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Gwen:thats the fourth time shes done this -rocks Alexa- Trent:It's getting really Annoying now -car alerm- -Gwen and Trent run to window- -Izzy gets in Courney's car and drive away with it- Gwen:was that Izzy? Trent: I think so -Trent picks up phone and call Courtney on his phone- Courntney:WHAT!?!? did wewe see who it was? Trent: we think it was Izzy Courtney:OK in the moring we will call -Yawns and hangs up the phone- -Gwen lays Alexa down and Gwen and Trent go to bed- (moring)-pounding at the door- Duncan:Trent open the door! Trent:DUDE! Alexa is sleeping shut up! Duncan:ok fine that was...
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Rochelle comes in
R: hujambo guys
T:oh hujambo Rochelle
G: when did she get here
T: just now
C: oh hujambo Rochelle
c: ROCHELLE goes over and hugs her
R: cody lay off
c: what ever
D: hujambo Rochelle
R: hi duncan
Ge: yo Rochelle whats up
R: nothing
B: oh hi Rochelle
R: bridgette how are wewe
B: fine I guess
R: cool
B: so Rochelle what do wewe wanna do
R: I'll be right back
D: where are wewe going
R: to get cleaned up
G: what is that supposed to mean
T: it means take a bath
R: finally some one knows
T: cool
R: ahh this is the life
D: laughs
R: splashes Duncan
D: hujambo
R: then go away
D: what ever
C: why are wewe soaked...
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posted by Seastar4374
 Thalia as a teen
Thalia as a teen
Annabeth: Man Thalia takes forever.
Percy: Yeah *sarcasticly* like wewe take short showers.
Annabeth: You're right.
Alexis: *shivering*
Percy: You're freezing you're butt off arn't you?
Alexis: Uh huh.
Thalia: wewe guys ready to go?
Annabeth: what took wewe so long.
Thalia: Oh lets see the fact that I was covered in mud.
Annabeth: Ok lets get going.
Alexis: Thalia I want to stay here.
Thalia: No swettie wewe have to come with.
Alexis: why?
Thalia: I can't leave wewe here alone.
Alexis: fine.
Annabeth: Come on we have to go like NOW!
Thalia: whats the hurry?
Annabeth: We have a train to catch.
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Duncan:I want to slap her across the face so hard now Mark:calm down daddy! Gwen:ill call Bridge -Trent and Duncan are be hidding behind the house talking- Trent:-snickers- Duncan:What? Trent:Calm down daddy -laughs so hard- Duncan:-holds up fist- wewe want to go there Trent?Trent:no sorry dude -Gwen Brigette and Counrtney with Brigette's kids- Courtney:Hey Bridge -Brigette puts down Stella and Keegan- Brigette:im so sorry about what happened Court -Stella and Keegan go kwa Mark,Megan,and Alexa- Stella and Keegan:Hey everyone Mark:Hello Meegan:Hey girl Alexa:H-hi K-keegan -blushes- Keegan:ooook...
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posted by Seastar4374
 Baby Alexis Daughter of Zeus
Baby Alexis Daughter of Zeus
Thalia: Annabeth? Percy?
Annabeth: I'm right behind you.
Thalia: Where did Percy go?
Annabeth: I don't know.
Thalia: We have got to keep a close eye on that boy.
Percy: hujambo girls.
Thalia: where were you?
Annabeth: and zaidi importantly why do wewe smell so bad?
Percy: umm.
Thalia: let me guess wewe fought a mounster and wewe got covered in guts.
Percy: ding ding.
Thalia: wewe smell like crap dude.
Percy: I know I know.
Thalia: well then go get cleaned up.
Percy : ok fin-
Thalia: We're here.
Annabeth: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Percy: I don't see whats so cute about another...
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R: Starts crying
T: whats wrong
T: don't worry I'll find him
R: sniffles really
T: sure
R: thanks hugs him
T: to himself how am I supposed to find it
D: hujambo dude
T: can wewe do me a favor
D: sure what is it
T: help me find Mr. Fluff
D: what no way
T: why
D: I don't like Rochelle
T: fine what do wewe want then
D: a tarehe with abby
A: that is never going to happen
T: where did wewe come from
A: I've been here the whole time
K: so have I
A: so wheres Rochelle
T: Dunno
D: looking for mr. Fluff
K: figures
A: she always loses him
T: In the same place
A: yup
T: where...
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C: ok I'm better now.
G: cool.
C: where are the others?
G: Getting their baths too.
C: and they were laughing at me.
G: well now its my turn. crawls to bath room.
T: thats better.
C: hujambo Trent.
T: wheres Gwen?
C: oh she went to get her bath.
T: Oh ok.
C: Wanna go for a walk?
T: I don't know how to walk.
C: Ok a crawl.
T: Sure.
G: Duncan what are wewe doing.
D: the same thing wewe are.
G: Wheres Geoff?
