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Also a song I will use soon in one of my articles..x3 Oh and ignore the blury sound in the video. /=
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Gwen's pov!
another beating,another scar. here i am sitting on the cold,blood covered floor,crying my eyes out. its been 3 days and no Trent. maybe he just forgot about me....why does it all have to happen to me! i look at my tight chains on my wrists,neck,and feet. i`m up against the wall,chained. but i`m not standing. i heard stomping coming from upstairs. i curl into the wooden corner and hope its not him..just my luck,it is. "good morning."he grabbed his knife. "m-morning."i said. he walked towards me and got down on his knees and kissed me on the lips. he tasted like bia and drugs. i gagged...
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Trent's pov!
hi,it's me again. my life sucks...BIG time. why? well,here's a thing:the person i loved,Gwen,got married to Duncan. why the hell would she do that?!?! i loved her...i started to cry. why did it have to be now? why did it have to be him? why couldn't it be me? these maswali gave me a headache,so i lied down on my bed. i`m still single..only to wait for Gwen. but i can see she's married. my moyo ached. i had to go to the doctor every twice a mwezi to check on my moyo cause it's been very weak lately from all of the stress. i bet Gwen is off on her honey moon having the time of...
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Gwen's pov!
Okay,You know what? i`m really getting sick and tired of uigizaji like the loner stuck in the corner. i really need to get out and have some real fun. and about my boyfriend drama. they are always begging me to stay with them. like when Trent accidentally kissed Heather he got me to like him again kwa following me,UGH. and with Duncan. that bastard has got on my LAST nerve. a mwezi zamani i came nyumbani from my job and found him sucking face with my somewhat mortal enemy,Courtney. i need to call up my Marafiki and have a good night out. i`m gonna find out what its like to come out of the dark...
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P.S It is not a bad story about DxG but not a good one.
This a very good story about TxG

Gwens p.o.v

Yestarday i went to Duncans house i had the best time ever.I am going there again tonight.
"Hey Babe,how is pasty",Duncan Said.
"Good" Gwen replied.
"So i rented a movie and i bought us snacks"Duncan said.
Duncan and Gwen,watched the movie and then Gwen went home.
Gwens Bro Matthew asked where she went.
"I went to Duncans hoouse"
Gwen went to bed
End of flashback

When Gwen went to Duncans they went to Duncans karakana and Duncan play some guitar, gitaa for His girl.
"U play really well"Gwen Said
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trent *sleeping*
gwen trent r u awake
trent gwen *waks up* GWEN*hugs gwen* i'm happy that your alive
gwen trent i luv u
trent gwen i luv u 2
trent i was scread 2 death y did u make yourslef get shot
gwen i didn't want 2 c u get hurt
trent it's ok
gwen weres payton
trent he got arested
gwen y
trent i told the police that he shot u
gwen oh
trent i'm just really happy u r alive

the cractwers r trent gwen payton and courtney and duncan
i might make a sconde book u can coomet some idieas
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Gwen's pov!
I sat up quickly on a pull out kitanda on the couch. i was breathing hard. i looked around the room and saw teenagers sleeping,trash,drugs,and chakula everywhere. i saw that i was naked and so was a gorgeous green eyed teen. i pulled the sheet over my body. why do i smell like i got high and i drinked to much? i found some bia bottles and pipes that still had drugs in it,by me and him. that was such a party last night. i pulled on my clothes and walked over to the still on computer. oh my gosh! pictures of last night's party got on the internet! my eyes widened in fear. i saw the cute...
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trent's mom is he going 2 b alright
gwen *walks in the door*
commile*wispers * ah what is that doing here
gwen is he ok
kelsi y so u can b happy when he dies
gwen no
commile we know y he is here i will say it right now it was because of
gwen how is it my fault
kelsi cuuz u kissed dun, waliopelekwa i can't even say his retared name
gwen duncan is my boyfirend his name isn't retared
kelsi sute up
comille yeah if u ever call trent ever he wont pick up cuz umm he ah whats the word kels oh yeah he hates u
duncan gwen u...
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