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posted by Jib1001
i upendo the relationship with steven and pearl and Pearl acts so motherly kind and nice to steven and she alisema she treats him like her own son. i mean steven never knew rose his mother but pearl totally acts like rose as a mom who cares for steven and protects him from danger i like pearl and steven even though steven loves pearl too and along with garnet and amethyest i think they are good couple as mother+son bound. and steven can be screwing everything up at times but he then becomes serious when she tells him that i mean pearl too me has a good personality and has good hair and beautiful...
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posted by garnetmeup
i think garnet is the laundry master.
i have a theory in the episode where garnet got attracted to the arcade game we see that she turns it on with electricity we also see this in when it rains when garnet shocks the gem mutant. when steven ask garnet how do wewe get the washing machine to work she alisema magic. but it wasn't she use her electricity ability to shock the washing machine and dryer to work.also we all know garnet is a fusion and she can has electricity powers to she use it on arcade machine and she could absorb energy kwa lightning sooo can garnet be the langrey master if she can work a arcade machine without a plug than she couldn't garnet work a washing machine with her electricity powers without plumbing. so also a littel exray when there was a power outage than garnet could of power there house.
funny joke in the meassege garnet powerd gregs van battery sooo greg use garnet as free gas
It was a beautiful siku in beach, pwani City. Steven was sleeping in his kitanda when all of a sudden he was awoken kwa Jasper, who wanted to apologize for what she has done and that she actually enjoyed everyone's company before the Diamonds left. She decided to do so kwa taking him out to do something.
"HEY hujambo SLEEPY HEAD!!!" She alisema with a grin on her face. Steven still didn't even budge. He lied there like a dead panya on a rock. Since that didn't work, Jasper decided to pick up his kitanda and turned it around. It did the trick perfectly. Steven woke up to see that he was high off the ground and that Jasper...
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posted by garnetmeup
hello steven univerese mashabiki i thought of a cool new idiea for a steven universe game . if wewe know plats vs zombies garden warfare 1 and 2 that good because that the game im thining of makeing for steven universe but i need all your help to make this possibul . i want all of wewe to make 3 new gem 3 new gems thst never seen in show,desions fo charerters,powers and more. wewe can post them in the maoni . if this game is possibul and be created then all of us will make the best steven universe game ever.
posted by KCLives28
Fusion Mysteries

I have a swali about Bismuth and Pearl. Do wewe remember how Pearl jumped into Bismuth's arms? Well if they were happy to see each other shouldn't they have fused? The only thing that could not have made this fusion possible was if Bismuth was not happy. Maybe Bismuth was not happy because of what happened between her and Rose Quartz. (If wewe watched to the end of the episode where Bismuth came in wewe would understand.) I still have 2 zaidi questions. Why didn't Bismuth tell the Crystal Gems about what happened? Also, what did Rose Quartz tell the Crystal Gems about Bismuth's disappearance. Anyway I hope these made wewe think a little.