D: he's next.
G: cool.
G & D: Courtney and Trent where are you?
C: right here.
G: what about Trent?
T: right behind you.
G: AHH thats great now I need changed.
C: Nice Trent.
T: What I didn't...
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Abby comes in
R: wassup Abby
A: nothin Rochelle
D: hujambo babe
A: cut it out
R: she doesn't upendo wewe
D: and why not
A: you're not my type I don't like JD's
D: scuffs what ever
Kendar comes in
K: hi guys
D: oh hujambo kendra
R: whispers to abby whats gotten into him
A: dunno
ashley comes in
a: wassup peoples
R: thts it I" outy
T: outy?
a: girl talk
T: oh
K: Abby wanna walk around for a bit
A: sure lets go
They leave
K: why did wewe come
R: I have nothing better to do
A: what ever
K: lets keep going
D: now what
T: I'm out
Ge: where are wewe going
T: I'm tired
D: what ever...
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R: yawns is anyone else up
K: yeah Sadie and me are up
R: just wewe two
S: yup
R: ok then
S: I'll be right back
R: where are wewe going
S: to get somthing to eat
K: I'm coming with
S: ok
R: I swear they act like twins
T: thats because they are
R: Trent when did wewe get up
T: just now why
R: wewe scared me
T: opps sorry
R: its ok
I: wassup people
O: yeah what she alisema
R: ugh
T: whats wrong
R: I hate being surrrounded kwa people like this
T: easy easy I feel the same way
R: really
T: yes it drives me crazy too
K: ok we're good
R: finally
G: what bit wewe in the_
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T: yawns
D: still asleep
G: still asleep
B: still asleep
Ge: still asleep
C: still asleep
c: still asleep
I: still asleep
O: still asleep
H: still asleep
L: still asleep
T: I'm bored what is there to do around here.
B: yawns Thats what I'm wondering
T: when did wewe get up
B: right now
T: oh
I: where are wewe two going
T: we don't know
I: well I don't have anything better to do
B: neither do we
c: Trent can I talk to wewe
T: o.ok what do wewe want to talk about
B: crawls away
I: crawls away
c: do wewe upendo Gwen
T: yes why
c: so do I
T: well wewe can't have her
G: guys quit fighting over me
c: you...
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T: now what
L: well for starters go rinse that stuff off
G: shes right com'on lets go
T: coming
C: while they're doing that lets do fun
D: mto fight anyone
B: I'm in
Ge: so am I
C: what ever
c: so am I
C: Cody
c: what
C: what are wewe still doing here
c: I don't know
D: can we get back on track here
C: fine
Ge: lets go
T: now what Lindsy
L: facials anyone
T: no thanks
G: I'm in
T: I'm going to jiunge the others
L: ok
D: hujambo pretty boy
T: cut it out
D: fine
T: thank wewe
C: hits Trent with mto
D: ha
T: starts crying
B: not again
c: he didn't know what we are doing
Ge: dude its a mto fight...
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posted by Seastar4374
 Baby Percy son of Posidon
Baby Percy son of Posidon
Annabeth: ah the smell of strawberries
Percy: Annabeth what are wewe doing out here
Annabeth: uh what are wewe talking about
Clarisse: Seariously Percy
Percy: never mind what are wewe doing?
Annabeth: none of you're buisness.
Percy: what ever.
Clarisse: why don't wewe go do something else
Percy: like what
Clarisse: Oh I don't know go get eaten kwa a hellhound
Clarisse: storms away.
Annabeth: Percy are wewe okay wewe look pale?
Percy *sits down kwa Annabeth* Yea I'm fine.
Annabeth: wewe sure.
Percy: yeah.
Annabeth: what ever.
Thalia: Annabeth Percy there wewe two are I've been looking everywhere for wewe guys.
Annabeth: whats the emergency
Thalia: Fallow me
Percy: Go Annabeth I don't care.
Thalia: Percy wewe too.
Annabeth: come on Percy
Percy: Fine.
Thalia: Great now come along.
 Bayb Annabeth daughter of Athena
Bayb Annabeth daughter of Athena
 Baby Thalia the daughter of Zeus
Baby Thalia the daughter of Zeus
 Baby Clarisse the daughter of Ares
Baby Clarisse the daughter of Ares
posted by Seastar4374
Thalia: *tip toes into the cabin.*
Alexis: *drowsily* Thalia is that you?
Thalia: Yeah it's me and I thought wewe were asleep.
Alexis: well I wasn't.
Thalia: well go to sleep then we have a long siku ahead of us tommorow.
Alexis: Ok sissy. *curls up and goes to sleep*
Thalia: *Whispering and rubbing alexi's back.* Good night lil sis.
The inayofuata morning.
Annabeth: hujambo thalia.
Thalia: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Alexis: wakey wakey sleepy head.
Thalia: Ugh leave me alone.
