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Dean’s eyes snapped open as he jumped back into reality. He lifted a hand and ran it through his hair, and turned over to see the cheap motel clock. He sighed. It read 3:21am. He knew it was no use trying to get back to sleep for at least another half hour; once the nightmares had been planted there, they tended to stick around for at least that long, sometimes a few days...which meant a few days even less sleep. He pulled his arm from the covers and felt his way to the floor, grabbing his trusty whiskey bottle that was lying just under the bed. Knowing all too well kwa the feel of it that it was pretty much empty, he picked it up anyway and sat up, glancing over at Sam’s kitanda a few feet away, then stopped dead.
Sam’s kitanda was empty. Again.
Dean hated jumping to conclusions about his brother, especially when they weren’t particularly good ones, but this was the sekunde time in the last couple of months that he had caught Sam doing this. There was something off about it, and Dean didn’t like the ukuta of mistrust that seemed to be building higher and higher between them since he’d come back from Hell. The two way mitaani, mtaa that had felt so secure and familiar now appeared, to Dean, to be only one way, with him revealing things to Sam and not receiving any in return. It had been a good few weeks since Dean had finally got the courage to tell Sam the truth about Hell, and, to be fair, he had listened to Dean’s stories and been there when Dean had woken up in the night...well, most of the time, Dean thought darkly, glaring at Sam’s empty kitanda as if doing that would make him stroll through the door at any aliyopewa minute.
Dean had never been awake when Sam had returned from these mysterious trips, although it would be very possible for him to do so. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know where Sam went, and whenever he did ask him, he never got clear answers. He was sick of it. He unscrewed the lid to his bottle and took the last swig of it, then lay it on the floor again and lay down, trying to clear his head.
inayofuata thing he knew, sunlight was peering through the thin slits in the curtains where they hadn’t shut properly, and Sam was waking him up.
“Dude, get up. We’ve got to go. Interview? With the sheriff? Ten o’clock? Ring any bells?”
Dean rubbed his eyes and glanced at the clock beside him again. It read 9:15am. He looked away from the clock and turned to look his brother in the eyes.
“Where were wewe last night?”
Sam’s face dropped a couple of notches that only his brother would notice; he was very good at lying – after all, it was part of their job – but Dean knew his face too well to be fooled kwa it. Sam’s expression recovered in a mgawanyiko, baidisha sekunde that anyone else would have missed.
“What? What do wewe mean?”
Dean wasn’t in the mood for this. He’d had it for months now. “I mean wewe taking a little trip somewhere at three in the morning Sam, that’s what I mean.”
Sam caught his brother’s tone and sensed he was pissed off immediately. He looked down.
“I went out to get some fresh air, I couldn’t sleep.”
Yeah, wewe and me both, Dean thought.
Sam looked up at his brother at the tone of disbelief in his voice. Why did he always have to do this? Was he looking for a fight? Sam met Dean’s eyes and regretted it; he hated that look Dean pulled sometimes, a mix between sucking on a lemon, limau and the sting of betrayal. Truth be told, Sam really had gone out to get some fresh air last night, but not quite for that reason. He thought fresh air may help his hunger, au at least distract the yearning in his gut. And it had, to an extent.
But only to an extent.
Just like the first time he’d had a patient Cas just needed to close his eyes and concentrate. When he opened his eyes he and Alexia were standing in front of a poor looking house.
“I don’t think the people that live here will have the money to pay you, uncle Emmanuel” Alexia alisema sad.
“I won’t ask for money” Cas replied. “The mother and her son can offer me their gratitude. That will be enough”
That cheered Alexia up. “You really are a good person, uncle Emmanuel”
Cas frowned. It seemed like Alexia was trying to convince him of that, but he didn’t know why. He walked...
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Hearing room 2
Paul morgan was sitting at the dawati looking at Meg who shot provoking looks back.
“Meg Masters” he alisema soft. “What were wewe doing in Mr. and Mrs. Allen’s house?”
“Looking for cookies” Meg answered with a smirk.
