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ambra posted on Sep 30, 2009 at 08:55PM
I was thinking that it would be a nice thing know everyone's favourites episodes of SPN and why,what things make those episodes our favourites,just to know our tastes better,and i thought that make a pick would be impossible so i decided to make a topic so everyone can be free to say everythig he wants!
hope you like the idea!

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita toti8 said…
1.The Monster At The End Of This Book
I loved this eppy because it was hilariously funny with the comments about the fans!Besides,the plot was breathtaking with all the action and drama and especially the last scene where the archangel scares Lilith away.This is my all-time fave eppy from the entire TV history!
2.No Rest For The Wicked
This episode is my second fave because of Little Blonde Lilith's outstanding performance!She gave me the creeps!In addition the countdown till Dean's death was heartbreaking!
3.Sympathy For The Devil
This is episode is what I call ''Shock after shock''!!I was constanly shocked with what I saw!The revelation that Dean's Michael's vessel was a major bitch-slap and Lu pleading Nick for his vessel was sooo creepy!!
4.The Rapture
I LOVED this eppy because ( know why.....:D)it was the eppy in which Castiel had the most screentime ever!It was pure eye-candy for me!I enjoyed watching the story about Castiel's vessel aka Jimmy which was very interesting.Jimmy was sizzling hot!!!In addition,I liked that I saw Cas/Jimmy's emotional side.
5.Jus in Bello
The plot was captivating and I loved the eerie feeling that the boys and the people in the prison were preparing for the battle with the demons!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita LEH-Pjevsen said…
There're so many great episodes, but I’ll try to make a top 5:)
1. Wishful Thinking.
Why?? Where do I start? ... The big alcoholic, suicidal, and hilarious softener Teddy Bear, Audrey, Todd, the idea of an actual wishing well and it's consequences, the brotherly moment both good, funny and sad, the quotes, the... I think you got it now; the episode was both hilarious and serious. It had everything, and was just plain perfect!
2. All Hell Breaks Loose part 1.
Because it was the only episode which made me cry. It was so sad, exciting, epic, and Dean’s speech to Sam when he was dying in his arms, *sniff* it was so sad that I loved it, and we got some answers on things we’d been waiting for, for a long time.
3. Something Wicked.
I like seeing the boys as kids, and here was the “real” first time, and Dean’s guilt about almost killing Sam, even though it wasn’t his fault, it just shows how protective he is about Sam.
4. The End.
Future Dean had an interesting POV, and it was interesting/funny to watch both our Dean and future Dean together. Lucifer-Sam was hot, and the white suit… *Drooling,* and my boys realized they do need each other, and are back together, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!
5. It’s a Terrible Life.
Smith & Wesson, like the gun, two new persons, looking extremely hot, just like the Winch… Wait, they ARE the Winchesters… I found this episode really interesting, how the brothers didn’t know each other, but there still was a bond which kept them together, and we saw Zachariah for the first time, I finally got to really hate someone, for the first time, on the show;P
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita joose32 said…
Ok *SPOILER* for those who have not watched season 5 yet
In no particular order but...

1. My Bloody Valentine
Because it was funny ok kinda gross in the beginning and end but Cas eating burgers ADORABLE it was about time he fed Jimmy. Loved the cupid scene so hilarious especially when they push Cas to comfort cupid lol
2. The Rapture
Of course because it was a Castiel/Jimmy centered episode and it was good to find out more on Jimmys background. Hated when he got shot but aww *tear* at the part where Cas was in his daughter and Jimmy said "please Castiel take me, you take me" I cried lol
3. Yellow Eyed Fever
No Cas but it's still my favourite. It's so hilarious i love the funny episodes and scared Dean, Bobby's right "he's adorable" lol love the scene with Bobby and the boys at the end and Jensen does Eye of the Tiger :D
4. The End
Argh i hate that someone shot Bobby in the back!! Loved this ep though. Two Deans *faints* and past Dean calling future Dean a dick lol which i totally agree with coz he sacrificed Castiels life! Loved Hippie Cas lol I loved watching him smile and laugh in this one it was so cute and when he laughed and said "what? I like past you" lol The Sam/Lucifer and Dean part was so heartbreaking :(
5. Changing Channels
LMAO in this episode. The parodys of other shows was to freakin funny. Deans fangirl face when he sees Dr Sexy lol I think that's what i'd do if i saw Castiel or Sam and Dean lol The Trickster turning out to be an Angel!! OMG call me slow for people who saw that coming but i honestly didn't. When Cas said he was too powerful to be a trickster i was just like so he's a demon! lol and of course can't leave without saying something bout Cas. Loved the "pretty boy angel" reference to him. They were so right to use that :D