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Gwen:Courtney.Courtney!Courtney:Gwen,leave me alone I'm trying to sleep.Gwen:Fine I'll leave the ngome alone.Courtney:What!?!Gwen:Pack your bags we are leaving the castle.Courtney:What!?!Gwen:Would wewe stop saying what?Now listen I'm tired of being watched and I don't want to be trained.What do say?
Courtney:No!I'm the good one in this family and I want it to stay that way.Gwen:No it's just that you're in upendo with the servant with a mohawk.Gwen's P.O.V Her face turned as red as a beet.I had her right where I wanted her.Even though I knew she liked him I had to give her a reason to leave.Gwen:If...
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upendo Is True wewe just dont find it on Animated Shows
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Ok First let me tell wewe wat they r 1st. Some of them are the same...
Trent:A Werewolf
Gwen:An WaterBender
Geoff:A Monkey
Courtney:Cat Girl
Noah:A Mole
Owen:A Gorilla
Izzy:A RattleSnake
Eva:A Tiger
Justin:A manly,hot,and sexy adventurer!!!
Heather:An ugly,annoying,short Troll
Ezekiel:An airbender
Katie and Sadie:Firebenders
Me/Anna:A witch (Good cute witch)
Harold:A dog
Beth:A turtle
DJ:An eagle
*At the creature School*
Courtney:Hey guys. *Sees a mouse* Mouse!!! *Chases it* Duncan:Babe...Heal!!! Courtney... I have yarn. * Pulls...
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don't want 2 b a couple idiot

don't want 2 make retared commets

and go i look like hostest

i never leared my alabet fom LT

some mashabiki r rape ingunwi and we don't need 2 do this it's not right

us fighting is like detintion accross the fan[pops nathon we all just need 2 suck it up

well maybey yhere r some skank couples

we don't need 2 say that on the fansite

we don't need 2 ripoti poeple in r agenda

and take a look at the f*g tdi's heather

some mashabiki r rape inganewi and we don't need 2 fight thats not right

y r we even fighting accross the fanpos nathion we shouldn't worry about fight at all

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