Annabeth: hujambo PERCY COME HERE!
Thalia: *falls asleep.*
Percy: what do wewe need?
Annabeth: Help me pick Thalia up.
Percy: what are...
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Ly: thats it
B: thats it what
Ly; I'm done
B: so am I
Ly: come on lets get out
B: ok
Ly: hujambo bridgette
B: huh
Ly: are wewe tired
B: no why
Ly: because I am
B: well I am a little tired
Ly: just go lay down with me
B: lays down
Ly: are wewe feeling ok
B: I don't know
T: come here Bridgette
B: uh ok
T: feels Bridgettes forehead
B: well
T: you're burning up
B: what impossible
T: well wewe are
G: bridgette just go back to sleep
R: yeah
B: fine I will
T: well thats just great
R: whats wrong
T: Izzy has a new pet
I: hes friendly
I: huh
skunk sprays Trent and Rochelle...
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R: wanna know what wewe could do to relax
M: what would that be
R: take a bath for 2 reasons 1you stink and 2 to calm down
M: make me
R: oh wewe wanna go there picks up mackenzie
M: hujambo
R: throws her in the water
M: get me out of here
R: no way
M: splashes Rochelle
R: thats it slams door behind her and locks it
M: let me out of here
R: no way
T: wanna dance
R: wheres the muziki
T: turns on fireflies
T: Iknow its you're inayopendelewa song
R: thanks
T: no prob
They start dancing
G: We're coming we're coming
B: do wewe know...
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T=Trent G=Gwen B=Bridgette Ge=Geoff D=Duncan and C= Courtney.

T: hujambo guys.
G: hujambo Trent.
T: Gwen quit it.
G: Quit what?
T: Let go of me.
G: sorry.
B: Would wewe two knock it off.
T&G: Sorry
Ge; What are wewe guys doing today
All: the same thing we do every day.
Ge: which is?
All: nothing.
Ge: wewe are soo boring.
T: well its not our faults we're babies.
Ge: You're right.
C: Come on Duncan.
D: I'm coming I'm coming.
C: hujambo guys.
All: hey.
C: so what will we do today?
All: we don't know.
C: well I don't know either.
T: starts crying.
G: Trent whats wrong.
T: crawls away
C: that was accward
B: totally...
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-this is part of Alexa at her first siku of school- Alexa:-sighs- here I go -two girl run up the Alexa- Quinn and Carol:HEY!! were the twins Quinn and carol are wewe Gwen and Trent Daugther? Alexa:ahh yes? Quinn:we are Katie and Dj's Daugthers! Alexa:oh nice to meet im Alexa but wewe call me Lexi Carol:ok! -sassy girl in a purple silk dress and a girl in boots dressed like a cowgirl and girl with big glasses walk up- Beatrice:WHO are you? Jamie and jenny:YEAH! Alexa:oh hi im Alexa! -holds out hand- Beatrice:-laugths- did wewe just fly in from Stuidville? Alexa:OK wewe CAN BE ALL SASSY BUT WHE YOU...
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-about 4 weeks Izzy was found Courtney got her car and now it someone's birthday!- Gwen and Trent:one two three HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXA!Alexa:-yawns- W-what? Trent:-kisses head- happy 5th birthday lexi Gwen:get dressed the party started in a saa -the party starts and we are with Alexa and her friends- Megan:-starts crying- Alexa:Meg what's wrong? Mark:if wewe tell her Megan -Courtney walks in- Courtney:come on kids! Alexa:ohh CAKE! -runs in- Mark:MEGAN DON'T MAKE HER UNHAPPY! -go's in with everyone else- -with Gwen and Alexa in Lexi's room- Gwen:Lexi there's something wewe need to know about 5...
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-Alexa Mark Megan Stella and Keegan in the ball pit- Alexa:my lips are zipped Stella:come on Alexa it's been 3 hours tell me at the most Alexa:-laughs- I would rather tell a brick ukuta before I tell Stella the girl who can't keep a secret from a rock Megan:then tell me wewe know I can keep it Alexa:OK Meg the secret is... -with Courtney Gwen and Brigette- Gwen:can I tell wewe girls something? Courtney:yeah what is it Gwen:ok I'm pregnant Courtney and Bridgette:WHAT! does Trent know -Trent walks in- Trent:does Trent know what? Gwen:-sighs- Trent I'm pregnant Courtney stand behind Trent Courtney:OK...
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posted by princess2109
Gwen:-sighs- Trent:whats wrong Gwen:it's quite around here with Alexa sleeping Trent:well then -picks up gwen and spins around- Gwen: -laughing- Trent stop! Alexa:Mommy! Mommy! (Trent and Gwen run in Alexa room) Gwen:-picks up Alexa- whats wrong Alexa Alexa:-starts crying and points at window- Izzy:OH GOD! -jumps off roof- I'm stopping here to see if anyone likes it