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“Is it better yet?” Meg asked careful, knowing better. Some cold water and cream weren’t going to help. Cas needed medical attention.
Cas shook his head, trying really hard to keep it together. “No” he alisema difficult. “I need a doctor”
“We can’t take wewe to a doctor, Cas. Everyone out there is looking for you” Meg explained remorseful.
“Then get Anna here” Cas panted. “She can heal people”
Now that Cas had alisema it Meg could slap herself. Why hadn’t she thought of that herself? She looked at the ceiling and called for the angel.
“Why are wewe calling me?” Anna...
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Sam and Dean parked their car in front of the fifth church they found. The awali four had all been empty. They hoped luck would be on their side for a change.
Dean pushed the door of the church open and looked inside.
“Hello?” he called. When they didn’t get a response he cursed. “Have all priests been abducted kwa aliens au something?”
“I don’t know. Maybe Lucifer foresaw our plan and prevented it kwa killing all priests” Sam replied concerned.
They heard a noise somewhere at the back of the church. The door of the confessional opened and a man in robes came out.
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Meg opened the door and carried a basket and a bowl of water inside the room.
“What’s that?” Sam asked, with a nod at the basket. Meg didn’t answer, but walked straight to Cas. She took his chin and lifted up his head, so she could look in his eyes.
“Cas?” she alisema softly. Cas blinked slowly and difficult. Why hadn’t she been able to tell the difference? She turned her head to the brothers. “We need help. We need someone religious, like a priest”
“Okay” Sam replied. “Come on, Dean, let’s go”
But Dean stared at Cas and Meg. He didn’t want to leave them alone with...
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Dean held his hands tightly against his ears, but Cas’ screeching still found its way in. The door opened and Meg appeared.
“Sam needs wewe in there. He wants to try again” she alisema with heavy voice. She walked past him to the bathroom.
Dean entered the room and froze at the sight of Cas’ mutilated body.
“Are wewe with me, Dean?” Sam asked sharp. Dean inhaled deeply through his nose.
“Let’s just get it over with” he replied.
“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica...”...
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“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica...
Ergo, draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica, adjuramus te ... cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare...
Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis...
Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine... quem inferi tremunt...
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine.
Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire,...
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Sam opened the door to the men’s room and saw Cas sitting on the cold stony floor. Sam rolled his eyes, thinking Cas was being dramatic again, and he walked towards him. But when he’d reached him he noticed Cas’ eyes were closed.
Sam bent through his knees and touched Cas’ shoulder. “Cas? Wake up, dude” he said.
Cas slowly opened his eyes and looked at Sam. “I passed out, I think”
“Yeah” Sam replied. He threw Cas’ arm over his shoulder and helped him stand up. But the moment Sam let go of Cas, Cas grabbed his stomach and gasped for air. He bent through his knees and collapsed....
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Cas was standing in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. He looked very pale and his body felt like it was on fire. His hands had started itching again and this time Cas couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the mirror cupboard and took the scissors. He tried to open it, but the bandage was too tick and inconvenient to even hold it for five seconds.
He brought his right hand to his mouth and his teeth chewed the bandage. He unwounded the bandage with his teeth and when his hand was free, he used it to take the bandage off his left hand. He threw the bandage on the floor and looked at his scarred...
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Alarmed kwa the blast Heather shoved the curtains in her living room aside. “Oh my God” she alisema shocked as she saw Meg’s body lying on the street. She ran outside, while she searched for her phone. When she realize she didn’t have it on her, she signed at a few passengers. “Don’t just stand there like some kind of idiots. Call 911!” she yelled angry.
She kneeled inayofuata to Meg and lifted her T-shirt. She turned away and covered her mouth. There was an awful lot of blood.
Five dakika later the ambulance, magari ya wagonjwa was driving to the hospital. Heather searched through Meg’s mfuko wa fedha, mfuko and conjured...
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Meg opened the door of Heather’s house and walked outside. She turned around and looked Heather sharp in the eyes. “If something happens to Cas, because of what wewe gave him,…” She couldn’t find a threat that was frightening enough.
