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bella585 posted on Apr 07, 2009 at 04:39PM
i was sitting in the garage.i was so bored!!!i didn't have anything to do.i wasn't "hungry" to go hunting and bella wasn't there to joke with someone.then i remembered Alice.we haven't spent lots of time together so...she was my last hope to full my day.anyway when i spent time with alice i had great time.finally i found her to her bedroom and she was watching TV.i knew that jasper haven't come(like bella,edward and rosalie).
"HI ALICE"i wanted to scare her but i didn't manage to do that.

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

I looked at my bear- like brother, and i had to laugh. He would try it again, and again and gain. Whenever we were alone he tried his best to suprise me, sneaking up from behind. But the fact that we were so close, made that impossible. I loved every member of the Cullen family, but Emmett definatley was the easiest to hang around with. He never would give me too much trouble when i wanted him to take my mind off of things.

I currently managed to keep the thought of Bella and her wish out of my head, but it would have to be discussed again. I promised to her that i would change her, when Edward didnt do it himself. I saw Em coming an hour ago, so i was prepared and had already put on comfortable shoes. Not that i needed that, but it would look better if we went outside.

Alice Cullen: ''You will never learn it Emmett? That just wont work, even if i couldnt forsee the future. You are just too loud and i have my Vampire Instincts on.''

Emmett Cullen: ''I just wanted to scare my little sister... .''

Alice Cullen: ''Nah the truth is you are bored, and you need my special entertainment. So take your car keys, we go for some shopping. Its been a long time since i had you carry my bags.''

I gave him the best smile i had to offer, hoping he was okay with that idea. Of course no guy liked shopping but Emmett at least wouldnt mind all too much.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
i signed.i couldn't tell no to Alice WHEN SHE WAS CUTE.i didn't mind to go shopping with her as we would have great time.of course she will make me to carry her shopping.however i knew that my fast driving skill always scare alice so i knew what to do.
emmet cullen:i will come and i will carry your bags but...i will drive and i will take the your posce???
i lauged and i waited her answer...
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
write back only Alice,Bella,Bella and Rosalie
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Halie]

Okay, he was kidding.- or at least i hoped he was. My brandnew Porsche? Him Driving? For sure that was a bad joke, but then again that was Emmett. My loving, a bit nerdy but great brother. I didnt think twice passing him the keys, getting into the garage. I jumped into my car, waiting for him to follow. At first he would have to change everything about the mirrors, and the seat but then we were set.

Alice Cullen: ''Be nice to my baby.''

Emmett Cullen: ''When have i ever not been nice?''

Alice Cullen: ''Oh, dont get me started.''

We both laughed as he drove out of the Cullen Garage, with full speed. I was kinda sure i saw the rest of the family returning from their hunt trip.- as we drove out of the forest. Well bad luck, they would have to wait. I was leaning back in my leather seat, turning the music louder.

TBC by Emmett Cullen ONLY
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
we spent all the afternoon shopping of course.i knew that she wanted to go back home to see Jasper.she loves him too much.
emmet cullen"so your darling Jasper is waiting for i have to be a little wild with your 'baby'"
Alice Cullen:"don't try this because i am gonna destroy your 'monster'(jeep)what did my little baby did you??it is so cute and small"
we laughed together and we started going back home.i was glad that Alice was at home to full my day.even if i had to carry her was a long funny day.i have to admit that i have missed Rosalie so i was driving very fast and Alice was shouting to me.
TBC by Alice,Edward,Bella and Jasper
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
when we arrived Edward,Jasper and Rosalie haven't come.Alice wasn't so happy as she was before.i bet that something had put her into consideration.i wanted to ask but i didn't want to annoy or disturb her too.
Emmet Cullen:"If you don't mind,can you tell what are you thinking.I may help you."
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen [Hale]

I wasnt sure how to start, but then again i was able to share things with Emmett. He was a bit of a stress maker sometimes, but only to mess up with people's heads. Fact was, as soon as you really needed him and had troubles, he would show his serious face.

