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posted by TamakiLover13
My inayopendelewa scene in Ouran is the coffee scene. I really hope wewe enjoy it!
Hatahi had just demenstrated how to make commoners coffee, and everyone is taste testing it.
Hatahi: Here.
Tamaki: Let the tasting begin.
Girl 1: I'm a little scared to drink this stuff.
Girl 2: Me too, I'm afraid that if I drink this my father would yell at me.
Tamaki: What if I let wewe drink it from my mouth? (Me doing a fangirl scream!)
Girl 2: Then I would drink it.
(Everyone does a fangirl scream.)
Hatahi: This is ridiculous.

So there wewe go my inayopendelewa scene. Please tell me what wewe think! And feel free to shabiki this!!
Tamaki stared at Haruhi from across the room, he felt so munch for her, but he couldn't figure out 'what' he felt for her au how to express 'What' how he felt.

"What's wrong Tama-chan?" Honey asked before he took a mouthful of cake.

"It's Haruhi, I feel very strange when I think about her, and see her, and talk to her....." Tamaki replied

"You think about Haru-chan?" Honey alisema after anther bite of cake

"NOT LIKE THAT!!!" Tamaki yelled

Honey just giggled, "Try thinking like me!"

Tamaki blinked "You've Lost me."

"I mean: Go over to Haruhi think sweet thoughts like I do and then tell her all the sweet...
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