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Chris locked all the doors kwa the click of a button.
Gwen's p.o.v
What do wewe want from us, Chris??
He laughed loud, and alisema we are doing a new season!!
everyone basically went bat crap crazy
Me and Duncan wanted to kill him on the spot, but he ran into a secret location, and announced:
Contestants!! this time wewe will be in identical rooms, and do challenges in these rooms, and never leave until wewe get voted off.
Few people shouted: that shouldn't be that hard!!
Chris laughed harder, and alisema Oh and I forgot to mention that each room will consist of two people, and will be selected randomly!!!
Me and Duncan looked at each other nervous.
How are we gonna get threw this?

Who will be paired with who?
Will Duncan get to be with Gwen?
And who will find Chris?

All this and zaidi inayofuata time!
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This is my first ever DxG fanfic ever and my stories useally are in script mode

*with Duncan*
Duncan's dad: yes it is Duncan wewe broke the law once again!
Duncan's dad: i don't care wewe live under my roof my house my rules!
Duncan: hujambo i thought they were laws becuase wewe decided to TAKE OVER MY LIFE!!
Duncan's dad: do i have to remind wewe what wewe did last night!
Duncan's dad: OK wewe AND YOUR Marafiki WENT INTO A 21 au OLDER BAR!!!
Duncan: SO i didn't drink anything!...
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Gwens P.O.V.
This is bad!Bad bad bad bad bad:( I couldn't stop thinking about Duncan!His green Mohawk, teal eyes... Ah! snap out of it! ok no zaidi Duncan. Trents annoying me so bad. Duncan and I wer- IM THINKING ABOUT HIM! Courtney is gonna kill me!
Duncans P.O.V.
I ran out of my house. Im gonna break up with Courtney. She called me all night long saying I upendo wewe Dunkie! kk nighty night!:p "Dunkie!" She jumped in my arms. She kissed my face 9 times. Wow Trent JR. I looked at Gwen over Courtneys shoulder. She looked so HOT!
Gwens P.O.V.
Duncan sat inayofuata to Courtney. "WHAT!" I heard Courtney...
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(Update!! Yay!!! Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!)

"Agh!" I opened my heavy eyelids to Trent's screaming. Then I realized why he was screaming. We were free falling from the plan! Again! I joined his screaming then everyone else realized what was happening. Apparently Chris and Chef had dragged us into the cargo hold and then dropped us.

"Hey kids! wewe better get into your paddle boats!" Chris shouted at us. I saw two swan boats falling with us. Duncan, Alejandro, Heather, and I grabbed onto one of them, while Trent and Cody grabbed onto the other one. Then we hit the water,...
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Duncan's P.O.V.

I'm waiting on my porch for when Gwen comes. "Hi Gwen!"
"Oh! I knew wewe lived on this street!"
"Well The name is Bone St."
"Oh. XD"
Gwen looked astonishing. Her hair was much longer from the last time I saw her. "Come on in."
"Wow. Nice House."
"Well this is my first house my parents don't live in."
"Really? So is mine!"
"I see wewe have a lot of video games."
"Oh my."

Gwen's P.O.V.

We played some of his video games. He had Sonic gems collection,and for some reason Spongebob, XD.
After that we were really tired. Duncan offered to let me spend...
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