My dark eyes were focused on him, and i let out a sigh. It was a long forgotten human thing, still a habit so it seemed. Of course it was about Jasper not being back, and the wolves destroying my sight.- but there was something else.

Alice Cullen: ''Its about Bella.''

Emmett Cullen: ''Isnt it always? So what has Bell's done?''

Alice Cullen: ''She doesnt want me to throw a big party for her wedding.''

I rolled my eyes and if it was possible, i looked very upset.- standing close to Emmett.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
i looked at her and i laughed.this wasn't a big problem at all.bella was always a bit...bizarre with parties.everyone love parties and she just doesn't.
Emmet Cullen:"you know Bella.she is always negative with parties.and especially with presents.and i can't understand why!!!"
Alice Cullen:"yes but i want to do this party for her!!!she is my sister now.i don't know what to do."
i was thinking what we will do.
Emmet Cullen:"we can tie her"
she wanted to answer but then we both heard Edward coming.
TBC by Edward and Alice
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen (Hale)

I was looking at Edward when he entered the room, not sure if he did even focus on reading my mind. I had to giggle, his face looked kinda strange to me. Emmett still stood close to me, trying his best to not burst out laughing. He had one arm laid around my shoulder, pulling me close. It must have looked very weird to anyone else, since there was a huge size difference.

Edward Cullen: ''Okay, what have you two hecked out?''

Emmett Cullen: ''We? Nothing.''

Alice Cullen: ''True, nothing at all.''

Edward Cullen: ''Even if i couldnt read your mind, it would be obvious. Like Alice why you keep repeating 'Like a Virgin' and you Em do maths in your head.''

Okay that shoot right back at us, but what should we tell him? Or better said what could we tell him, that he actually would believe. While i leaned against my big brother i focused on my favourite brother, wondering how much he had guessed already.

Alice Cullen: ''We were just discussing your wedding, Mister.''

Emmett now started to laugh, it sounded like a bear roaring. And with him doing so, my soft and light soprano was heard.- i couldnt stop myself from laughing with him.

TBC by Emmett or Edward
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
i was laughing so much that i could cry-if i could-.i wanted to disturb edward a bit so i thought me and alice tie bella to a chair for the party.i also thought what edward and bella may do to her room every night...
Emmet Cullen:"so edward,are you going to go to bella again tonight???"and i close my one eye.
Alice:"don't be silly emmet.that's personal"
i rolled my eyes.
emmet:"i don't think that that is same in that room"and i showed edward.
then i took alice a big hug waiting edward and alice to comment about 'personal'edward's life
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita BellaCullen96 said…
Edward Cullen

"Don't worry, Alice. I'm sure what Bella and I do is not as personal as what Emmett does with Rosalie all night."

"That . . . uh . . . we don't . . . uh," Emmett stammered. If it were possible, he would surely be blushing. Alice and I could not help but laugh at the embarrassment on his face, something as rare as Bella enjoying a shopping trip for clothes with Alice.

"So, what about my wedding?" I asked. I could tell they were trying to keep something from me; they were thinking up the most random things, trying to keep their mind off something they did not want me to know. This time Emmett was singing the Barbie Girl song over and over, and Alice was translating a chapter she memorized from a Greek story book into Chinese.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita bella585 said…
i didn't believe that.Edward was so tricky.i was a bit embarrassed.ok,i was embarrassed in very.but i didn't want to tell him about his webbing,so after i remembered one of my favorite songs i started translate our discuss in Greek,German and Spanish.especially i didn't want him to hear my plan to tie Bella.
Edward:"is there something that you two want to hide me???
i looked at Alice once before i start translate. are you asking.
Emmet:also we are responsible to organize your,don't worry my brother.everything are ok.and Jasper and i are gonna do a bachelor party.
i didn't think about this because i didn't want Edward and Alice to know about it.Alice and Edward had both asking and worrying faces.then they asked together.