Tracer, and Fireblaze (Fire B. au Blaze.)

Me: Thank you, Diana.

Diana: No problem.

Me: I still don't know if I'm going to untie Quay. And I think I will because I'm going to put...
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added by xwolf19
Source: me!
posted by AaronThomas
"Hey guys, guess what I found..." Snipes finally spoke up. He pulled out a disassembled Wookie Crossbow.

"Hey! Isn't that one of those thingies?" Nix asked.

"Sure is, pretty sweet huh? I'm gonna add this to my inventory of Snipe's Hard Ware."

"Snipes, I'm surprised wewe still keep that open. Do other clones really buy your stuff?" I asked.

"Indeed they do, I get some pretty unique payment for my wares. Remember when I found that broken lightsaber hilt?"

"Oh yeah, I heard the clone who bought it made it into a blade." Nix said.

Boomer added, "And remember when wewe found a Captain's Garment? Do you...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Have wewe ever wondered who Obi-Wan's family was?
I have.
This is who I decided they were. :)
He's now the youngest of six kids according to me.
So... enjoy. :)
Btw, Anakin's sixteen in this story. Obi-Wan's sixteen years older than him.

Anakin searched through all the records of the Jedi Archives, looking for anything he wasn't supposed to look at. Eventually, he came to a file captioned, "Jedi Youngling Files: Restricted". Smirking to himself, he pulled out the tape and went over to one of the terminals. He pulled out his ear phones and plugged them in, so as to make sure no one else heard what...
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posted by captainrexbest
Chapter 7

reminder of the clones that are here: Rex, Denal, Bud, Buddy, Coric, Jayfeather, Jesse, Hardcase, Christian, Max, Tracer, and Blaze

Me: I'm back guys. I didn't qualify for state in math/science, but I got into National Honor Society. Just because I want to give myself a treat this chapter is going to be longer than my normal about 1,000 words. I'm going to shoot for 2,000-3,000. Levi Granted, disclaimer.

Levi Granted: I'm in nyota Wars, but I'm not owned kwa George Lucas. Spottedpelt nor I own nyota Wars, but I'm in it.

Me: That wasn't quite what I was shooting for, but wewe get the gist....
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added by GalindaGirl
Source: Herinteractive.com for the game and me for puting it together