“Mm-hm” Heather nodded, her lips pressed. “But you’re just friends” she ametoa maoni sarcastically. Meg rolled her eyes and walked away, while Heather went back inside.
“Hey, Meg!”
Meg gasped as she recognized the voice. Would he really dare attacking her in the middle of the day, in the middle of a crowded street?
“It’s not very nice to...
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Cas kicked the door of their bedroom open. Daphne was sitting on juu of Mitch.
“Daphne” Mitch said, looking at Cas.    
“Don’t worry” Daphne alisema with a heavy voice. “That’s my husband. He knows I have my needs. It’s not my fault he’s incompetent”
Mitch pushed her off of him and searched for his clothes. Cas turned around and ran downstairs.
“What are wewe doing?” Daphne asked grumpy. “Come back in bed”
“Are wewe completely out of your mind?” Mitch exclaimed.
“Oh, please, wewe knew I was married” Daphne said.
“That was really low” Mitch said. “Get dressed. I’m done here. wewe go find someone else to consider your needs”
“Come on, don’t be like that” Daphne said.
They heard an enormous crack and they jumped.
“What the hell was that?” Mitch asked.
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Meg opened her eyes and looked around confused. It took her a while to realize she was in the spare room. She got out of kitanda and walked to the door. When she was outside she room she heard noises from outside her and Cas’ room. She walked to it as in trance and opened it.
Jo was putting clothes in boxes.
“What are wewe doing?” Meg asked slowly.
“Oh” Jo exclaimed surprised and she turned around. “I didn’t hear wewe come in”
“What are wewe doing?” Meg repeated trembling.
“I’m storing Cas’ clothes in boxes. I figured wewe wouldn’t be able to put yourself up to it, so I volunteered”...
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After a couple hours of driving Sam got tired. He pulled over and poked Dean to wake him up. Dean sat up and rubbed his eyes. “What?” he mumbled sleepy.
“Your turn to drive” Sam said. He stepped out and walked around the car, while Dean moved to the driver’s seat. Sam stepped back in at the passenger seat, but Dean made no movements on starting the car.
“I’m tired, Sammy” he alisema soft.
“You’ve been sleeping for the last two hours. How can wewe be tired?” Sam asked surprised.
“I mean I’m tired” Dean repeated and he turned to Sam. “I’m tired of it all. I’m tired...
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Anna walked towards a blonde angel, who stared ahead of her.
“You failed” she alisema when Anna came standing inayofuata to her.
“I asked Meg if she wanted me to wipe her memories of Cas, but she refused” Anna defended herself. “What was I supposed to do? Just take them?”
The blonde Angel turned to her. “Yes” she replied cold. “Unfortunately, there’s no time for that anymore” she continued, looking back upfront. “We have to prepare. Castiel’s body will shortly return to the Heavens where it belongs”
“Did we have to let it get that far?” Anna asked careful.
The blonde...
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“I’m going to pack our bags” Sam decided. “We’ve stayed in this town for far too long”
“I can call mom and ask her if wewe can crash at her place for a few days” Jo offered.
Sam nodded in agreement, then he looked at Dean. “I know wewe want to stay here, to be close to Cas, but I think it’s better if we go somewhere where we won’t be reminded of all this”
Dean shrugged and stood. He walked to the door and headed to his car. He opened the door and got in at the driver’s seat.
“Mom says it’s okay” Jo alisema soft after hanging up. “She’ll be happy to see wewe boys...
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Sam parked the car in front of their motel. Dean was in no state to drive and even if he was he’d be capable of crashing into a wall. He helped Dean walk to the porch, while he tried to find his key with his free hand.
He could’ve saved himself the trouble, though. The door opened and Jo appeared. She moved aside and let Sam carry Dean inside. He brought him to the kitanda and put him down. Dean fell down and closed his eyes.
Sam walked towards Jo.
“Is he going to be okay?” Jo asked with a concerned nod at Dean.
“Physically, sure” Sam replied. “Emotionally, I don’t think so. Not...
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