“You couldn’t go to the store?” Paul asked frowning.
“No, I’m kind of broke” Meg said. “I would have to steal them. Besides, I knew it would piss off Daphne and that’s basically why I did. Mrs. Allen doesn’t like me very much, wewe see”
Paul nodded. “That wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’ve been trying to get-forgive...
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season 14
300th episode
sneak peek
season 14
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season 13
sneak peek
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Dean Winchester
Night came in and Cas was standing on a crossroad. He buried a small, tin box in the ground and then took a step back.
“Get your punda down, here, Crowley!” he yelled.
A few long sekunde later Crowley appeared. “Give me one good reason why I wouldn’t kill wewe this very instant”
“Because I have something better in store” Cas said. He took a deep breath and then continued. “You have to bring Dean back to life”
“Let me guess, I get your soul in return” Crowley alisema bored. “Sorry, but that’s getting so old. Nice chatting” He wanted to leave, when Cas quickly said: “Not...
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Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Daphne lifted one of the meza, jedwali legs that had broken off of the living meza, jedwali and walked behind Mitch.She lifted the leg and smashed it down on Mitch’ head. He dropped on the floor and blood dripped out of his head.

Daphne parked her car in front of ngome Café. She got out of her car and dragged Mitch to the front porch. She dropped him there and walked back to her car and drove away.
A few sekunde later another car opened and Zoey walked to the ngome Café.
“Hey, are wewe alright?” she asked.
“Aah” alisema Mitch groaning, who could barely keep his eyes open. “Your sister bashed my head....
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Meg looked around the police station. So that was why no one was answering her calls for help. They were all dead. There were bodies everywhere and their insides were torn out. The floor was covered in blood.
Meg looked up. Daphne had entered the building. She stared shocked at the bodies.
“You killed all those people” she alisema trembling. It wasn’t a question, but an observation. “You’re going to hurt zaidi people. I can’t let wewe do that”
“You can’t handle me. I’m too strong for your” Meg said. She walked towards Daphne and passed her. If she was going to try something Meg could easily take her down.
However, as she passed by, Daphne jumped mbele and stabbed Meg in her neck with syringe, containing a red substance.
“Aaaahhh!” Meg gasped and she touched her neck. “What the hell are wewe doing?”
But Daphne had left the building and ran for her life.
Evan waved with the DVD.
“This is where it’s all about. Without this DVD Mr. Castiel wouldn’t be sitting here and no one would make him take responsibility for his actions. Your honor, if wewe allow me I would like to onyesha this DVD to wewe and the jury”
Daphne’s laptop was standing on a table.
“Objection!” Craig shouted for the sekunde time. ‘Daphne Allen is a woman suffering from a mental illness. Inspector Roberts took advantage of Daphne’s ignorance and though she didn’t have a tafuta warrant she still searched the house, which means the DVD doesn’t count”
The request to...
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Zoey rushed into the police station and headed to the head bureau, when the receptionist stopped her. “Miss, do wewe have an appointment? wewe can’t just walk in there”
“I need to speak with inspector Roberts. She took Emmanuel here for some questions” Zoey alisema breathing fast. “He didn’t do it. He didn’t kill Shannen”
“I’ll see if she’s available” the receptionist said. She pressed a button on the phone and a few sekunde later she got Isabel on the phone. She explained what was going on. She hung up and looked at Zoey. “Inspector Roberts will be here in a minute”
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Ten dakika later au something the door of the hearing room went open again. Isabel sighed irritated and looked up at the door. “I’m trying to work here”
“Well, wewe can stop. They’ve dropped charges”
Isabel pursed her lips. “Well, isn’t that convenient for you?”
“I don’t understand. Can I go?” Cas asked confused.
“Yes, wewe can go and I don’t want to see wewe here again” Isabel said. Cas stood up and walked to the door.
When he came at the entrance hall of the station he saw one familiar face. He was a little surprised it wasn’t Meg.
Zoey walked towards him. “I...
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